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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
(same author from previous compilations)

Odd Jobs of Celebrities:

1. Warren Beatty- dishwasher and cocktail lounge waiter
2. Marlon Brando - dept store elevator oprtr(he quit after 4 days, cuz he was embarrassed having to call out "Lingerie".)

3. Danny de Vito - hairdresser in his sister's beauty salon
4. Whoopi Goldberg - applied makeup to corpses in mortuary(she said it was a great work, cuz clients never complained about how they looked)

5. Gene Hackman - ladies shoe salesman at Saks fifth ave in New York
6. Pee Wee Herman - fuller brush salesman
7. Gregory Hines - karate instructor
8. Cyndi Lauper - cleaned dog kennels
9. Steve Martin - 8 yrs at Disneyland selling Mousketeer hats and Davy crockett coonskin hats

10. Groucho Marx - cleans wig for theatrical wig maker
11. Gregory Peck - carnival barker at the world's fair and tour guide at the new york's rockefeller center

12. Telly Savalas - Peabody award winning executive with ABC news and state dept employee.

13. Sylvester Stallone - gym instructor and dorm bouncer at the girl's boarding school in switzerland

14. Brad Pitt - worked as a giant chicken in front of El Pollo Loco, fast food chain
15. Benny Hill- milkman
16. Sinead O'connor- singing kiss o gram french maid in Dublin
17. Luther Vandross - defective merchandise clerk at S & H trading stamps
18. Dan Aykroyd - wrote a manual for penitentiary guards
19. Ho Chi Minh - snow shoveler, photo retoucher, pastry chef'assistant in New York
20. Allen Ginsberg - merchant seaman, accountant
21. Ralph Lauren - salesman with Brooks Brothers
22. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - wrote for vaudaville shows
23. Agatha Christie - dispenser for a pharmacy
24. Frank Zappa - greeting card designer, encyclopia salesman
25. Sean Connery - milkman , coffin polisher
26. Jerry Hall - manure shoveler at stables
27. Danny Glover - social worker
28. Rod Stewart - grave digger
29. Elvis Costello - computer programmer
30. Joe Cocker - plumber
31. Chuck Berry - hair dresser
32. Charles Dickens - court reporter
33. Harry Truman - haberdasher
34. Lawrence Welk - farmer

Famous People who were Adopted

1. John J. Audubon, naturalist and founder of the Audubon Society
2. Richard Burton, actor
3. Peter and Kitty Carruthers, olympic figure skaters
4. Bill Clinton, u.s president
5. Ted Danson, actor
6. Gerald Ford, u.s. president
7. Scott Hamilton, olympic u.s. skater
8. Greg Louganis, olympic diver
9. Jim Palmer, baseball player
10.Nancy Reagan, actress and u.s. first lady

Shirley MacLaine's Greatest Spiritual Political Leaders

1. Anwar Sadat
2. Mohandas Gandhi
3. Martin Luther King, Jr.
4. Lech Walesa
5. Corazon Acquino
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