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Friday, November 28, 2003

it was thanksgiving day today. i went to work, time and a half ang bayad. and at work, there's plenty of food. there's the traditional turkey with stuffing in it. , green beans, corn bread, sausages, pudding, sweet potato, squash pudding, corn on the cob, pecan pie, cheese cakes of all varieties, ham with its sidings of mash potatoes and all, including ham hocks and other soul food, from the african american community. i brought to work "molo" together with my food warmer. i made it with crab meat, shrimp and ground pork in heavy chicken soup stock. my food was the first one that disappeared.

but with all of the good food at work--- none is good for me. my sugar is high, i am having tremor, and palpitation. after four hours of work, i told my boss, i don't feel well-- so i went home.

then i went to pick up my wife at her sister's house, where the whole family is there to celebrate thanksgiving. the house is only four blocks away from my house. ther's lots of cars at the street and driveway. i cannot get into it cuz my two boys cars are also blocking the entire driveway. i was so upset cuz i cannot eat anything. i saw my youngest son and told him to move his car--- he did not heard me. then i saw my eldest son, again i told him to move his car--- hindi ako pinansin. so i parked my car blocking all the cars in the driveway. i was very upset, cuz i know when i walked into the house, people are eating and all will ask me to eat and i cannot eat any of the stuff. i ended up eating only pistacio nuts, while everybody is eating all the good food. i did not enter the main dining room, i just sat down in the linving room by the fireplace.

they have again the turkey, ham and all sorts of desserts, like leche flan, cheese cake, boston creme pie, all different kinds of pie( except pinay pie--- movie yata yon).and of course-- i cooked also matamis na saging, camote with sago, then you have to put some corned gata-- instead of milk, then yelo. they all like it, including the kano in laws. of course hindi puwede sa akin also. of course -- i also cooked puto bumbong, from the scratch. at 4am of thanksgiving day, i am already grating the coconut that i have bought at the vietnamese store which is at least 50miles from my house, just to abide with the request of my wife. i bought also the fresh ube from there and after the niyog, i have to grate the ube. i have the "bumbungan".

guess what---hindi rin puwede sa akin.

i only ate carrot sticks with wisconsin cheese.that all for me for the hoilday eating galore. i hate the holiday if i am sick. i already took the "ampalaya pills" from pinas and the diabetes pills--- the sugar is still up, until i stabilize my thyroid problem, i will always have this diabetes problem.

i ate the pomelo which cost me 9usd, and my wife was screaming at me that my sugar is going to go up and i have taken my blood pessure pills and i shud not eat any grapefruit or drink any grapefruit juice, or else i will be in big trouble.

there's so much illness in mybody. i wonder when will this end.
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