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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

this afternoon, i was visited by some american friends of mine. they were checking on me on how and what happened to me on the visit that i just recently did to pinas. we talked endlessly about their opinion about pinas and the many things that is happening there right now. christmas is approaching again, and so i talked about the poor kababayans of ours who have nothing to share and have to eat for this celebration of thanks and joy this december.

then they showed me some pictures of the children that they have officially adopted by way of financial support. i checked the entire entry on their journals and communications that they have made and have done during the two years they have enlisted themselves on this program. ( i cannot give out the name of the charity).

when i read all their entries and saw the communications and corrsepondences, i have flared up --- cuz i know the place and the pictorials that was sent to them were boguz. these pics that shows the very sad plight of small kids in pinas is no longer existing. so as not to embarass these friends of mine, i told them to leave their correspondent address to me of this charitable institution(kuno!) and i will check with them thru the office of my sister in Pinas. i got an immediate response from my sister--- there is no such thing as what this charitable institution is bragging about--- there is no such name listed with SEC also. i am about to expose this marauders and vultures but my sister cautioned me to be prudent about it. she told me this is a syndiucate...she told me to let the proper authorities handle the matter. but the problem is...this same govt authority is in cohort with these F..fing charitable institution (kuno). but one thing for sure, these friends of my mine won't be sending money anymore.

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