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Friday, November 14, 2003

upon landing in manila, one won't be able to notice the different x'mas decor and buntings. i landed at 1145PM at NAIA 11 nov, and the lanterns and lights are so beautiful and very colorful. i love the spirit in my country when x'mas is coming.

i was picked up at the airport by the company car of my sister's company and i told the driver to slow down the driving, cuz i want to see the different lanterns that is on display and for sale along Sucat road. i was so homesick stricken, even i was only here last week of sept. i love my country and the spirit of the people when x'mas is coming.

the next day, i have to wake up early, dived into the pool and relax a little bit then went to see my parents at their house inside the company compound and complex. my mother was already seated at her garden, underneath the canopy of green foliages that enveloped their entire house. as soon as i approached my mother, i immedaitely introduced myself and kissed her and told her how much i love her and missed her. my father was still at the heart center for his monthly check up, after his quadruple bypass four years ago. after a long chit chat with my mother, while waiting for my father to return back home from the Heart Center, i took one of the car and told the company security that i will go out to Alabang Town Center, cuz this is only at least a mile from our house.

as soon as i walked into the place, i was so stricken by the showcase and the x'mas decor and display from all the store and the mall, in itself. i was transformed like a little kid, enjoying all the beautiful arrangements and lights inside the mall. there's lots of Santa Claus, attired in the usual garb but the beard was made of abaca shavings and it was so beautiful. there's lots of xmas decor on sale with the touch of Pilipinas on it. very nicely executed and done using local materials and of course "PINOY INGENUITY" and all.

the next day, after having a full day and lunch with my parents and the rest of the family, i headed to the Fiesta Mall, which is also very close to our house. again, when i entered the mall, i was again mesmerized and was so impressed about the decor of the entire place. there's so much talents and ingenuities that was displayed by whoever created the decor inside the mall, with the touch again of Pilipinas in it, using local materials and all.

Friday, i have to visit Greenhills to buy some stuff my wife asked me to buy for her. the entire place was so crowded - - wall to wall of humanity and the stuff that is on sale is unbelievable. this is a place where all fakes could be purchased and be bought in a very cheap price (if you are earning in dollars) i bought so much CD's and DVD's that will make the customs in chicago when i return to tax me to the cealing. hopefully not -- cuz i got the receipt and bank exchange rate to show that i have not exceeded the limit of purchase entitled for me.

makati, especially Ayala ave was all blazing with so many lights and decor. when you walk around the places i visited, nobody will think that this is a 3rd world country, who according to the world bank was behind on all their payments and obligations to the loans that was drawn by the govt.


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