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Friday, October 31, 2003

its now 4am here and 31oct. at 330pm the kids in my neighborhood will be roaming the entire neighborhood with their buckets and costumes begging for treats. i have already bought supplies of candies and chocolates for the children. i will miss their coming cuz i leave the house at 330pm for work. this is a very nice thing to see. i love watching all the kids with their parents in their nice costumes. the popular this year is the "INCREDIBLE HULK". but the usual witches and cinderella and star wars are still here.

in school, this morning, all kids will be lectured by their teachers not to accept any candies and chocolates that are already opened.they will also be taught not to accept any goodies from strangers in the streets. they will be told also, if there is no light in the house they are not suppose to ring the doorbell. all houses are bing asked by the police to turn on their front door lights or patio lights. police partol are everywhere, looking after the children.

the only lonely place in my neighborhood during this time of the year when kids are parading from house to house is the house of MICHALE JORDAN. they have a big gaited community and kids dont go to his place cuz they dont get anything. nobody opens up the big gate for them when they ring the doorbell. what a lonely place. i hope his kids are also trick or treating. MICHAEL lives only half a mile from my house. not like SCOTTY PIPIN and TONY KUKOCH when they live in my neighborhood, they participate and gives goodies to kid revelers.

the teenagers also from 14 to 17 yrs of age, are doing this treat or treating. they have shaving cream and raw eggs. they will spray each other with the shaving cream and throw raw eggs. when you're inside your car and these teenagers pretend to ask you something and you pull down the window of your car---- you are one sorry piece of ass. they will spray you with the shaving cream and you can only laugh. they are just having fun and you have to be part of it.

in my company, this is the time for all the "badings" to show off. cuz they will come to work in their costumes and you wont believe how these people come to work and dresses up. last year, one of the north american dept dressed up like MRS DOUBTFIRE and there were three of them dressed up like flight attendants during the early 50's, one is dressed up like BARBARELLA. the most hilarious one is the one who was dressed up like CLOUD 9. these BADINGS are very creative when it comes to this time of the year. you wont believe your eyes when they dresses up. one of my co-worker dressed up last year like TINA TURNER, he told me today when goes to work he will dress up as the 'TOMB RAIDER" Angelina Jolie. i want to see this. very amazing and talented people. my company tolerates this every year and they even give prices to the winning participant. eadh dept will bring food at work, and there will be celebration by dept.

this is the start of celebrations in the united states. after this, it will be THANKSGIVING
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