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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

CHRISTIAN RELIGIUOS holiday celebrated 02 November. this is being celebrated by all Roman Catholics, Anglicans,Orthodox,Christians throughout the world. the liturgical color is black. in southern europe, the churches are draped in black and all worshippers wear black clothing.

ALL SAINTS DAYS (november1) was established in the ninth century as an attempt to christianize the pagan festival of the dead, known as SAMHAIN.

St. Odilo, the abbott of Cluny in france, proposed that the day after be set aside to pray for the souls of the departed - especailly those who were still in purgatory. All Souls Day was well established by the end of the 10th century, and in the 14th century, Rome place the day in the officials books of the western church as november 2.

Many of the customs now associated with All Souls day - for example laying out food for the dead, lighting candles on graves, tolling the bells unitl midnight - can be traced back to the pagan celberation. the pagans believe the that they have to pacify the dead so that they wont haunt the living, while the christian celberation of All Souls day is based on the belief that offering preayers for the dead will benefit the souls of the departed. it's interesting that while All Saints day was designed to displace the pagan festival of the dead, All Souls Day comes very close to duplicating it.

LIGHTING CANDLES is a symbolic attempt to illuminate the darkness for the returning souls of the dead. in Ireland, candles shines in the windows of Catholic homes on All Souls. In Belgium, a holy candle burns all night, and people walk in candlelight procession, In many Roman Catholic countries, the cemeteries are aglow with the candles that have been set on the graves.

IN CATHOLIC sections of central Europe, it is the customs to ring the church bells at the approach of dusk on Noveber 1 to remind people to pray for the souls in Purgatory.

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