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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

for the past two days, o'hare international airport is having weather problem. especially last night when there was zero visibility. plenty of flts has been cancelled and there's a lot of diversion of flts to different cities that cannot land at o'hare airport. of course, everytime there is irregular operations at this airport, it creates a domino effect on all the other airports and flts. THEREFORE, my department, being the complaints department will be bombarded with calls from people who does not understand and will not accept reasons and explanations. if you don't have a strong heart and a lot of patience, on this kind of job that i do, one will be compelled to drop dead and have a heart attack. americans have a nasty habit of cursing and swearing and calling names the other person on the other end of the fon when they cannot get what they want in life and their demands.

the civility of these people disappears when they are on the fon asking and demanding what they want in life. my department registered more than two thousand incoming calls during my 8 hr shift. i got calls who kept on telling me that they will file major complaints and get me fired cuz i cannot produce info on the whereabouts of their bags. i was about to tell one of the pax to go fuck himself and die, but i was able to control myself. this fucking woman told me i don't have the right to be on the fon if i cannot give her an answer on her questions. guess what was the fucking questions of this fucking bitch! the fucking bitch said she has three cashmere long coats in her garment bag and a box of expensive jewelries worth 10 thousand dollars. not to mention four pairs of shoes and a toilettrie kit, and demands that i imemdiately pay her cuz she said definitely and for sure, the bag is lost. the fucking bitch kept on yelling on the fon, then when she got exhausted, i told her to wait for the claim form that will be mailed to her by the claims department. this bitch is definitely pulling my legs. how could youi fit three cashmere long coat inside a garment bag, plus shoes and toiletrie kit. this woman most probably was thinking i was born yesterday.the bitch does not know also that all airlines has a disclaimer, that we are not responsible for JEWELRIES, CASH, PERISHABLE ITEMS, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTS AND GADGETS,CAMERA AND ANTIQUES,BREAKABLE ITEMS that are checked inside a bag. they don't read the fine prints in their airline tickets.

people are demanding to have a hotel vouchers, meal allowances, clothing allowances and monetary compensation. i did not issue any such things, no airline will issue such things if it is weatehr related problem.

i registered to have received 120 incoming irrate calls during my 8 hrs shift. i almost lost my voice talking contineously on the fon and almost busted my ear drums listening to screaming and wild pax on the fon. one stupid asshole was demanding that i give him free car rental while his flt was delayed, the other is asking me to issue a voucher so that he can buy his shot gun for hunting. another stupid ass pax said to his friend in my hearing distance on the fon, to ask anything on the fon cuz i have an accent on the fon and a foreigner. he said all foreigners are stupid and will give them anything they want. i told this asshole, i heard it and told him this is one foreigner that will not give into their demands. of course, they got my name, and said they will get me fired. HALLELUAH, KISS MY ASS. like as if i'm scared. this is one foreigner who might have an accenton the fon, but i don't have an accent in my brain.

on the way home at 230am -- the road was so eerie looking. i can't see a thing. it was so foggy and so misty. i don't have any fog light in my car so i have to turn on to high beam for my light and have to drive very slowly inside the tollway system.

i survive the ordeal last night. i am so happy i am off for two days and will not be getting the aftermath of peoples complaints today and tomorrow. there will still be lots of angry calls on the fon from these brutal and unforgiving kind of people, because of the delay for two days. it is just beginning to clear up today.

some states in the midwest has begun to have 8 inches of snow fall and minneapolis is also beginning to register snow falls. this is the beginning again of plenty of delayed flt and cancellation because of weather problem. after the delayed golf bags during summer flts, this is the time people will be calling for the delayed snow board, snow equipments, shot guns for hunting and ski equipments.

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