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Friday, October 31, 2003
by:dan brown

this book is an intensive research on the story about the 'HOLY GRAIL" or the 'SANGREAL". there is also lots of involvement in the times of the "Knight Templars". i will not reveal any part of the story, since my frined Jay is still reading the book. but i will give some insights to Jay on the era of the "knights Templars".

In the middle ages the term "Knight" was used to designate a man raised to an honorable military rank by the king or other qualified person. the "Knight" was usually a person who had served an apprenticeship as a page or squire to the profession of arms. "Knights Templar" was founded in 1119 to protect the pilgrims in the Holy Land during the second crusade and suppressed between 1311 and 1314 a.d.

"Knights Templar" is one of the orders appendant to the Masonic Fraternity and the highest order of the "York Rite". the "knights Templars" occupies a somewhat anomalous position as a military christian order in a symbolic, architectural, non sectarian system and offers an almost inexhaustible collection of legends and myth, supposedly tracing its origins to the dispersed knights of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of the Temple of Solomon or the Order of the Temple founded in 1118a.d. the theories tracing the fugitive knights in sanctuary in the lodges of Freemasons of scotland and england until the martyrdom of the last grand master, named "Jacques de Molay" in 1314.

thanks to Constantine the great, the Knights Templar became to be. Constantine was a pagan king and according to his journals, he was merrymaking and having a grand time in one of his many parties, then a hand was seen on the wall of the palace and started scribbling the word:" IN HOC SIGNO VINCES" , meaning, "By this Sign I will Conquer", then this is the reason why the pagan king decided to make the christian religion, the official religion of the realm.(actually he saw that this christian religion is gaining momentum and he has forseen the future in this new religion, likewise, he has to protect the survival of his empire) that is the reason, the knights has the cross in their armor, as the official signage on how they will conquer. constantine was a young boy/king. legend has it, that the mother is always his constant counsel. her mother is Queen Helena or Reyna Elena in spanish.( this is the reason, there is also the "santacruzan" in the filipino religious tradition, depicting Constantine and Reyna Elena.)

the Knights Templar, was organized to protect the pilgrim on their pilgrimage to the holy land, during those times. their quest, also - to find the "True Cross" and the reclaiming of the Holy Lands religious shrines back to the christian hands. this is how the story of the book "Da Vinci Code" was formulated, which is also based in allegory and mystic symbols of the Knights Templars".

the "Opus Dei" (workers of God)mentioned in the book, is also an existing organization that is sanctioned by the Vatican. this is an organization that was founded by Msgr Jose Maria Escriba de Balaguer, who is a very religious and some sort of a mystic person. this organization sole purpose is direct obedience to the church and the faith and dogma, maintaining the purest and the strictest sense of it. the book speaks about the "Opus Dei". this organization attracts a lot of highly educated and high ranking company officials and blue and white collar workers, both in U.S. and Europe. in the Phils., majority of the members are from UP and other high powered schools and universities. they are like "Puritan" in their practices, but one has to understand, that people has to hold and cling to what they believe in, as long as it does not go against the civil society and harm other people. they are really very strict and very pure in their religious practices. IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG ABOUT THAT? ( i have a nephew who is an Opus Dei priest who studied in spain and rome and was ordained in rome 3 years ago and cousins who are "Numerary" of this organization)

so if anybody reads the book of Dan Brown : "DA VINCI CODE", one has to have an open mind and love for history. this is a novel, and not catalogue as "Historical Novel". the book is shelf in the novel section of the library, not in the historical section. but the book was based on historical allegory and historical passages and informations. if you read this book, with one track mind, then you will be lost.

THIS BOOK IS NOT ANTI ANYTHING. it so happen that the center of the story is based on the oldest story of the world, the life and mystery of Christ and the major character of people in his life and of course, the mystery of the "Holy Grail" or the "Sangreal".

the main character of the book is like Indiana Jones of the new mellinium. so, read this book and make your own decision on how you wanted to see the present state of your "FAITH" and your 'BELIEF".

enjoy the book.....BAT JAY.
posted by infraternam meam @ 12:27 PM  
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