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Friday, November 14, 2003
talaga naman oh.

last 10th november, i boarded a direct flt from ORD to HKG. being an airline employee, i have to take my chances to be seated. the flt was weight restricted, i was not able to be seated either at first class or business class, so i have to contend myself in coach. because the agent at the gate was my friend, i was given a seat on a three seater area by the gulley all by myself. nobody besides me, the two seats was empty so at least i cud streth out myself. infront of me was seated a pinoy couple from canada on their way to pinas, and seated besides them, window side was an american, who -- most probably have already strike out a conversation earlier that i did not noticed. the flt was already airborned for 5hrs and all the pax are so quiet, either sleeping or watching the in flt movies. since i cannot sleep and the cabin was so quiet, one could but hear the conversation that is going on infront of me. here's some of the statements that i overheared.(sorry...tsismoso ako)

" so you folks are going home finally for vacation. i like your country very much, i saw lots of good brochures about boracay, el nido and some of the beaches of mindoro also".

"oh yeah, they are good places in the phils."

" i'd like to go there sometime, maybe next year for my next vacation. i was told that it is so cheap and the people are very hospitable."

"oh no, you don't want to go there, you will only be kidnapped. you are an american and the rebels like to kidnap americans like you".

MGA KABABAYANG KONG....talaga naman oh.

when i landed in hkg, it was already the 11th of november. i have to take the last flt of CX to manila. also, since i was taking the ID 90 seat for this flt, i was trying to let the paying pax to be accomodated first. so i stayed very behind, and was the last one to board the plane. there's lots of seamen and DM helper who are all also anxious to get bak home and be with their families. i was seated at the very end of the plane -- seat 56C. to my surprise when i went to the last section of the plane, there's arround 27 young MORMOM Elders seated all over the last section of the plane. i was seated at the aisle, and besides me was one of the Mormon elder. he started to strike out a conversation, and was so excited to come to the phils. and evagelized and mormonized the country. he was telling me that they are around 27 in all, ranging from 19 to 24 years of age and just finished the training at their seminary in Utah. they are going to stay in the phils. for two years.

seated on the other side of the same row, where i was seated, are two BADINGS, who are so noisy and very obnoxious. these two BADANGS, was able to encourage the pinay flt attendant for them to be moved on the seat directly infront of the movie screen. the BADING, from the loud, squeaking, guttural voice wants to be transferred on that seat cuz as he said:

" para malapit ako doon sa poging na iyon!" (sabay tile ng hinayupak na bakla)

the snack was served and while the trays were being collected by the flt attendant, this Bading, was talking very loud to this young, robust and good looking MORMON elder. the Bitch was saying:

"you know ha! i can teach you how to talk in tagalog and i am a good teacher" (sabay bunghalit ulit ng tile ang putang bakla)

then finally we landed, thank God for it - - cuz i will be rid of this obnoxious BADING.

when finally the door of the plane was opened up, and all are standing, waiting fo the signal from the flt attendant to move towards the door, the BADING , with the same guttural, high pitch voice said to the Mormon Elder again:

" hoy, you have to pray for me hah!, i did something bad last nite in hkg-- very very bad"
(sabay bunghalit ng tawa ulit ang hinayupak na Bading)

"hoy, you pray for all of us (then wave his fingers and swept the entire plane while saying his obit) also, hah -- be careful, cuz you will be in the phils for two years and there will be plenty of killing and dead people. bang bang bang"(and motion her hands like holding a gun, and again, started laughing again, in the same fucking tone of voice)

the Mormon Elder seated besides me, looked at me and said:

"i am sorry!"...so i told him " sorry for what? you did not do a thing! it was that fag who was creating a scene! do you think prayers will save his hide from the eternal flame?"

then the young elder just smiled at me -- i shook his hand and told him to be good in what he will be doing and love his chosen faith and be an example to the people that he wil evangelized. he asked for my name and when i gave him my home address in pinas and chicago, he told me that he will correspond with me, cuz i was so nice to him and he was able to get some insights about what to expect during his two years stint as a missionary in the phils.

as for thar BADING, he was still talking so loud with no sense at all -- to the hearing distance of all the pax of the flt to Manila.

MGA KABABAYANG KONG.....talaga naman oh

here's one couple trying to print a bad image about the phils to an american who was so enthusiastic to come to the phils and see and feel the hospitality of the people and one obnoxious BADING who in my honest opinion, have given a bad start and bad reputation to these young MORMON elders.

i am not saying that all our KABABAYANs are bad. i am just making a statement:

MGA KABABAYANG KONG....talaga naman oh
posted by infraternam meam @ 1:36 PM  
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