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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

damn it is so cold. after work on the way to my car at the parking lot, the windchill factor is 28 degrees below zero not TO mention the actual temp of 20 degrees. then when i arrived home and opened up my computer, i have this email whose address is bogus and i just want to reply to it openly, point by point:

111. i know the email came from pinas. i checked with my staff in pinas, they said they called the office where this email originated n nobody knows who sent the email. the address is an office in makati. but i don't need to pursue it--- if the person or person(s) who sent this email does not want to be known, then so be it. in tagalog ang tawag diyan "DUWAG". i will not hold the company where the email was sent. MAYBE THEY KNOW WHO SENT IT -- MAYBE THEY DONT.

222. the sender is using the polite plural "WE" . but i am sure they are not polite. maybe they are trying to tell me only that there are a number of them or a group of them. one can never tell or assume. i don't want to assume. i will just think that the sender of this horrendous email is using the polite plural "WE".

333. the sender(s) are/is telling me that they find my blogspot so bland and so not appealling, i just want to say:"i have never any intention to make my blogspot appealling to anybody, i did this to have a release of my frustrations and as a hobby". " i don't have to create a colorful blogspot, cuz i really don't know how to do it--- am i at fault if i don't know how to do it?" "if people wants to read what i put in my blogspot, they are welcome to it, i don't have to make it appealling and colorful to the eyes of anybody, for attraction purposes, any visitor should make his/her own judgement if they don't want the entry(ies) all they have to do is go surf another blogspot."

444. you said that nobody reads and leaves comments on my entries except same people who seems to be my relatives." to be honest with this sender, my relatives knows i have a blogspot, but only one of my brother reads it--- but not very often, he has works to do also and is always busy." " the rest who reads and leave comments in my blog are people who became my friends thru the web--(i sincerely hope they are my friends cuz i think of them as friends) and if they leave messages--maybe they like my entry(ies) -- but if nobody leaves any comments in all my entires, still well and good with me--- at least i was able to post something that i think i like and i love doing".

555. again, this email sender said, nobody seems to like my entries: "well i think if you read the bottom part of my blogspot, one will see that there's more than a thousand visitors in my site--- i am not the one who did the visiting of more than a thousand in my own site, i don't have the liberty and all the time to do it-- i have two jobs to take care of".

666. the many sarcastic remarks and those insulting words that was said about me and my entires and my blogspot: "i have no time to dwell on this and those words and innuendos does not bother me at all-- contrary to what you people are saying-- i am an educated person and i don't have to publish my degrees that i hold and have finished nor the schools and universities that i have studied and graduated upon". " but i assure you, i have faced two revalidas and defended three thesis works".

777. the many criticism about lots of my entries: " i just want to tell you that all my entries that i create and logged and enter in my blogspot are all mine and the rest, if i have to get it from any source, books or literature--- i always write down the name(s) of the person(s) and where my source is." this is an open web site and i speak and write the international language-- i could be sued for anything that i claim that is mine but is not my creation(s)".

in all--- i wanted to tell those sender(s) of this email--- try to use LOGIC when you send something. let yourself be known. i won't be after after you and strangle you, or slit your throat, or pluck your eyes out. that is not me.

don't you worry, YOU PEOPLE OF INTRIGUE, i will try my best to cope up with your expectations next time. if i get tired and cannot cope with your expectatiosn and demands of me -- i will just stop the blog. its not the end of the world for me if i am not part of the BLOGSPOT and this is not my bread and butter.

posted by infraternam meam @ 4:19 AM  
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