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Thursday, November 20, 2003

a major hospital in greater chicagoland area has employed a lot of pinay nurses in their staff. here's a good example of what a TAGALOG REPETITIVE SYLLABARIC WORD(s) means:

two pinay nurses entered the elevator on the 17th floor of the hospital, then on the 15th floor, two caucasian doctors entered also the elevator. then the same elevator opened up on the 14th floor and behold--- two pinay nurses was standing outside the elevator -- and when the door opened up they asked the pinay nurses inside the elevator:"BABABABA?" then the pinays inside the elevator said:''BABABA"! the elevator proceeded to the 10th floor and it opened again-- same scenario happened another group of pinays outside the elevator asked the group of pinays inside:" BABABABA"? the insider answered in chorus:"BABABA"! then on the 9th floor all of them got out of the elevator and went on their own ways, leaving the two caucasian doctors inside the elevator.

the two caucasian doctors looked at each other and one of them said: "GOD DAMN...THEY WERE TALKING LIKE SHEEPS AND THEY UNDERSTOOD EACH OTHER"!

...... now you know what i'm talking about? say moh?
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