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Saturday, November 22, 2003
(compiled by: Paul KIrchner)

AN AIRPLANE'S BLACK BOX IS BLACK....every military plane carries a "black box" which record flt data and cockpit conversation, but actually the box color is actually "BRIGHT ORANGE".

ARABIC NUMBERS CAME FROM ARABIA....actually, it should be HINDU-ARABIC numbers. the hindi arabic numbers we use today were developed in india a.d.500, with some of the numerals showing up in Hindu manuscripts dating as far back as 300b.c.

BANANAS ARE PICKED GREEN SO THAT THEY DON'T SPOIL BEFORE THEY'RE SOLD...actually it seems logical that bananas are picked green so that they won't spoil before they are sold, but it's not true. they are picked green because they become almost inedible if allowed to ripen on the stalk.

BREAST CANCER AFFLICTS ONLY WOMEN.... though breast cancer is relatively rare in men, nearly 1,000 are diagnosed with the disease every year.

BULLS HATE THE COLOR READ....actually bulls are not particularly enraged by the color of red, as they are unable to distinguised any colors at all. when a matador uses and waves the red cape, he is attempting to excite the crowd more than the bull.

COBRAS CAN BE HYPNOTIZED BY THE MUSIC OF THE SNAKE CHARMERS...actually this is not the case, all snakes,including the cobra, is deaf. the cobra is just following the movement of the snake charmers flute.

EATING LIKE A BIRD MEANS HAVING A SMALL APPETITE...actually this is a falasy. birds eat more and has a big appetite. they tend to eat as much as their own weight.

ELEPHANTS ARE AFRAID OF MICE...actually is not true. this is an irony. elephants have poor eye sight and maybe disturb by mice, but they are not afraid of the rodent. in fact there's lots of cases wherein the elephant, picks up the rodent with his trunk and then stomp it with its feet and crush the poor rodent.

THE EVENING STAR IS A STAR...the star that appears brightly over the horizon shortly after sunset is often called the evening star, but actually it is not a star at all. this are either venus or mercury reflecting the sun's illumination.no wonder nothing happens when you wish upon a star.

HUMIDITY -- WHEN IT'S 100 PERCENT IT'S RAINING.....actually when the humidity is 100pct, it's not raining, its foggy.

PING-PONG IS A CHINESE GAME....it is only because the chinese loves this sport very much, but they are not the ones who invented it. PING-PONg was originated by british army officers stationed in india in the 1880's. it's real name is table tennis. Ping-Pong is a registered name and trademark of the makers of table tennis equipments.

RAW EGGS ARE HEALTHIER THAN COOKED EGGS...wrong. the only thing in raw eggs that is missing is the bacteria that causes salmonella poisoning.

ROSY CHEEKS MEANS GOOD HEALTH....ruddy cheeks has long been associated with good health and vigor, and pallied ones with illness. just as often, rosy cheeks indicate illness. in children, redden cheeks means an onset of a fever. certain forms of tuberculosis and heart diseas also cause robust looking high color cheeks as well as high drinking.

URINE IS SMELLY AND FULL OF GERMS...urine is normally odorless when it leaves the body.the foul smell is emitted by the bacteria when it sits stagnant.in an emergency, urine is more safer to use to clean a wound than use water that comes from questionable source. folk remedies have used urine as a mild antiseptic to treat athlete's foot and extrernal ear infections.

HOLLAND IS THE HOME OF THE TULIPS....actually the tulips were not native to holland. they originated in asia and north africa. the bulbs was brought to europe from turkey in 1550's.

ELECTRIC FANS COOL THE AIR....an electric fan cannot cools the air, it can only make you feel cooler by speeding the evaporation of the sweat off your body. it may also circulate air from a cooler room to a warmer part. at the same time, the heatof the motor elevates the room temperature,plus there is some small amount of heat generated by the friction of the air against the blades of the fan.

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