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Monday, November 24, 2003

thanksgiving is only 3days away. lots of people now are in preparation to buy all the turkey and the ham and all the trimmings needed for the thanksgiving feast on thursday. i don't have time to prepare for this, my wife will be the one to take care of the cooking of the turkey for the traditional dinner, i will be working and again, on this special occassion again. this type of work that i do, is so unfair, cuz my dept is open 24hrs a day 365 days a year. i always get to work all the holidays. but at any rate if i work this thanksgiving day, being a holiday, i will be paid time and a half. not bad, but uncle sam will get lots of it in taxes.

when i went to work this afternoon, the wind is blowing and there were lots of flts that was cancelled again out of chicago o'hare airport. of course there will be lots of people who will have to be diverted on their flts and of course their bags will be rerouted too. so, all the fucking pax will be calling again and it will be one hell for all of us at the complaints department.

as soon as i sat down and plug myself on the fon at 530pm, my first call was a fucking ass hole, who was immediately screaming and will not listen to explanation. it seems that every 2nd or 3rd call that i got this evening are people who are all so rude and boisterous , loud, uncivilized, mother fuckers and assholes on the fon. all of us were so hard up on the calls this evening. i am sure when i return to work this afternoon, it will still be the same, cuz there's lots of trvellers now for the thanksgiving holidays and there will be lots of complaints.

funny, for this evening calls that i got, more women are cursing and screaming this evening. very few men cursed me out -- but all the women-- they are all bitches on the fon. there is one woman who came all the way from Tunisia and was so sarcastic on the fon. as soon as she started the sarcasm on the fon, i immediately told her that her sarcasm is not going to change anything, her bag is still in Tunisia and it has not been forwarded. of course, the next thing the bitch said was: " i need your name and i will file major complaints against you!". ok... like as if i am scared to get fired. she cud kiss my ass for all i care. if i get fired, then tough luck. there won't be anybody left at the complaints dept cuz all pax is saying to everybody that they will write letter of complaints and get us all fired.

last friday, there was a letter of complaint against me. the acting supervisor called me at her office and showed it to me. then she was waiting for any reaction from me after i have read the letter. it took us at least 2second, before one of us said something. i will not say something, in the first place, i only advised the pax what the airport told me about his bag. the fucking complainant was saying in his letter to fire me. so i told the acting spvsr that she has to do what she has to do. the complainant was also saying that i was too condescending to him cuz when he asked for my name, i have to spell it to him. so i told the acting spvsr, that i only followed what the dumb ass asked me to do--- spell my last name. i dont know why i have to be condescending about it.

the acting spvsr kept on asking me if i am upset. i kept on telling her that i cannot be upset and i am not upset cuz this letter of complaint does not scare me at all. i told her, if all the work that i am doing is not their "cup of tea", then all she has to do is file the legal proceedings of getting rid of me. but---they cannot do anything. cuz i told the acting stupid spvsr, the letter is just hear say. this will not hold water in any court of law, unless the spvsr is on the other line on the fon listening to what i have said to the pax--- then she can create a case against me. I AM A UNION STEWARD and i work during the day in a law firm as a "para legal" and there is no way i will be scared of this stupid letters.

just a tip to all those kababayan who wants to come over or who is coming over to the states and wants to work in the kind of work i do----- make sure you have a very strong inner self control and should be very gutsy--- or else you will have a heart attck. not me-- the pax will have a heart attack first before me. i am a SEASONED COUNTER ATTACKER. the pay is good---very good and the benefits are great--- very great.

i hope there is a pax of my airline reading this blog spot of mine, i'd like to say to them:

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