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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

the wind is blowing hard, i have just finished my 8hrs shift and its already 0220hrs 02dec and i want to get home immeidately. it is so damn cold. the temperature just drop agan below zero and the wind is blowing and when it hits you on the face it is just like sharp razor blades slicing thru your face. while i was seated inside my car, warming up the engine-- this pinoy from the third car from where i am--- came to me asking for help and wanted to hitch a ride cuz his battery went dead.

what do you expect from an old car. when he told me that he wanted a lift until Lake Cook rd.-- i told him its on my way and since i was trying to help a KABABAYAN, i gave him a ride until the exit of where he was going.

so-- we are inside the illinois toll way system. listening to the songs of JOSH GROBAN, suddenly this pinoy said he needs to relieve himself. so i asked him if he was joking--he said no. then i found out he just migrated last spring and this is his 4th month of training with my airline's north american division. i told him to use the empty water bottle cuz it is so cold outside and there is no way he cud pee pee with this kind of weather. but he insisted. SINO AKO TO ARGUE WITH THIS NEW COMER.

then he stepped out of the car where i parked along the curve on a dark area so that if a car passes by he cannot be seen easily, then when this STUPID ASS, return to the car-- his fly is open-- his PENIS that is already too small to notice is still clinging outside the open zip pants. so i asked him to get inside immediately cuz it is so cold and asked him :"WHY IS YOUR FLY OPEN AND YOUR DICK STICKING OUT" and he told me "MANONG HINDI KO MAIPASOK"..i thought this guy was joking. so i turn on the light inside the car---this guy's DICK is semi frozen. so i told him to rub both his hands and reach into the heater at the dash board and rub his SHAFT to make the blood run to it again. then the GAGO'S hand is also semi frozen. so i told him :"I WILL NOT RUB YOUR DICK YOU DUMB ASS--- JUST STOOP A LITTLE BIT CLOSER TO THE HEATER AT THE DASHBOARD AND LET YOUR DICK WARM FROM THE HEAT VENT. "

so here we---my emergency light is blinking--then a state polic car parked behind our car with its light blinking and the officer approach me by the driver side, with his flashlight and asked me:"SIR--- IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT WITH THE TWO OF YOU"? then the patrolman beam the flash light to this pinoy and saw his dick sticking out of his pants. the polic looked at me and was about to invoked the law-- so i cut him off and asked him to give me a chance to explain. so i told the whole story. this stupid pinoy even showed the spot where he relieved himself and the police saw the DICK and the HANDS are semi frozen. he asked this pinoy if he wants to go to the hospital and the police is going to radio for an ambulance. this fear stricken pinoy said:"OFFICER PLS LET ME HANDLE THIS ON MY OWN-- NO NEED FOR AN AMBULANCE". so the police went back to his partol car. while the police was at his patrol car getting something, this pinoy told me:"MANONG-- HINDI KO SS ANG GINAGAMIT KO, NO AMBULANCE N LANG MANONG--SORRY".

when the police came back, he has a tube of some cream on his hand and gave it to me and told me to cream my hand and rub it on the DICK of this pinoy. so i told the cop:" THE HELL I WILL NOT DO SUCH THING--- I DON'T CARE IF HIS DICK FALLS OFF" you can see the smile of this police that he was trying to hide away from me. then the cop said: "YOUR BROTHER'S HANDS IS ALSO SEMI FROZEN-- ARE YOU NOT HELPING HIM?" i looked at the police with a strange look and told him :"HE IS NOT MY BROTHER -- I WAS JUST BEING NICE TO HIM. WE WORK AT THE SAME BLDG".

the police told me---"SIR-- YOU HAVE TO DO IT CUZ I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT AND BESIDES HE IS IN YOUR CAR AND HE IS NOW YOUR WARD". i can see the chuckle on the face of the police when he went back to his car and radio dispatch what is happening, while here i am with this FUCKING tube of cream in my hands-- looking at this stupid pinoy, whose name i still don't even know. so i placed some creame around his hands and told him to start rubbing his entire GENITAL REGION. after 15mins of rubbing, the STUPID ASS dick was able to regain its CONCIOUSNESS AND COLOR (if you can call that a color) the police came back and asked me if everyting is okey. so i told him :"HIS DICK IS CONCIOUS AGAIN"...the police started laughing very hard and told me he will write this in his report and nobody will believe him about this at the headquarters. so sarcastically i asked him;" DO YOU WANT ME TO AUTHOGRAOH YOUR REPORT"... then the cop left--wave his hand and gave me a smiling salute.

i ended up driving this stupid ass hole all the way to his house.
HIS NAME IS CRISPULO VENERACION and an illegal pinoy. i told him to be careful next time and be careful with the identity that he is using cuz if he gets caught--- that will be the end of him. i told him that what he did is a federal offense. i dont even know if the name that he is using is his real name--since he is using somebody else SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

the moral of the story.."KEEP YOUR DICK WHERE IT BELONGS"

i swear this is true story--- i will even give you the name of the Illinois state police.
posted by infraternam meam @ 4:30 AM  
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