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Sunday, November 30, 2003

dear "W",

thanks for your concern. nice of you to have noticed also my blog. i hope you like it!

don't worry--- i have no intention of stopping myself from doing what i want to do best.and that is to spread and share what i know and what i have learned. i have to respond in english---not that i am saying i don't know how to talk and write in tagalog. i type more faster in english--- i am sure you can undestand the keyboard stroke that i have learned. also, i was thinking --- since this is an open blog for everybody-- i want it to be done universally --- in case some people reads it and donot understand tagalog.

so no offense to those blogger who do their blog in tagalog. all of us has our own conviction on how we do the blog. and this is mine--- to share what i know and to give out what i have. KNOWLEDGE is not selfishness-- it has to be shared, so this is what i am doing.

thank you---"W" if you read my blog and like it too.

i am so jealous with your profession. did you know that is the most improtant profession that was chosen by CHRIST when he gathered his followers? actually the CROSS is not the fist symbol of the early christians--- it was the drawing of a FISH. in the early times-- when the disciples started spreading the word of CHRIST, they wont use the symbol fo the CROSS -- this is a symbol of Roman torture.

that is the reason the name itself of CHRIST came from the Greek word:" IKSOS"-- meaning to say "FISH". if you go inside the church you will see the symbol "IHS" and there is a cross in the middle of the letter "H". that three letters "IHS" is read as "'IKSOS" in Greeck and that is the word "FISH".

my brother in law "W"-- hails from Bancaan/Naic /Cavite. his father is a fisherman also like you. we have friends in Imus also--- maybe you know them---"CASTANEDA". my brother in law's street in Bancaan is called "seaman's street" cuz all of the male population in that street are all seamen that he gave employment. he is known as Capt. H-----". he is like my second father. i grew up with him and he was the one who sent me to school and all.

if you like my blog--why don't you put your comment on it. i'd love to hear what you say too, even in tagalog...sige nah!

posted by infraternam meam @ 5:38 AM  
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