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Friday, December 12, 2003

The cold weather is really bothersome. but--i am so thankful the snow in upstate and the east coast did not come this way. i hope and pray not to come. i dont care if it is not white christmas. it is so hard to shovel the snow. i have bought a brand new snow blower for my christmas gift for myself. am prepared for the snow--but i still pray not to come this way.

I have to come to work in all the necessary wears imaginable to keep me warm. i have to wear thick socks, plus my winter shoes..i hate it--it is so heavy for me. then i have to wear thermal--not to mention i have to wear my underwear first. this is the time cotton underwears comes very valuable. then i have to wear an under shirt--finally my sweater and then on top of it---a down filled jacket with thick scarf to cover my face and a sturdy hat, to cover my head. i will not wear a bonnet and i will not wear a leather jacket even if i have two of it. for some reason--i don't find my leather jacket comfortable.

This is the time, i always take a bath. winter is the time one has to unleash the heat inside the body so that it will be fresh when you go out and fight the elements. some people will not take a bath---but i want to take a bath with hot water to soothe me when i go outside.

On my way home, i always pass thru the forest preserve that does not have any ligts at all. there is no lamp post and one has to put your car lights in high beam. when i was in the middle of the forest preseve---a group of deer came running--around five of them. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR-- i got startled--i almost hit one of the herd. these animals are very nocturnal when they feed. the park rangers are leaving some hay for them to eat, cuz all of the foliage are already gone and nothing for them to eat. i dont want to have an encounter with deers. specially those that have anthlers--this will bore a big hole in your car.

so--- i entered the toll way system after the forest preseve. after 3 miles of driving--i have to pass by a place that has also lots of forest preseve left and right of the toll way. there are fence on the peripheral of the forest preserve to fence the animals. but for some reason this wolf was able to get out of the fencing and run in the middle of the road but there is a meridian and this animal cannot jump on top of it--so this animal returned back from where it came from. again--JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR....nahagip ng 18wheeler. dedbol instantly. i was just right behind this 18 wheeler and i have to step on the brake immediately.

Tomorrow--- i will pass thru a different way. i don't want to encounter any more animals on the road. they have the right to live and survive. we humans just invaded their habitat.

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