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Sunday, January 04, 2004

i just got home from work---it is now 0500hrs 04jan and chicago is expecting heavy snow by 9am today. the weatherman said it will be around 9 to 10 inches of snow. i have to prepare my snow boots and babushka hat for winter.

work is tough today. all the calls i got is like talking to the clan of Belzeebub(name given to the devil in the scriptures) all pax are so rude and beligerant on the fon. i am so stupid. i dont know why i let my supervisor talked me into doing overtime. i cant believe it nor my friends at work cant believe it also. i am doing overtime. i have been in this company for 9 years and i have never done any overtime work. my supervisor is a nice person and i dont want him to say that i am an Ingrate.

well pax are so rude enough that you wish you have the choice to curse them out also and yell at them. i raise my voice at them when they curse me out and i will not tolerate anybody cursing me out and telling me to go back where i came from. hell will break loose if they say things like that to me. eight members of my family died for the war of this country and my father was tortured by the japanese serving the army of this country during the 2nd world war. so ---nobody can tell me to go bak where i came from or i will give them hell even if i get fired. this is not the end of the world for me. i have a second job and my own business. i work for this airline to travel for free.

my last call was from a bitchy woman who is threatening me that she will write a letter of complaint and will get me fired. so i told her i will give her my job in a sivler platter and gave her my full name. she could drop dead for all i care.

my first call---- as soon as i started was from a guy calling all the way from guatemala city. a stupid whiner on the fon. he does not know how to listen to explanation and was very unreasonable. he was about to have a heart attack on the fon--cursing and yelling. i let him yell until he has already reach the peak of loosing his voice. then i told him to call bak again---then i said goodbye and hang up the fon.

the second call as soon as i plug in also ---is coming from beijing. this one is so weird. this man is saying that there are things inside the bag that he needed and these things inside the bag are his medicinal herbs. when i look into the key contents of this bag----there are leaf inside the bags that was labelled spices and herbal medicine but the bag was held at los angeles. the airport security will not release the bag and expedite it to beijing china, the bag is held at the TSA office until the return of the pax.

of well---so much for all these stories of miseries and rude pax.
i am going to sleep and wait for the snow fall. i will sleep like a baby and i am sure all the bitchy and asshole pax who called and cursed us on the fon did not sleep well. i did not loose any thing---they lost something and i wont tell them where it is.
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