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Saturday, January 17, 2004
Bienvenido a TatangREtong

i was surprised to read in one of my entries that there is a TatangRetong who come across reading my blog. i am thrilled to have known that there is still somebody who is interested in my spot. i really welcome you 'Tang, and will be delighted to be connected. we will try to link the blogspot world and reach out to those pinoys all over the world who wanted to have connections and to our kababyans also at home---- so that they will know what kind of life and lives we are living and doing in our Domiciles.

i believe that the web is a wonderful avenue for us to gap the loneliness and the emptiness and the memories of home at times of our melancholic mood and times of our loneliness remembering the many good times and traditions and customs back home and our loved ones that we have left behind. although mine is always here practically twice a year cuz they also hold american passports but refuses to live and stay in the states.

i also believe that we pinoy have a long tradition of being connected with each other even in and thru the web and in any other forms and ways and means. i have travelled the world, especially when i was still working as a labor arbiter for a big japanese shipping firm in Tokyo/Japan and i have worked for them for 10 years and those years of my tenure with them--- i have come to places where airplane never land. in a remotest place in Sweden-- i was there for 6days and i found out that the entire population of this town is only 1,300 (1984) and i bump into two pinays who were there in a place when winter comes--the place becomes a frozen thundra. but accodring to this pinays---there are at least 8 of them there. i was in norway one time---in a remote place and when i went to a bowling alley the cashier of the place is a pinay. my family always visit paris during december--we were there last month--at charles de gaul airport in France there are more than 10 security at the airport scanning the bags and the hand carried luggage into the xray machine who are pinays and --ilocano pa. if you come to Piraeus/Greece and visit the acropolis and leonides ---- in one of the kiosk out there is a pinay who owns it--she is married to a greek. my family was in europe last month and anywhere we turn our back there is a kababayan out there wondering and working.

here's a cinderella story of a pinay that is true. there was a pinay who was a housekeeping supervisor in Dubai hotel chain. she is an ilocana --- separated from a cruel husband and left her with three teenage children--two girls and one boy. she lives back home in Paranaque in one of the villages there. the resident general manager of the said big hotel chain is a Greek---single--never been married and good looking. same age as our Pinay. he fell in love with this pinay--- proposed to her but our pinay got scared and so decided to resign and went back home. the chivalrous greek, followed her home to pinas and formally asked the parents of the pinay for her hand in marriage. then when they got married in pinas with all the splendour and pomp--- the greek guy became the general manager and director of a big european chain of hotel in chicago. i was working at the Nikko Hotel of Chicago as a concierge that time and this greek guy bumped into me at the hotel and asked me if i want to work for him and open the hotel with him in the capacity of head concierge. i said yes.

i worked for this hotel for at least three years but when my boss with his pinay wife tour of duty was terminated-- i quit also as a sign of allegiance to him--which he admired very much. then this greek guy was hired by the Ayala group of Companies in Pinas for their hotel chains and resorts in Pinas and southeast asia rim. they were housed in a big luxurious house rented for them by Ayala at Ayala Alabang. the greek now is retired-- we are still in contact. they just go from one place to the other enjoying themselves. they have a summer house in Barbados, a cottage outside London, a historic house in Connecticut and a grand house in Greece. the children of our pinay are all grown and they are married now except for the youngest girl who is about to finish her studies at the University of Chicago. these children are the sole heir to all of the houses and fortune of the Greek.

and yes--- i am proud of this Pinay. MABUHAY KA---- MANANG G.....

and so Tatang--- welcome and let us link to all of our KABABAYANS .....BIENVENIDO A SALUD
posted by infraternam meam @ 12:48 PM  
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