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Friday, January 23, 2004
(sacrifice the few, to save the many)

i was called by the manager in my department regarding an issue about "racial slurr" in my department. we had a long talk and a very decisive one. she was telling me that the reason she picked to talk to me as a Union Steward-- is because among all the other Union Steward in the bldg and in the dept. i was the only one who is very professional and easy to talk with. so i told her that there are more Union Steward who are more better and professional than me inside the bldg. i don't know if this woman is trying to flatter me or bullshit me. i told her maybe the reason she likes to talk to me about issues involving the union is because i work for a law firm during the day as my second job. she did not answer my open statement.

what is the issue at stake. it's about an innuendo about the color of the skin of a certain group in the dept. she was asking my opinion about it. i told her---by the mere fact that the comment that was posted on the board was given a short note and commentary by her--it is a show that she condones the comment that has a very wrong connotations and verbage involved in it.

so i told this woman-----"IACTURA PAUCOURM SERVA MULTOS" (sacrifice the few--to save the many)
she did not know what i was saying. i told her and reminded her that few years ago she told me she knows how to interpret Latin. so i told her i just gave her a Latin statement and i was thinking that she knows the meaning of it. she did not know and the dumb bitch was faking . so i told her the meaning and i told her the connotation of what this Latin statement connotes and stand in the legal precedence.

i told her--- if the Union Boss ask me to deal with this directly-- i will see to it that she(this boss) will not sacrifice a few to save the many. i told her she will either look into the matter who started the ethnic slurr and who shud be reprimanded because if she will not do it--- i will be compelled to push this matter to the higher ups of the company since we have zero tolerance in the company. no ethnic group or nationality shoud be singled out by anybody..irregardless of race...color or creed. so i told her to be very careful now on anything that she will be doing when it comes to racial profiling or racial slurr or innuendos.i told her also i consider myself colored and belongs to the Brown race. she told me that i belong to the Oriental race. this woman does not even know how to distinguish Oriental from Brown. i told her--she shud refresh her mind and read again the questionaires and application form. there are questions there at the bottom that has to be checked on which race the applicant belongs. i told her i am under the category of Asian not Oriental not even a Pacific Islander. the Pinoy race is documented at the Library of Congress as Asian.

she wants me to intervene with the African American community and help her make them see that she does not mean any harm. i told her the damage has been done and she cannot undo it anymore.

i told her...." a thing done can never be undone"

she was reaching out and i will not give into her request. i will not adhere to anything that will only displace some people.

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