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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
A POSTCARD WITH NO RETURN ADDRESS=============================

i have received a card in the mail today but there is no name on it. it was posted in oakland/california. the postcard is asking me if i want to connect with any of the graduates of Araullo High School in Manila/Philippines. yes--- i am a graduatre but i dont know what this person is talking about in the postcard that does not have any name or return address.

yes-- i graduated at Araullo High School corner U.N. avenue and Taft Ave. i dont know if these street names are still the same names. our country has the tendecny of changing street names even these street names are historical.

hmmmm how can i say i am interested to join this chain or link of communications from graduate of my beloved school when this mystery sender did not give his /her name. maybe he/she does not know that those are the protocol. one has to write their names and return address. or maybe the sender does not know how to write their names cuz the card's messages are already printed.

hmmmm again... maybe the sender does not want to be known that he/she was a graduate of the said school. i know a a famous singer during the time of Marcos who does not want to be known that she was a graduate of Araullo High School when in fact she was my eldest sister's classmate. she was a regular at the show of Joe Quirino.

hmmmm again for the last time... i think i know why the sender of the card did not sign n give his/her return address. this person might not have a permanent domicile. may his/her address is the local YMCA.

so if there is anybody from the blogger world reading this---- i will go nuts if i wont find out who sent me the postcard inviting me to connect to graduates of Araullo High School now residing in the states---help.. i need somebody.... help
posted by infraternam meam @ 4:13 AM  
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