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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

i was off yesterday monday and tuesday. which turned out okey with me. so i was able to clean the snow at the driveway and at the backyard and the garage. after snow blowing the driveway--- i run out of salt. so i decided to go to the hardware and buy salt for the pavement and drvieway to remove the ice and some more snow and not make the front steps slippery.

i have been to four hardwares and they run out of salt. i cannot use the cooking salt. i cannot use the laundry salt to soften the water. so i went to take my chances and visited one of the biggest chain of groceries near my area. at the parking lot---there was a grocery cart that was dirctly infront of my car. in order not to dent my car incase somebody bumped on it--- i took the grocery cart to the holding bay for carts and on top of the child seat i saw a big wallet that was left behind by one of the patrons of the grocery. i took the wallet check inside the grocery and opened it up and asked my banker inside the grocery if i cud use their phone to contact the owner of the purse.

i cud see that there's lots of credit cards and bank deposit slips inside and the ATM card of the owner fo the wallet. on the side of the wallet---there is a net like side where in there's most probably more than usd2,000.00 dollars in 100 and 20 dollar denominations. here i am---trying not be bad person--- i took the wallet to the customer relations of the store and gave it to the lady behind the counter. the dumb bitch treated me with cold shoulder and said "take i will care of this" so i was surpirsed why just like that. so i asked this woman that she has to give me a receipt that i handed over a wallet to her that i have found at the parking lot. the dumb bith just scribble a note that sez "wallet returned " and her signature is unreadable. she really did'nt want her name be known by me. so i asked her is she will not get my name or phone nos...the bitch just shove the piece of paper that i gave her with my name and fon nos.

when i was driving back home--- i was thinking and trying to created a scenario of what if.....
....what if that bitch removes the money and return the wallet to its rightful owner and said she received the wallet and there is no money it when i gave it to her!....

so when i got home -- i called the police no emergency line and explained what happened. the police woman who answered did not care at all. then this woman cop got my name and fon and after two minutes called me back and said to me...."the walllet has been returned bak--you're off the hook"

so---- i was so upset and told this bitch cop..."what off the hook are you taling about--- i did not steal the wallet---i returned it back". then the stupid bitch just said to me to just forget it and she hang up the fon on me.

what is the moral of the story....

it looks like its not nice to be honest anymore.
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