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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

i am so stupid. there is a snow storm so there are lots of flts that was cancelled. my office called me and asked me if i cud come to work on an overtime rate. hos stupid of me---i said yes. i was not suppose to come to work. i am off but somewhere in this coconut ofmine---i came to agree to my supervisor and came to work. then after the grueling talk on the fon with irate pax cuz of cancellations and other problems-- i finally made it. but when i was about to go to the aprking lot-- i was a little bit driven back. the snow is at least 6 inches already and i have to scrape the snow in the car and start the car tow arm the engine.

when i arrived home-- my wife is already packing the four suitcases. of course there are some people who gave something for that stupid Pakidala namani just don't want to have any arguments with my wife cuz she was also caught in a position that she cannot say no. i have to tag the bag with code nos so that i know what is inside the bag in case the (TSA) Transportation Secyurity Agency ask me what's inside the suitcases. cuz i know that there will be some shadows when the suitcase will pass thru the xray. there are two big chunk of ham on each of the two suitcases. there's towels of all colors and shape. including Sotanghon

o h God--- what is wrong with my kababayanthey are very fond of asking favors in a very Garapal waybut when these people go home to pinas on their vacation--we never and i never ask them to bring something to my family back home.

so--- now i have four suitcases. meticulosuly packed and weighed by my wife--carefully and diligently. all items inside the suitcases are properly tagged. i hope we will not be delivering all these Padalato the individual residences or else i will go and run Amuk.

how come when i am the only one going home--nobody comes to me and ask me to bring something home.

is it so perilous to come and visit pinas. ?
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