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Monday, February 02, 2004

so i decided not to fly today 02feb cuz we are expecting a snow storm today. i told my wife it would be wise to ride thru the storm and just fly tomorrow 03 feb for pinas. its not a big deal to her infact she still went to work today. there will be sleet, freezing rain and snow said the weather forecaster.

now that the word is known that i am going home to pinas again with my wife--there's lots of kababayan who wants to send something back home to their relatives. one of my office mate told me she just wants to send medicine to her mother. the medicine is as big as a carry on bag. nearly 20 lbs. so i said no---this medicine bag will eat up half of my suitcase. so--she got upset. i dont give a shit.

the other one is asking me to bring a letter envelope for her daughter. yes it is just a letter envelope but there is money inside and a blank check. i will not carry a blank check and 3,00 dollars in cash. i wont be held liable for the loss of the money and the blank check. of course--she got upset also. again--like as if i cared.

a friend of ours wants us to bring home something for their family. guess what---- a 10lbs ham. isnt that nice and wonderful. here in my suitcase i will have to carry a big ham. what the heck are these people thinking. not only the ham there is also another small package--- stuffing for turkey. the turkey is being given to my wife for her bag. hell no----i wont be bringing any shit back home like that. so the friend said---" what's going to happen--- i already bought the turkey and the ham?". so i said maybe she shud return it bak and she can have her friendship back if she will take that offensive if i won't give in to the padala.

yes----the gesture of remembering the family back home is very nice custom of all pinoys. but i am not going to abide and subject myself to these abuses of Padala. and then if you cannot accept and abide with the favor you'll be given a cold shoulder. i hate that fucking attitude. that is the reason i don't want to live closer to any pinoy nor do i want to attend any of their social gatherings.
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