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Saturday, January 31, 2004

i am so depress...........

i don't know why. i am so lazy to work, i am so lazy to do anything in the house and i have not read a lot of my briefs for my other job. i have not touch my books and i am not interested to answer the fon when it rings. i was at work this afternoon--- i don't want to listen to all those stupid pax who are all a bunch of whinner on the fon. the only thing they do is complain and rant on the fon. i hate talking to them. so everytime i get a very unreasonable and loud mouth on the fon--i always tell them to calm down or i will terminate the call.

i don't feel like shaving and i don't want to dress up in a very professional manner for work. i was wearing a sweat shirt at work today and my timberland winter boots. i am just waiting for the supervisor to tell me about what i am wearing at work and i will give it to her. maybe she felt and sense that i was having my winter dundrums.

i want to be on a mountain all by myself just thinking and contemplating on what i have accomplish on this earthly existence of mine. i don't want to talk to anybody and i don't want to see anybody. the whole day--i just stayed in my bedroom and just lie down in bed underneath the heavy blanket and with my dog on the floor near my bed staring at me like as if she knows and can sense what is going on with me.

one of my co-worker said it might be the weather cuz i am not the only one feeling down and trodden and under the weather. i did an Ikebana floral arrangement just now in silk flowers. i wanted to express myself and at 3am in the morning--since i am the only one fully awake--that was the only thing that i can do and concentrate myself and my mind into. when i get to work this afternoon--i will sell it to my co-worker who has been asking me to make a floral arrangement for her for a long time.

i ate all the food that is not good for me and that was advised by my doctor not to eat. then i took the medication after eating all the prohibited food.

i think i am going nutssssssss.
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