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Sunday, February 22, 2004

i have received last wed 18feb, a letter from my insurance that my dentist have sumitted a charge on my last visit to him last jan 23 '04 a total amount of US$ 7,500 wherein my dental insurance approved and paid this dentist a total amount of US$ 6,565.45 for a lousy 15mins of visit to check on my TEMPORO MADIVULAR JAWBONE (TMJ) problem(athritis of the jawbone). this dental surgeon just massage my right jaw for five minutes and charge my insurance this exhorbitant fee.

this morning--- i called my insurance and complained about it and informed customer service that there was no major procedure that was done for me by this dentist. and also complained this type and kind of charges is making my insurance premiums becomes high and exhorbitant.

then i called the office of the dentist and talked to her billing dept. i told the woman clerk that she has to return the money and only charge what is really to be intended for a visit that did not have any procedure nor any surgery. this woman was arguing with me. i told her--aside from the exhortbitant fee that she has received and has already cashed last 23jan--she still have to charge me US$ 175.00 on top of it. this argumentative bitch kept on telling me that i am not in the position to question what the insurance has approved. she was demanding to see that letter that i have received from my insurance company. i told her the letter was addressed to me and i will not give her a copy. i told her also if she will not return the money that she fraudulently charged my insurance--- i will file a major case against her and the dental office with the office of the Insurance Commisioner. then--- that was the only time she came to her senses and toned down her voice and argumentative stance during our conversation.

i was in pinas last week for two weeks and have visited a dental surgeon. she did some major work on the left side of my jaw bone--concentrating on molar no 18 and only charge me Pesos 5,500 which is only US$100 based on the prevailing rate of exchange that day. these husband and wife dentist told me if i cud stay longer--they can take care of my TMJ problem. so this coming july i will return bak to pinas n have my oral surgery for my TMJ problem. i need my athritis of the jawbone taken cared of so that i will be able talk and eat and sleep properly. it aches when i am sleeping and no pain killer cud take care and remedy the problem.

we have good dentist and oral surgeon in pinas.

posted by infraternam meam @ 4:13 AM  
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