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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i wanted to have a daughter but unluckily--i was not given one. but this does not mean to say i don't appreciate and am not grateful for what i have now. I Love my Two Boys.

my eldest son--started to have early command of responsibility in life. after i got married-- left my wife pregnant with my first born son and went home to the Phils. and took care of our business in the Phils. when i saw my first born son--he was already three years old. my son and my wife stayed in the Phils for eight months. i was happy cuz i have my wife and my son with me. my wife was very unhappy. cuz i am always at work and hardly see the two of them except late in the evening and i am already exhausted. after eight months in the Phils.--- my wife decided to return back to the states and continue their life away from me. i cannot do anything about it---i have to work for my family until such time my nieces and nephews are old enough to handle the business.

then my second son was born--four years apart from my eldest son. still i am working overseas. this time i was working for a japanese shipping firm as partners of our office in the Phils. my eldest son was fourteen years old and he started the gruelling process of being the father of the house in my absence. he passed with flying color. he took care of his brother upbringing and looked after his mother. he is my ROCK and my SHELTER.

my second son growing up in a different setting. i am now at home with the whole family and working in the states as ordered by my eldest son when he became serious with a girl. my eldest son told me to come home and worked in the states cuz he has a girl friend and cannot discuss it with his mom. so i came home but see to it that i work with a company that will entail me to travel --just like when i was working for this japanese shipping firm as a Labor Arbiter in the manpower dept.

my whole family was able to see the world, cuz of my work. they are entitled to join me once a year for two weeks we travel to places where the company has subsidiary offices.

now i am 55 years old--- about to celebrate my 25 wedding anniversary, i have begun to look at my two boys. they are no longer small boys. they are big men now--bigger for a Pinoy. each of them has differenct personalities and different outlook in life.

my eldest son looks at life as if it was a world that has to be shaped by him in his own liking--in his own time--- in his own doing. he is so matured for his age. soft spoken, gentle with his mother and loving son. he still have the worrisome attitude--looks beyond the things that has been given and laid out for him. see me as his friend and mentor-- love me as if i was his best friend. i owe so much to this eldest son of my. he took my place those many years i was away from them. i don't know how to repay my eldest son.

my youngest son--has the attitude of a rebel. he likes things that comes in his way to be done in a very slow and playful manner. it does not mean he is not serious--but he thinks things will come to its proper senses if not forceably done. he thinks that problem is a challenge that will have its own terms to be solved and be remedied. one does not have to hurry up things cuz life is too short to worry into so much things in life. his dispositions in life is on a daily basis. very furious at times--- like me. very stubborn and hard on himself . he is my second son and he is my mirror and the window of myself at this age.

i love my two boys. i hope God will give me longer life and years to cherish all these times with them and see them achieve all their goals in life.



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