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Monday, February 23, 2004

i have two sons. one just turned 24 this jan and the other one turned 20 this feb. both are big boys compared to the usual built and height of pinoys. they were both born in the states and they were telling me that they are too Caucasian. so i have accepted the fact that they are pinoy with more Caucasian blood in them.

my eldest son understand tagalog but cannot speak it. he speaks very fluent spanish cuz that was his second language in high school and was able to practice more cuz he is managing a pizzeria in my neighborhood and goes to college at the same time. all of his staff are all mexican and speaks little english--so he was able to polish his spanish.

my younger son understand tagalog but also cannot speak it. he speaks french cuz this is what he studied in high school. my son is studying culinary arts and wanted to finish and do his apprenticeship in Paris at Le Conrdon Bleu.

this morning--- i just got home and was having an early breakfast at 4am and my eldest son came to the house from the back door while i was eating. he has his own apartment now but very often comes home to pay a visit and check on me and his mom. he came home this morning and will sleep here cuz he knows this wednesday i have to go to the hospital again for my check up and treatment.

when i was about to go upstairs to the computer room---after my son gave me a hug, he asked me:

"para a donde vas....Papa?"

so i told him i am going to the computer room to pound the computer and check my blogspot. i told him i sit in the computer for at least 30mins before going to bed.

then he told me:

"pero Papa--son los Filipinos en Blogspot---que Solamente su grupo y solamente su Tipo".
"son todos solos".

i told my son---its ok mijo. i like doing it even if nobody reads and visit my blog. this is my way of releasing all the tension at work listening to all the complaints and cursing on the fon on irate pax who were disserviced by the airline that i worked with. he was telling me that i might be wasting my time and all the things that i am imparting and entering in my blogspot. he was not very fond of me doing this kind of hobby. i told my hijo--that it does not bother me at all what i do and what i input in my blog.

my son hug me and told me his concern. he kissed me in the forehead and said he will be going to bed.

as i read my blog and check on it----it just came to me that there are some things my son is trying to convey to me.

i think in TAGALOG ----it is called:

SILA - SILA......

then i just smiled--- and said to myself....

"the Peninsularez attidutde of my kababayan cannot be change".
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