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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
By George Carlin

1. Throw out non essential numbers. This includes your age,weight and height.
---- let the doctor worry about it, that is why you are paying her/him.

2. Keep only the cheerful friends....
---- The grouches will pull you down.

3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever.
---- Never let the brain idle.
----"An idle brain is the devil's workshop."
---- And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.

4. Enjoy the simple things.

5. Laugh more often, long and loud.
---- laugh until you grasp for breathe.

6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on.
---- The only person who is with us our entire life, is Ourselves.
---- Be Alive while you are Alive.

7. Surround yourself with what youl Love, whether it's family, pets,keppsakes,music,plants, hobbies.
---- Your home is your Refuge.

8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, Improve it.
---- If it is beyond what you can Improve, get Help.

9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the Mall, to the country, to a Foreign country,
---- But not where the Guilt is.

10.Tell the people you Love that you Love them, at every opportunity.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER-----Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take---but by the Moments
we take our Breath away.
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Monday, December 29, 2003

(George Carlin is a comedian of the late 70's and 80's, and he wrote this eloquent subject/topic after his wife died which i would like to share to those who come across and read my blogspot)


"The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but we have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less
judgement, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too reclessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, gets too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life but not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learn to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

There are times of fast foods and slow digestions, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorces, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are the days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throw awy morality, one night stands, overwieght bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you,a nd a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.

Remember, spend more time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever. Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side. Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treaure you can give and it doesnt cost a cent.

Remember to say "I Love You" to your partner and your love ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you. Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again. Give time to love, give time to speak,and give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath away."

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Sunday, December 28, 2003
(A joke sent to me via email)

It was the first day of school and a new student named Dagohoy, son of a Filipino immigrant, entered the fourth grade. The teacher said:, "Let's begin by reviewing some Ameican History. Who said : "Give me Liberty, or give me death?" the teacher saw a sea of blank faces, except for Dagohoy, who had his hand up, and he answered: "Patrick Henry, 1775", then the teacher said: "very good".

Then the teacher said to the class this time :" Who said "Government of the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth". again, no response, except from Dagohoy, who said:" Abraham Lincoln, 1863".The teacher snapped at the class, and said:

" Class, you should be ashamed, Dagohoy, who is very new to our country,
knows more about it's history than you do."

Then the teacher heard a loud whisper: "Screw the Filipino".
Then the teacher said: "Who said that?", the teacher demanded.
Dagohoy raised his hand and said:" John Pershing, 1835".

At that point, one of the student at the back said:" I'm gonna puke".

The teacher glares and asked the class:"All rigth! now who said that?".

Again, Dagohoy said, : "George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991".

Now, a furious ---- another student yelled and said:" Oh yeah? Suck this!"
Dagohoy jumps out of his chair--- waving his hand -------,
and shouts to the teacher and said: "Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky, 1997!".

Now---- with almost mob hysteria, someone said:
" You little shit, if you say anything else, I'LL KILL YOU."

Dagohoy frantically yells at the top of his voice and said :
"Gary Condit to Chandra Levy 2001."

Then the teacher fainted---- and as the class gathered around the teacher on the floor,someone said:

" Oh shit, we're in Big Trouble!".

Then Dagohoy said: " Sadam Hussein, 2003".
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Friday, December 26, 2003

i have just got home from work. the exhaustion from work is so much, especially that there is an upgraded alert system from yellow to orange. more securities are fielded at the airport and there will be some delays cuz of inspections of the bags and of pax going into the airport.

my department at the airline that i work for registers 100 incoming calls every three minutes. lots of people are calling and complaining and asking for the whereabouts of their bags and other problems. the 25th of december sucks. there's not much delivery drivers that showed up on all the airport and so lots of the bags deliveries are halted until usual operations commence on the 26th of december. my vacation is so short----i need another one.

there's not much snow---thank God for that, but when i went to get my car at the parking lot---it is covered with ice. i have to scrape the ice at the back and front window. it took me at least 15minutes to warm upmy car so that the frosting in the side mirrors will melt. i miss pinas---but when i am there i miss the cold weather.

work is not much fun----even if i will be paid time and a half for working chirstmas day.

i have encountered an italian old man on the fon---as soon as i answered the fon, this man is really yelling as if it is the end of the world for him. for a lousy bag--this man wanted to have a heart attack. i let him blew up his steam and when i returned bak to him when i have put him on hold---he was grasping for breathe. so i told him to calm down, there is nothing i can do for the evening---pittsburgh counter is already closed and i cannot call the airport from where i am.

a woman who landed at IAD(washington dulles airport) called and said her bag was opened up and there were some items that is missing from her bag. she said the airport federalized security opened up her bag and there are some jewelries that are missing and four cans of milk. so i asked her what kind of milk---she said these four tin cans of milk is the MILK OF A PIG. for awhile i thought she was joking---but she was not joking. she is really looking for four tin cans of milk from the pig. HOW DO YOU MILK A PIG. i wonder how it taste.i can only eat the pig---especially lechon kawali but not the milk. yakkkkk.

another strange call is from this lady who landed in SFO. she said she checked in a cooler. so i was asking her what is inside the cooler. i wanted to know if it is perishable, cuz we have a disclaimer about checking in perishable items is not covered by our insurance. guess what this woman told me whatis inside the cooler----SHE SAID HER FROZEN DEAD CAT IS INSIDE THE COOLER. and this woman is not joking too. i did not ask her why is she transporting and dead cat in a cooler. i dont want to know. weird hah!!!

this is another weird call that i got---this mexican guy called and said he was trying to carry inside the airplane his hand carry bag but it was taken away from him cuz it wont fit underneath the seat and at the overhead bin. so i was askinghim what is this carry on bag that he was forcing to hand carried inside the airplane. CATHIS MAN IS HAND CARRYING A TOILET.. why will you carry a toilet on the plane. i hope its clean. if it is not clean--try to picture yourself when this carryon bag with this toilet gets inside the plane and you discovered it is a used toilet.

weird calls does not need a weird answers.

i have to go to sleep---it is now 5am 26dec and i have to go to work this afternoon again. it is so damn cold in here.
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Thursday, December 25, 2003

this is the 29th year that i will be celebrating my xmas in the states. and i still get home sick and still wanted to come home and spend the entire celebration back home. i remember my first christmas here, i have just gotten married and my wife and i was staying in a high rise apartment complex facing lakeshore drive, the park and lake michigan. half of the tenant of the buildings are pinay nurses who always go to work during the holidays cuz they are being paid time and a half. which is quite a lot of money that has to be sent back home to pinas. i was so homesick. i was staring outside the window of our apartment---looking beyond lake michigan and the dullness and the white snow covering the entire area and the lake itself. it was a very gloomy atmosephere and it was a gloomy surrounding for me---while a very lonely christmas carol is being played on the television. the americans are so happy about this---it was white christmas for them, but a very gloomy christmas for me. my wife was behind me trying to console me--- i did not know that i have tears in my eyes because of the loneliness that have engulfed me at that very moment.

now 29 years later--- i still get lonely but not very intense as before. i wanted to be with all of my family at home from pinas, but they cannot come to the states. my mother has pelvic surgery and having the start of her alzeihmers, plus she is now 80 years old and cannot travel very far on an airplane. my father who is already 82---had a quadruple bypass five years ago and cannot be confined inside the plane with recycled air and the pressure inside the plane will be very hard for them. some of my sisters and brothers are scattered from new jersey to vancouver to calgary. all of us have our own family now and the ones left behind in the phils. have their own family to take care of also.

what was the greatest culture of the pinoy that was handed over to us from generation to generation on this special day of christmas----THE LOVE AND COMING TOGETHER OF FAMILY.----

even if there are no gifts to exchange--- nothing to wear....the most important thing is that there willbe sumptious meals that was prepared and made at least two nites or one nite before by either our lola or our mother. the secret recipes and the most treasured menus and specialties comes out on this festive occassion. in the provinces---houses are being cleaned. curtains are being hung on the windows, and preparations of extra beddings and cleaned floors and beds are prepared---because there might be friends and family from a distant who will come and has to stay overnite.

i remember, when i was young--- blankets and beddings are starched. i hate that thing. including the pillow covers are starched like as if your sleeping in a cartolina paper.

lola pacing will cook up our favourite dishes of MORCON and EMBUTIDO. there is also LECHE FLAN and JALEYANG UBE and MACAPUNO with MATAMIS NA BEANS OR GARBANSOS. then as i grew older--the family became a little bit hip na hip, there is now additional menus on the list. there are already PAELLA, RELLENONG MANOK and BANGUS. the desert was now americanized because gelatin was discovered and fully introduced in pinas--so there are already GELATIN with the traditinal FRUIT COCKTAIL and FRUIT SALAD also not to mention MACARONI SALAD and POTATO SALAD. our cousins from the provinces will come and bring SUMAN and other NATIVE KAKANIN.

after the simbang gabi at 12midnite on the 24th of december---the traditional NOCHE BUENA will start and there will be lots of laughter at home. there will be stories ----even repeated from year to year are still nice to listen at and it comes to life when departed loved ones who is part of the stories and conversation will be mentioned.. the CHRISTIAN VALUES AND FAMILY is the CAPEX OF THE CELEBRATION. in the morning of 25th of december, we will be dressed up by my mother and we will begin the visits to our NINONG AND NINANG. and also to aunts and uncles and other older members of the family. if will be given a one peso bill and i was so elated and happy. i thought this money can take me to the moon. i was only 9 years old that time.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

our last day at the eternal city is so fast and we have to speed up all the places that we have to visit. for some obvious reason---my two boys always wanted to visit PIAZZA DE VENEZIA. my wife and i left the two boys at the piazza seating on a restaurant and we went on our way to see the ST AGNES IN AGONY near the CORSO VICTOR EMMANUELLE. we have to meet some of the SVD priest and from there we went to the SVD General House at PYRAMIDE. i have to pay respect to the present SUPERIOR GENERAL who is the First Pinoy from Bohol---FR. TONY PERNIA. the place is in one of the hills of Rome.the entire area of the PYRAMIDE including the train station was owned by the SVD fathers before---but during the war---Benito Mussolini asked them to donate it to Italy cuz the place has a train station and it was said that the train station is where Adolf Hitler will be using when he visits the IL DUCE of Italy. he did not pay the SVD fathers--but instead he gave the area and the street to be named after the society's name. DEI VERBO. SVD stands for SOCIES VERBI DIVINI---or SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD.after a short courtesy call--my wife and i went back to pick the two boys enjoying the site at PIAZZA VENETIA. i told the boys that we will have to eat dinner out since this is our last day. so we went to VIA CONSILAZIONE and pick up a nice restaurant. it was nice but bvery expensive.










on our last nite in ROME, my wife asked that we visit PONTE VECCHIO. even if we will not be buying jewelries of diamond and gold--it was so nice to see all these stores and the expensive jewelries on sale. from here we went to the UFFICI. this is the place where the movie HANNIBAL was filmed. the statues are still there. i stared at the same balcony in one of the scene at HANNIBAL when he hang and disemboweled the chief of police.

then we headed for CHARLES DE GAULLE airport the next day 19 Dec. to Paris. LEONARDO DA VINCI airport is so small and looks so ugly. ALITALIA's food is alright, even for a short trip. the arrival in Paris is so messy. it was raining--cloudy and not much of an excitement. the Pinays who work at the airport are still there. we gave them some american chocolates and told them that we will see them on the way out on the 22nd dec but we cut it short to 21 instead cuz of the travel advisory for the americans.

we stayed at L'OPERA district. it was just across from the opera house and the shopping area and grocery where my wife always buy her shopping. i almost got pickpocketed by these Gypsies while crossing the street infront of the opera house. these are three young gilrs and its good my wife saw them. one of the girls hand is already inside my small sling bag. nothing was taken but if my wife did not see them---the camera was gone.

i love all the sweets and pastries but i cannot eat them. i am watching my sugar. i am contented eating a piece of the Baguette and some cold meats and CORNICHON and Pate' de Foie. our apartment is at the attic. this is like a family room with a bedroom and two beds in the foyer. not bad. my two boys are watching the french nite movies on television and they are not censoring anything here.

the nex day we went to the LOUVRE. my boys explored on their own. i love sitting inside the great hall to see all the masterpieces and all the frescoes. i took my wife again to the grand staircase where the marble sculpture of MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL was standing. i told my wife we might be walking on the samesteps where Marie Antoinette and Louise walked when they were still staying at this grand palace.

of course--trip to Paris is not enough if my wife will not visit Rue De Rivoli and see the expensive shops there. we just looked around and we headed to the Latin Quarters then LES INVALIDES to see again the tomb of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. i dont want to see the Eiffel Tower anymore. too much Gypsies and so crowded. we met the boys at the BOUNLANGERIE near our hotel for dinner.

next day we parted ways with the two boys and let them explore on their own. we went to LE MADELENE'. this is an old church that was patterned after the Parthenon. then we walked towards the PLACE' VENDOME. i love the obelisk here. this is an obelisk made of melted cannon that was confiscated by Napoleon Bonaparte and it tells the story of all of his campaings in the Napoleonic wars. of course if you come to this place you have to see the RITZ CARLTON HOTEL of the Fayeds. this is the famous scene on the last day of Princess Diana. we also went and see the showcase of the jewelry store where Dodi Fayed ordered the ring of Princess Diana.

wew stayed many hours inside NOTRE DAME. i love the stained glass. i sit inside the church and just stare at the high altar and the stained glass. the statue of CARLOMAGNO( CHARLEMANGE) was still there but now clean. and the ancient roman city that was dug infront of NOTRE DAME was still there and all the vendors along the river Sienne are still there.

the christmas decors on all the stores in Paris is so beautiful. we went to see the place where the movie BOURNE IDENTITY was filmed . two short days in Paris---but we were able to visit the many nice places that we wanted to see everytime we come to Paris .

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Monday, December 22, 2003

at last we are all home. home sweet home. we have to cut short our travel cuz there is a travel advisory from the U.S. government for American citizen. the travel advisory was from Yellow to Orange level. my wife was so nervous about it so we left Paris at Charles De Gaulle back to chicago.

MILAN(MALPENSA)--- it wa a very short stay. only one nite n almost two days. it was worh it. my two boys went ahead and was able to see Venice and Lake Cuomo. we stayed in a small pensione and it was a family own pensione by Signor and Signora Rocco and Rossa Burdi. they are very nice couple and we were treated like member of their family. the food is just great but i cannot get used to eating lunch at 1pm and dinner at 9pm. my wife was the only one who enjoyed milan cuz of the fashion houses and perfumerie around the places near our pensione.

then i rented a car-- a Fiat--american standard cuz i wont fit and all of us wil not fit inside a small car like the alfa romeo which looks like an ice shaver from the pinas. the trouble with an american sized car is it is so hard to maneuver in the small streets of Italy.

then here comes the greatest challenge. we have to enter the Toll and i thought the pinoy are the most careless driivers in the world---- the Italian inside the tollways are the worst. we were here last year and i looks like every year the drivers are getting more aggressive everytime we come here. all drivers are tail gaiting each other and they are driving more than 100kph up the very limit of the car itself. i will never and could not drive that fast. i dont want to end up in a ditch. it is good the weather is just fine. we had rain and mist in the morning, nothing to worry about on the road.

then before we we entered Florence (Firenze) we have to pass by Modeno first, to visit the family and friends of brother in law on my wife side. Modeno is the greatest when it comes to their RED WINE VINEGAR. this looks like a sleepy town but when you enter the town proper, the stores are selling all their famous MODENO RED WINE VINEGAR. we bought some small bottles for our family back home.

FLORENCE(FIRENZE)--- we stayed at Signor Francesco Bianchi's Hotel Balcony. Jesus Christ, this place has no elevator. the government does not allow anybody to knock down old buildings and alter the structure. so no elevator can be placed and built in side this place. it is a small--family owned hotel and you have to drag your bags from the ground floor to the 2nd floor. mind you the distance of the 1st to the 2nd floor is like three story. because this is an old building. you can still see the original beams of the house and the cabinets are so huge that i can sleep inside. they serve free breakfast in the morning until 10am.

we explored the area, just like last year. the hotel were we stayed is just a stones throw away from the famous DUOMO DE FIRENZE--- a 200 year old cathedral made of green and olive color looking marble that is so huge and beautiful. when you walk inside--you will be dwarf by the huge cathedral ceilings of the DUOMO. rigth infront of the Duomo is the beautiful baptistry. the door is made of Gold and tells a story. there is always a Carabinieri to watch the Baptistry. at night the metal guard will come out to cover the whole entry to the Baptistry. i wanted to scrape the gold from the door, but there is always a Carabinieri on duty. it is considered the Jewel of Firenze. right behind the Duomo is the flea market. it reminds me of Baclaran Church in Pinas. all the finest Florentine leather is on sale on this flea market. from wallet to purses--from jacket to gloves--from shoes to laces and other novelties and souvenir items. majority of the vendors are Lebanese. one of the vendor was so enthusiastic in knowing about chicago, when he found out we came from chicago. he wants to see Michael Jordans house the where the Bulls are playing basketball. too bad--he cannot come to America.

the weather is still nice, the food is great. we went to a deli to shop for some sliced meats and italian bread, and was overwhelmed when we walked into this deli place. the aroma and smell of the ham that is hanging on the ceiling and the cheese and olives in big vats and the sausages that is hanging from the ceiling to the floor. we ordered some prosciuto ham, and cheeses and of course some italian pastries. it is cheaper to buy your meat from a deli instead of buying the sandwiches from a convito or a trattoria.

we spent two wonderful days in Florence and we headed again towards Rome the Eternal city. we have to drive to the most beautiful mountain towns and villages that i have ever seen in europe. the only modern things along the way is the great windmills that generates electricity, perched up on top of the mountains. we passed by the Umbrian Hills and the country side and made a detour to SULMONA a small town almost on the same road going to NAPOLI.i love this place--the towers and the ancient citadels and most of all the old houses that is doting along the hills and inside the midsection of the hills. it was a lovely site. then we passed by the town of ORVIETO. we explored the old DUOMO of SANTA MARIA DE ORVIETO. the guide sez during the month of October the wedding rign of the Virgin Mary is displayed at the High Altar to be seen by pilgrims. the frecoes of this church is unreal. the huge cathderal ceiling and the brass relief door is so impressive.

then we passed by PADUA and SIENNA. we visited the famous shrine of San Antonio de Padua and the Cathedral of St. Catherine.we are in a hurry to get to Rome before night fall. the weather is so good and i was amazed it is not so cold.

ROME--- the Eternal City. we have to stay at the Holiday Inn at via Antica which is only one bus ride to CITTA DEL VATICANO and along the area of Seminario Filipino along via Antica and via Aurelia. we have to rest first and have an early start the next morning.it is now 18December. the buffet breakfast at the htl is so great. i love the bountiful array of meat and all italian delicacies and american food also. but the one we all love is the fresh squeezed BLOOD ORANGE, which is only found in Italy. the pulp is so read. we were told that in Sienna during the time and celebration of the Palio--they use this type of oranges to celebrate and throw at each other during summer time.
we took the fist bus to the Eternal City----CITTA DEL VATICANO and got off at via DELLA CONCILLAZIONE, which is the great avenue facing the Vatican and the place where all the embassies are located. it was 59degrees and the sun is shining. plenty of pilgrims entering the great St PETERS BASILICA.there is so much to see in Rome--if you don't have any plans and program--you will be overwhelmed. there's also lots of kababayan who are domestic helpers and store helpers. they all speak fluent Italian. i have to sit infrnt if the adoration chapel for a long time. i love the tapestry, plus the nuns who are the sole keeper of the adoration chapel is my Aunts congregation. she is also a nun belonging to the DISCIPLES OF THE DIVINE MASTER. the pieta is inside a glass enclosure to protect it from any vandal who many years back hammered the face and broke the nose of the Virgin. the PIETA is an antique that cannot be appraised. the entire CITTA DEL VATICANO is now considered by the United Nations to be the worlds site of National Antiquity and cannot be bombed or destroyed in case of another world war.

NO GYPSIES at all in any of the streets. every street corner there is a Carabinieri and a holding area incase there is a pickpocketer or any vandals .we went to see the Bridge of Angels across the Tiber river towards the Castel de San Angelo-- still owned by the Vatican. the Swiss Gurad are still wearing the famous design uniform of Michael Angelo but they have a black cape on top of it.young Swiss Catholic ranging from ages 19 to 24 years of age that will serve the Pope and the Vatican and after their service could go bak to Switzerland. they have to speak Italian and French and German and of course Swiss.all the girls are all so mesmerized by these young and good looking guard. we went to SANTA MARIA DEL POPOLO and ended our first day at the spanish steps and went back to the hotel for our first day rest on our arrival to Rome. next day we start early again after breakfast and headed out to the train station to get the train towards PIAZZA BARBERINI because from there we want to circle along via del TRITONE and then to the SANTA MARIA DELLA VITTORIA and then to VIA DEL QUIRINALE and finally to the famous FONTANA DE TREVI--- three coins in the fountain. we have been here before so my wife went to the small store that sells lots of souvenirs and purses and of course shoes. we left the boys eating chestnut being roasted by some Gypsies. from there we went to PIAZZA DELLA ROTUNDA at the PANTHEON and had lunch at a small TRATTORIA. then we headed home to the hotel. we have to explore again tomorrow early so that we could cover up plenty of places because tomorrow is the last day in Rome then we will go to Paris. on the way home to the hotel we got lost and was helped by two Pinay sister who are domestic helpers. they are very nice to us. then they asked me if i am already hungry for pinoy food--without any second thought--- i immediately said YES. they took us home where they are staying at the house of their employer. their employer is an AVOCATTO (Lawyer ) who is always in the Phils. during xmas time and spend xmas in the Phils. staying in one of the hotels in Makati. Finally-- we are eating rice and fish and veggies cooked Pinoy style. the two sisters told us how they got to Italy and ended up to this good Avocatto as their employer. after dinner and social, i invited them to come to chicago and stay in our house--they said when their papers have already been finished they will visit us.

I am ending the first part. i am very sleepy. it is now 5am 22 December--- i have to see my doctor at 1245pm to check TEMPORO MANDIVULAR JAW(ATHRITIS OF THE JAWBONE)
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Sunday, December 14, 2003

1. Via dei Banchi, 3 /FIRENZE
----- 16 - 17 dec.'03

2. Via Monalda 1 Piazza strozzi/ MALPENSA
----- 17 - 18 dec. '03

3. Via Aurelia Antica, 415/ ROMA/ CITTA DEL VATICANO
------ 18 - 19 dec'03


4. rue L'Opera/ Paris/ France
------ 19 - 22 dec. '03

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yesterday when i got the call from this kababayan who lost his balik bayan boxes and suticase, i have promised him that i will look into the matter and i told him as soon as i get back to work today 13dec---i will pull up his file and call him and advise him if the stuff has been located.

at 1730hrs central time 13dec---i plugged into my computer--turn on my headset and the first thing i did was pull up the file of APO LAKAY. i was so happy----the boxes and the bags has been located. i will not say who lost it and what happened with it. that is not very professional in the airline industry.

i immediately called APO LAKAY in San Diego and told him about it. he cried on the fon---telling me that if i did not do some text and emailing to other airline --- all will be lost. i told him to stop crying cuz the boxes and the bags has been found and now in the phils. i called the Phils office of the other airline and they confirmed that they have all of it. i told the female agent who answered the fon--working for the baggage dept of this airline--to make sure that the boxes and suitcases when inspected by proper authorities was not entirely opened up and searched since these are unaccompanied boxes and bags. she said it is in their possession and they will contact the pax in Batac/Ilocos Norte. i told the agent i will be the one to contact the pax in Batac.

i called the nos given by APO LAKAY to me and the lady who answered the fon is not the owner of the boxes and bags---this lady is the neighbor of the pax.they dont have any fon in their house. its good the house is only next door. i talked to manang Elizabeth and confirmed that the boxes and bags are now in Manila. she started crying--- again the same words i told her-- to stop crying because the boxes and the bags are already home in Pinas.that is the important thing. on monday 15dec. they will take the bus to Manila from Batac and get the boxes and bags from the other airline.

the many thank you and the many nice words from these people is so overwhelming. they are simple folks, whose intention while in the states is to make money, save and buy stuff for the family back home and come home for christmas vacation. they were asking me if i want anything for myself that they can buy in the phils and bring back to me. i told them their happiness and the happiness of their family this christmas with all the PASALUBONG inside the box is more than a reward for me. I FELT GREAT ABOUT IT. these people will have nice christmas this year.

i told my wife about it and she told me........

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

It was already 0115hrs 13 dec., i was already about to prepare to leave my station in about 45 mins---i was so tired with so many calls of complaints and arguments on the fon from all the pax of my airline. i still have to go to my other job next morning and give a CROSS CULTURAL LECTURE to a group of expats leaving for the Asian places of work for three years. i have to prepare all the lecture materials and all the other stuff.

i got a call from this kababayan from San Diego, Bakersfield. as soon i answered the fon he immediately demanded for an interpreter--so i got into the line. this old man sent his wife and his two sisters for a long time awaited vacation to the Phils. they have checked in one suitcase and of course four balikbayan boxes---filled with goodies and all the pasalubong for the coming holiday in pinas. the family left on the 6th of december and when they arrived in manila, the boxes and suitcase did not showed up. this babayan was heartbroken. the routing was SAN DIEGO/LAX via my airlines then MNL via PAL. i have to pull up the WORLD TRACING file for this pax and to my surprise they are from Batac, Ilocos . they are now in their home province without the Pasalubongs for the entire clan.

i called Phil. Airlines in LAX and to my surprise---- the computer generated response was that of a male with a very heavy chinese accent on the VRU saying:MABUHAY, and welcome to....... very chinese . i was so surprised. when finally i got a live person on the line....again the person on the other line who answered me is also chinese. for awhile, i thought i was talking to china airlines---but these are employees of PAL the official carrier of the Phils. they cannot locate the bag and the boxes. my heart is already falling for this caller----Apo Lakay is really worried and i cannot blame him.

then i called Ninoy Acquino International Airport to be connected with PAL office. i forgot that PAL is separated from Ninoy Acquino Airport. when the switchboard operator of Ninoy Acquino answered and i introduced myself and where i am calling from---- of course i have to speak in English first---- would you believe the operator asked me :"IS THIS A COLLECT CALL?" i don't know if i am going to laugh on the other line or not. so i explained to her that this cannot be a collect call cuz i am already talking directly to her. i asked to be connected to the PAL baggage / cargo office. the operator said she will check what extension. i was not put on hold, the line was still live, i could hear from the background that she was asking another person inside the booth. talking---talking---talking in the background. i even heard one of the person inside the booth saying to another person: "NAKU ISANG GIVES NA LANG TAPOS NA AKO FOR THIS YEAR". then the operator came back and siad: "SORRY, THEY ARE NOT IN THIS BLDG AND I DONT KNOW THEIR FON NOS". then she hang up the fon. finally got the fon nos. for PAL office in Manila, when i have introduced myself in english---as protocol requires-- i started talking in Tagalog, but the agent on the other side will always answer me in English contineously. never in the 15mins of our conversation did this agent talked and responded to me in Tagalog. i cannot say he does not know how to speak in Tagalog, cuz his english has a very Pilipino accented english. so i continued on in Tagalog--and he continued on in English.NO BAG --NO BALIKBAYAN BOX. before i hang up the fon, the PAL agent on the other side told me he dreams of coming over to the States and will try to get a passport and visa and asked me, this time in Tagalog: " puwede nyo ho ba akong tulungan kung makarating ako diyan....eh ano nga pala ang address nyo sa states"? i just smiled silently and politely told him--if he is already in the states to just call the 800 nos of my airline and i gave him my dept/ext nos.


as soon as i get to work this afternoon-- i will again pull up the file of APO LAKAY. i have to help this Kababayan. i don't want their christmas to be spoiled without this Pasalubong. i only have saturday and sunday to help him cuz i am leaving this monday for a short vacation.
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Friday, December 12, 2003

The cold weather is really bothersome. but--i am so thankful the snow in upstate and the east coast did not come this way. i hope and pray not to come. i dont care if it is not white christmas. it is so hard to shovel the snow. i have bought a brand new snow blower for my christmas gift for myself. am prepared for the snow--but i still pray not to come this way.

I have to come to work in all the necessary wears imaginable to keep me warm. i have to wear thick socks, plus my winter shoes..i hate it--it is so heavy for me. then i have to wear thermal--not to mention i have to wear my underwear first. this is the time cotton underwears comes very valuable. then i have to wear an under shirt--finally my sweater and then on top of it---a down filled jacket with thick scarf to cover my face and a sturdy hat, to cover my head. i will not wear a bonnet and i will not wear a leather jacket even if i have two of it. for some reason--i don't find my leather jacket comfortable.

This is the time, i always take a bath. winter is the time one has to unleash the heat inside the body so that it will be fresh when you go out and fight the elements. some people will not take a bath---but i want to take a bath with hot water to soothe me when i go outside.

On my way home, i always pass thru the forest preserve that does not have any ligts at all. there is no lamp post and one has to put your car lights in high beam. when i was in the middle of the forest preseve---a group of deer came running--around five of them. JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR-- i got startled--i almost hit one of the herd. these animals are very nocturnal when they feed. the park rangers are leaving some hay for them to eat, cuz all of the foliage are already gone and nothing for them to eat. i dont want to have an encounter with deers. specially those that have anthlers--this will bore a big hole in your car.

so--- i entered the toll way system after the forest preseve. after 3 miles of driving--i have to pass by a place that has also lots of forest preseve left and right of the toll way. there are fence on the peripheral of the forest preserve to fence the animals. but for some reason this wolf was able to get out of the fencing and run in the middle of the road but there is a meridian and this animal cannot jump on top of it--so this animal returned back from where it came from. again--JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR....nahagip ng 18wheeler. dedbol instantly. i was just right behind this 18 wheeler and i have to step on the brake immediately.

Tomorrow--- i will pass thru a different way. i don't want to encounter any more animals on the road. they have the right to live and survive. we humans just invaded their habitat.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

have just seen my ENDO and was advised that there is a problem with the thyroid glands again. he will have to raise the dosage of SYNTHROID that i am taking. i have to see a Urologist and a Podiatrist. i have some nail fungus that wont heal and the doctor wants to be sure since i have diabetes II. new diabetes medication was prescribed....three medications was stopped. then i have to get again this afternoon a full and comprehensive blood chimistry. i will know the result tomorrow and my ENDO will tell me what dosage the synthroid will be.

while waiting for my name to be called for the blood chemistry-- i was seated to this young man together with his mother. i left my seat for awhile and went to the washroom. when i returned bak to my seat, i asked this young man if in case he heard my name called---when he replied to me, it was very uncomprehensible. so i asked if he does not speak english at all. the mother answered for him and told me i was not yet called and her son has speech impediment. he was hit by an 18 wheeler while on a motorcyle. he lost the ability to movd his right side and the speech was impaired.the legs has hard plastic casing and he walks with a stick. a very young man of 22 years of age, comes from Yugoslavia. he wanted to talk but is really having a hard time. i remember my own son who is also turning 23 years old this year.

this young man is so loving when he talks--one could feel the kindness and compassion from him and his mother. after i have taken the blood chemistry, while waiting for my wife who was at the other bldg of the hospital---- i saw this young man with his mother, trying to share a very small umbrella in a very cold pouring rain. they were going to the bus stand to wait for the next bus to come. there was something that told me to call for this mother and son and offer them a ride home. without me knowing where they live and how far away from my way they live.

i gave them a ride home which was at least five miles away from the hospital. during the slow drive to their home--i found out they have just been in the states for nearly three years, it was only the mother and this young man in a small apartment along Troy and Lawrence, in a predominantly mixed eastern european and hispanic commmunity. the mother is a janitor at night in an ofice so that she cud take care of her son.

they are using the govt issued medicare form. the young man is now in rehab for the past year and still has not gain his ability to walk using the right leg and right hand and the ability to speak. when i dropped them off infront of their apt bldg, as i was about to go back to the car, the mother gave me a kiss on both cheeks and the son---eastern european way. then we [arted ways.

i felt good about it. when i was inside my ENDO, i was so devastated when i found out again about my illness---but here is this young man who has more problem than me but still have the smile on his face and was very nice in his outlook in life.

is GOD saying something to me thru this young man and his Mother!!!!!
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Last Friday 05 of December, i just came home from work, it was very cold and already 3am. my eldest son came home from visiting some of his old high school classmates since it is their winter break from school. Miki told me that he will be sleeping at home and will not be going back to his apt. since the next day--- him and his brother will fly out to Milan and will go ahead of me and my wife because she still have to work for another five days before she could leave her office and we will follow the two boys to Milan.we will then be going on a long driving to the Umbrian Hills and visit Firenze, Orvieto and Sienna--then from there we will go to Rome and fly out to Charles de Gaulle and spend some time in Paris before returning back on 22 December.

My eldest son was asking me why am I back to reading and not infront of the computer, poundng it and spreading again some informations that i wanted to share to the blogging world out there. I told my boys that i am going to stop it since it looks like there are things that i have said that did not please some sections of the bloggers and things have been said and done.

My son gave me a mini lecture. he is a good boy and very mature for his age. he was telling me that i should not have engage myself in things that is Pilipino again. he was telling me that being part of a group of pinoy is dangerous for my health. i was telling him, i did not get sick with it. my son told me and explained to me what he meant when he said "it is dangerous for my health". my son has lots of bitterness and comments about being part of pinoys activities. he was telling me that he does not meant to give offense but he said , "I FIND THEM VERY RUTHLESS, OVERACTING,SO JEALOUS AND VERY VINDICTIVE". he was telling me that that is the reason also he was so happy we live in an all white community and not Pinoy on sight. my son gave many examples and incidents that have involved the pinoy community in the greater chicagoland area. so i cannot blame him for thingking that way. i have to inculcateinto the minds of my two sons THE LOVE OF THEIR HERITAGE AND THE LOVE OF THEIR RACE.
my son told me--they have not forgotten any of those reminders and preachings from me. but they also told---you have gone to so many extent and got involved on so many things helping my kababayan and yet they said,"these very pinoys that you helped and cared for are the ones who betrayed you and stab you in the back".

My son told me to go on and contineously blog. i should be happy, now that i have detached myself from any link---i will be at peace with nobody to offend and nobody to give comments that is so harsch and so full of "deceit and intrigue".he was telling me that i dont have to be conscious of anything now. i don't have any fear of offending anybody and giving people a misconception about me and what i enter in my blogspot. my son is very right--- i am now free to say anything i want cuz i know there is nobody to be offended nor there is anybody to give her mighty word of wisdom like as if she was CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN. my son told me, "You are not blogging for them --dad, you are doing this for yourself and it is making you happy". he was a very gentle son, he was telling me also "don't care if nobody sees or visit your blog---you have me, my brother and mom to visit your blog. can't that be enough?"

and so--- i was really touched with what my son told me. he was very right....i am what i am and nobody could change me and put me in their standard. we all have our own standard and our cross to bear on how we put up ourselves and bring about what and who we are. my son is also right when he told me the negative things about pinoys and involving to anything with any group of pinoys. i cud still hear the very word that my wife told me the other night, "don't let them crucify you with their controversial and harsh comments, we are what we are."

so now a NEW DAWN FOR ME. i will keep on blogging for myself. this time i know i cannot offend anybody cuz i am on my own.
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Sunday, December 07, 2003

(Response by Miram Defensor Santiago at the Funeral Mass for her son ALEXANDER ROBERT SANTIAGO, 22 at Jesu Church, Ateneo Loyola Heights, 0n 23 November 2003)

"HIS DEATH IS A TRIUMPH OF LOVE" ----by: Miriam Defensor Santiago

ALEXANDER ROBERT DEFENSOR SANTIAGO, was born 22 years ago to great rejoicing in our family, for he became our second child, where before we had only one. As a toddler, even from the beginning he proved to be meticulous, always taking care to enunciate carefully every new word. Early in his life, it became clear that he was a gentle soul, for he never raised his voice nor ever raised a hand, and wore his quiet happiness like a soft golden halo.

ALEXANDER ROBERT became known as AR. He finished grade school and high school at Claret School of Quezon City where he made numerous friends and no enemies. As a little boy, he was a champion orator. As a teenager, he learned to be a Christian gentleman whose first thought was always for others, and whose last thought at the end of the day was always of his wise and benevolent Creator. A small portait of a praying Jesus hung beside his study table.

In Ateneo, he chose to major in political science. He had grown into a softspoken, pleasant, handsome young man. I always felt so proud to go out in public with him, but not only for his good looks. His unusual humility and the gentle smile that was always playing on his lips invited the passerby to look twice at this man in the full bloom of youth, who inspired thoughts of a marvelous day and a beautiful world of loving kindness.

Life also rewarded AR. He twice won a place on the Dean's List. When I first leanred that he was receiving such high grades, I exclaimed with understandable maternal joy; but AR, smiling at my antics, placed his finger on his lips and said softly: " Mom, it's not such a big deal."

AR graduated Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and decided to go into Law. He passed the written admission tests for both UP and ATENEO. Ominously, the faculty panel in UP that conducted what should have been routine interview cut him to the quick. Questions like: "What is your reaction to the charge that your mother is insane?" and "How much does your father bet in cockfights.?" He answered politely that it is in the natue of the Philippine Politics today to deliberately inflict falsehood; and that he never knew how much his father bet, becasue as a stress- reducing hobby, it is not considered important enough for discussion in our family.

As AR struggled to keep his own native equanimity, a painful and cruel thing happened. Although he had passed the written exam, the Faculty panel voted to refuse his admission. Maybe they did not like my politics, maybe some faculty members wanted to prove that they could hurt me. Whatever their motives, their cruelty spoke for itself. And maybe eventually it led to my son's decision to seek an honourable death, in a world of incomprehensible adults who seem to thrived on hatred.

AR's father sent a dignified and courteous motion for reconsideration, but the faculty panel did not even bother to give us the courtesy of reply.

AR suffered in silence, and enrolled in Ateneo Rockwell. He loved his old and new friends in Ateneo Law School. Sometimes, he brougth them to our home, so they could study together in the basement. At the end of the semester, he buckled down and studied for the finals. The grades began to be released. In some subjects; like Labor Law, he received high grades. In Person and Family Relations, he received an unjustified low grades, in the sense that a comparison of his blue book and that of the highest student showed that they had similar answers to three questions. But whereas the highest student received full points for his answers, AR received no points at all for his answers. So, he and I started to work on a petition for change of grade.

Then last week, the professor made a late submission of grades for Constitutional Law. The professor reportedly gave many students, including AR, a failing grade. I have not seen AR'S blue book. But earlier, the same professor had filed a petition questioning the constitutionality of the impeachment process against the chief justice. On the request of media, as former professor of Constitutional Law in UP for nearly 10 years, I issued a written statement pointing out, among others, that the petitioners were not real parties in interest, and may have filed the petitions out of a desire to win appointment to the Supreme Court. I later learned that AR's professor in Constitutional Law was considered a candidate for just such an appointment. However, I might be wrong.

Every night, the moment he arrived home from school, AR would quickly bound up the steps, stride into my bedroom, sit on my bedside, chat in the ususl jocular fashion, and then kiss me goodnight. Sometimes, he would even jump on my bed and take a nap. On that occsion, he lifted me up, gave me a very tight hug, and said:

"Good-bye, Mom", I did not notice anything amiss.

The next day, AR did not go to school. Instead, in the afternoon, he took his own life. At dinnertime, when he did not appear, the maids found him in his room, lying in a pool of blood. When Jun, Archie, and I rused to his room with our hearts in our mouths, we knew he was dead. As former trial judge, I had seen too many shots of death to be wrong. I kissed him while my heart burst with grief, and all the Love in God's creation were contained in that last MOTHER's kiss to a dead child. The heroic doctors failed to revive him.

(continued on the next blog............)

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Saturday, December 06, 2003
(compilation from dictionary of quotes by: Robert Andrews)

looks like my blogspot has created quite a CONTROVERSY. well-- this is open to the public, i cannot hold grudges on anybody who wants to express themselves. i am expressive-- to the point of being CONTROVERSY in some of my comments and opinion. but to those who finds it CHALLENGING, OFFENSIVE, and NOT THEIR CUP OF TEA.........


CONTROVERSY accdg to Webster is: "a dispute between sides holding opposing views".
from the Latin word CONTRA + versus or in Latin again VERTERE, to "TURN".

1. "When a thing ceases to be a subject of CONTROVERSY, it ceases to be a subject of INTEREST". (William Hazlitt, english essayist.)

2. "When a subjecxt is highly CONTROVERSIAL...one cannot hope to tell the TRUTH. One can only show how one came to hold whatever OPINION one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own CONCLUSIONS as they observe the LIMITATIONS, the PREJUDICES, the IDIOSYNCRACIES of the SPEAKER". (Virginia Wolfe, english essayist)

so after reading some of the comments in my blog....i continued to read some of the quotes in my library.....

3. " I had a MONUMENTAL IDEA this morning, but I did'nt like it." (Samuel Goldwyn, american film producer)

4. " When YOU DONOT KNOW WHAT you are DOING and what YOU ARE DOING IS THE BEST------- then that is INSPIRATION". (Robert Bresson, French film director)

5. " WRITE while the HEAT is in you....The writer who POSTPONES the recording of his THOUGHTS uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with. He cannot INFLAME the MINDS of his audience". (Henry David Thoreau, u.s. philosopher)
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Friday, December 05, 2003

Last 04 Decmber, i was called by the Pres. of the association of ex-priest and ex-seminarians of greater chicago land area , and told me they have a young graduate from the Phils. on a tourist visa staying at the their central house. They were asking me if i cud help the youg man get a sponsorship in an architectural firm in Chicago. They said my sister in law might be able to help sponsor this young man since my sister in law is a licensed architect in the U.S. and has her own architectural firm/office.

So now-- this young man is now my house guest, enjoying his first taste of snow and was amazed on how the snow blower works. he was telling me that he comes from a big family from Iloilo-- a family of eight, him being the eldest and the mother the sole breadwinner of the family. the young man was on a scholarship grant at UST and is really very talented.

Since i have rooms to spare in my house--being my eldest son already has his own apartment and the youngest son of mine is at the basement and i still have three more spare bedrooms upstairs. the young man is my house guest until Feb'04. he is on tourist visa that will expire this Feb. 04.

My sister in law said she cannot accomodate this young man at her office cuz she still have a pending sponsorship for two architectural graduate from the Phils. from her alma mater.

I am sending this info to you---THINKING YOU MIGHT WANT TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, when you commented my blog 02 Dec about a KABABAYAN who needed help (my blog: Believe It or Not).

If you're interested--- just send me an email, with your address---- then i will give a free airticket to this young man from my benefit/priviledge from the airline where i work and send him to you. If you cannot-- its alright with me, I still have other ways to help.

I was thinking you might want to experience the thrill of helping an UNFORTUNATE KABABAYAN!

Thank you in anticipation.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

i would like to offer these quotes that i have gathered from my wonderful world of quotations to a SPECIAL WOMAN!!! I HOPE SHE READS ALL OF THESE QUOTE.

" I have always found women DIFFICULT, i don't really UNDERSTAND THEM. To begin with, FEW WOMEN TELL THE TRUTH."(Dame Barbara Cartland, british novelist)

"All WICKEDNESS is but little to the wickedness of a WOMAN" (Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus )

"A woman, especially, if she have the misfortune of knowing anything, SHOULD CONCEAL IT AS WELL AS SHE CAN". (Jane Austen, english novelist)


" A woman cannot do the thng she ought, Which means whatever perfect thing she can, In life, in art, in science, but she fears To let the perfect action take her part And rest there: she must prove what she can do Vefore she does it, ---prate of woman's rights, Of a woman's mission, woman's function, till The men(who ae prating, too, on their side) cry," A WOMAN'S FUNCTIONS PLAINLY IS...TO TALK",poor souls, they are very reasonably VEXED" (Elizabeth Barrett Browning, english poet)

"Women hate everything which strips off the tinsel of sentiment, and they are right, or it would rob them of their weapons." (Lord Byron, english poet)

"All observations point to the fact that the intellectual woman is masculinized; in her, warm, intuitive knowledge has yielded to cold unproductive thinking". (Helen Deutsch, psychiatrist)

" Impenetrable in their dissimulations, cruel in their vengeance, tenacious in their purposes, unscrupulous as to their methods, animated by profound and hidden hatred"
(Denis Diderot, french philosopher)

" There are only three things to be done with a WOMAN, You can love her, suffer for her, or TURN HER INTO LITERATURE." (Lawrence Durrell, british author)

" The great question that has never been answered, and which i have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminie soul, is"WHAT DOES A WOMAN WANT?"( Sigmund Freud, austrian psychiatrist)

(George Meredith ,english author)


"MOST WOMEN HAVE NO CHARACTER AT ALL". (Alexander Pope, english poet)
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"Opinions have vested interests just as men have. " (Samuel Butlek, english author)

"Opinions are made to be changed--- or how is truth to be got at?" (Lord Byron, english poet)

"It rarely adds anything to say, "In my opinion"--- not even modesty. Naturally a sentence is only your opinion; and you are not the Pope". (Paul Goodman, u.s. poet/author)

"The more opinions you have, the less you see". (Wim Winders, german filmaker)

"New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are already common." (John Locke, english philosopher)

'It takes a deep rooted opinion to survive unexpressed". (Jean Rostand, french writer)

"Before you advise anyone, "BE YOURSELF"!!! reassess your character first" ( from an anonymous 2oth cent publications of Dictionary of Quotations)

"The wheel that squeaks the loudest-- Is the one that gets the grease". (Josh Billings, u.s. humorist)

"The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none". (Thomas Carlyle, scottish essayist)

"Usually we praise only to be praised". (Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld, french novelist)

"A character is like an acrostic or Alexandrian stanza;-- read forward, backward, or across, it still spells the same thing." (Ralph Waldo Emerson, u.s. essayist)

"A technical objection or criticism is the first refuge of a scoundrel". (Heywood Brown, u.s.novelist)

"Cowardice and courage are never without a measure of affections. Nor is Love. Feelings are never true.They play with their mirriors". (Jean Baudrillard, french smiologists)

"Feeling without judgement is awashy draught indeed; but judgement by feeling is too bitter and husky a morsel of human deglutition" (Charlotte Bronte, english novelist)

"To have in general but little feeling, seems to be the only security against feeling too much on any particular occasion."(George Elliott, english novelist)

"Individuality is founded in feeling; and the recesses of feeling, the darker, blinder strata of character, are the only places in the world in which we catch real fact in the making, and directly perceive how events happen, and how work is actually done." (William James,u.s psychologists)

"The perplexity of life arises from there being too many interesting things in it for us to be interested properly in any of them".(G.K. Chesterton, english author)

"I respect only those who resist me; but I cannot tolerate them". (Charles De Gaulle , french prime minister)
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Tuesday, December 02, 2003




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(same author from previous compilations)

Odd Jobs of Celebrities:

1. Warren Beatty- dishwasher and cocktail lounge waiter
2. Marlon Brando - dept store elevator oprtr(he quit after 4 days, cuz he was embarrassed having to call out "Lingerie".)

3. Danny de Vito - hairdresser in his sister's beauty salon
4. Whoopi Goldberg - applied makeup to corpses in mortuary(she said it was a great work, cuz clients never complained about how they looked)

5. Gene Hackman - ladies shoe salesman at Saks fifth ave in New York
6. Pee Wee Herman - fuller brush salesman
7. Gregory Hines - karate instructor
8. Cyndi Lauper - cleaned dog kennels
9. Steve Martin - 8 yrs at Disneyland selling Mousketeer hats and Davy crockett coonskin hats

10. Groucho Marx - cleans wig for theatrical wig maker
11. Gregory Peck - carnival barker at the world's fair and tour guide at the new york's rockefeller center

12. Telly Savalas - Peabody award winning executive with ABC news and state dept employee.

13. Sylvester Stallone - gym instructor and dorm bouncer at the girl's boarding school in switzerland

14. Brad Pitt - worked as a giant chicken in front of El Pollo Loco, fast food chain
15. Benny Hill- milkman
16. Sinead O'connor- singing kiss o gram french maid in Dublin
17. Luther Vandross - defective merchandise clerk at S & H trading stamps
18. Dan Aykroyd - wrote a manual for penitentiary guards
19. Ho Chi Minh - snow shoveler, photo retoucher, pastry chef'assistant in New York
20. Allen Ginsberg - merchant seaman, accountant
21. Ralph Lauren - salesman with Brooks Brothers
22. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - wrote for vaudaville shows
23. Agatha Christie - dispenser for a pharmacy
24. Frank Zappa - greeting card designer, encyclopia salesman
25. Sean Connery - milkman , coffin polisher
26. Jerry Hall - manure shoveler at stables
27. Danny Glover - social worker
28. Rod Stewart - grave digger
29. Elvis Costello - computer programmer
30. Joe Cocker - plumber
31. Chuck Berry - hair dresser
32. Charles Dickens - court reporter
33. Harry Truman - haberdasher
34. Lawrence Welk - farmer

Famous People who were Adopted

1. John J. Audubon, naturalist and founder of the Audubon Society
2. Richard Burton, actor
3. Peter and Kitty Carruthers, olympic figure skaters
4. Bill Clinton, u.s president
5. Ted Danson, actor
6. Gerald Ford, u.s. president
7. Scott Hamilton, olympic u.s. skater
8. Greg Louganis, olympic diver
9. Jim Palmer, baseball player
10.Nancy Reagan, actress and u.s. first lady

Shirley MacLaine's Greatest Spiritual Political Leaders

1. Anwar Sadat
2. Mohandas Gandhi
3. Martin Luther King, Jr.
4. Lech Walesa
5. Corazon Acquino
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the wind is blowing hard, i have just finished my 8hrs shift and its already 0220hrs 02dec and i want to get home immeidately. it is so damn cold. the temperature just drop agan below zero and the wind is blowing and when it hits you on the face it is just like sharp razor blades slicing thru your face. while i was seated inside my car, warming up the engine-- this pinoy from the third car from where i am--- came to me asking for help and wanted to hitch a ride cuz his battery went dead.

what do you expect from an old car. when he told me that he wanted a lift until Lake Cook rd.-- i told him its on my way and since i was trying to help a KABABAYAN, i gave him a ride until the exit of where he was going.

so-- we are inside the illinois toll way system. listening to the songs of JOSH GROBAN, suddenly this pinoy said he needs to relieve himself. so i asked him if he was joking--he said no. then i found out he just migrated last spring and this is his 4th month of training with my airline's north american division. i told him to use the empty water bottle cuz it is so cold outside and there is no way he cud pee pee with this kind of weather. but he insisted. SINO AKO TO ARGUE WITH THIS NEW COMER.

then he stepped out of the car where i parked along the curve on a dark area so that if a car passes by he cannot be seen easily, then when this STUPID ASS, return to the car-- his fly is open-- his PENIS that is already too small to notice is still clinging outside the open zip pants. so i asked him to get inside immediately cuz it is so cold and asked him :"WHY IS YOUR FLY OPEN AND YOUR DICK STICKING OUT" and he told me "MANONG HINDI KO MAIPASOK"..i thought this guy was joking. so i turn on the light inside the car---this guy's DICK is semi frozen. so i told him to rub both his hands and reach into the heater at the dash board and rub his SHAFT to make the blood run to it again. then the GAGO'S hand is also semi frozen. so i told him :"I WILL NOT RUB YOUR DICK YOU DUMB ASS--- JUST STOOP A LITTLE BIT CLOSER TO THE HEATER AT THE DASHBOARD AND LET YOUR DICK WARM FROM THE HEAT VENT. "

so here we---my emergency light is blinking--then a state polic car parked behind our car with its light blinking and the officer approach me by the driver side, with his flashlight and asked me:"SIR--- IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT WITH THE TWO OF YOU"? then the patrolman beam the flash light to this pinoy and saw his dick sticking out of his pants. the polic looked at me and was about to invoked the law-- so i cut him off and asked him to give me a chance to explain. so i told the whole story. this stupid pinoy even showed the spot where he relieved himself and the police saw the DICK and the HANDS are semi frozen. he asked this pinoy if he wants to go to the hospital and the police is going to radio for an ambulance. this fear stricken pinoy said:"OFFICER PLS LET ME HANDLE THIS ON MY OWN-- NO NEED FOR AN AMBULANCE". so the police went back to his partol car. while the police was at his patrol car getting something, this pinoy told me:"MANONG-- HINDI KO SS ANG GINAGAMIT KO, NO AMBULANCE N LANG MANONG--SORRY".

when the police came back, he has a tube of some cream on his hand and gave it to me and told me to cream my hand and rub it on the DICK of this pinoy. so i told the cop:" THE HELL I WILL NOT DO SUCH THING--- I DON'T CARE IF HIS DICK FALLS OFF" you can see the smile of this police that he was trying to hide away from me. then the cop said: "YOUR BROTHER'S HANDS IS ALSO SEMI FROZEN-- ARE YOU NOT HELPING HIM?" i looked at the police with a strange look and told him :"HE IS NOT MY BROTHER -- I WAS JUST BEING NICE TO HIM. WE WORK AT THE SAME BLDG".

the police told me---"SIR-- YOU HAVE TO DO IT CUZ I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT AND BESIDES HE IS IN YOUR CAR AND HE IS NOW YOUR WARD". i can see the chuckle on the face of the police when he went back to his car and radio dispatch what is happening, while here i am with this FUCKING tube of cream in my hands-- looking at this stupid pinoy, whose name i still don't even know. so i placed some creame around his hands and told him to start rubbing his entire GENITAL REGION. after 15mins of rubbing, the STUPID ASS dick was able to regain its CONCIOUSNESS AND COLOR (if you can call that a color) the police came back and asked me if everyting is okey. so i told him :"HIS DICK IS CONCIOUS AGAIN"...the police started laughing very hard and told me he will write this in his report and nobody will believe him about this at the headquarters. so sarcastically i asked him;" DO YOU WANT ME TO AUTHOGRAOH YOUR REPORT"... then the cop left--wave his hand and gave me a smiling salute.

i ended up driving this stupid ass hole all the way to his house.
HIS NAME IS CRISPULO VENERACION and an illegal pinoy. i told him to be careful next time and be careful with the identity that he is using cuz if he gets caught--- that will be the end of him. i told him that what he did is a federal offense. i dont even know if the name that he is using is his real name--since he is using somebody else SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

the moral of the story.."KEEP YOUR DICK WHERE IT BELONGS"

i swear this is true story--- i will even give you the name of the Illinois state police.
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Monday, December 01, 2003

Famous Men known for their Mother's Maiden Names:

1. Charlton Charlton (Heston)
2. Buster Cutler (Keaton)
3. Bill Dwire (Clinton)
4. Paul Fetzer (Newman)
5. Frank Garaventi (Sinatra)
6. Johnny Hook (Carson)
7. Orson Ives (Wells)
8. Arnold Jedrny (Schwarzenegger)
9. Sylvester Labofish (Stallone)
10.Anthony Oaxaca (Quinn)
11.Michael Scruse (Jackson)
12.Mick Scutts (Jagger)
13.MIke Smith (Tyson)
14.Rip Spacek (Torn)
15.Perry Travaglini (Como)
16.Martin Luther Williams (King)
17.Bruce Zirilli (Springsteen)
18.Zuchowski (Liberace)

People Better Known by Their Middle Names:

1. Maria Aquino , President of the Phils. (Corazon)
2. Daniel Armstrong , jazz musician (Louis)
3. Ruth Davis, Actress (Bette)
4. Dorothy Dunaway , actress (Faye)
5. Paul Goebbels, Nazi German (Joseph)
6. Richard Hess, Nazi German (Rudolf)
7. James McCartney,snger/songwriter (Paul)
8. James Quayle, u.s. Vice Pres. (Dan)
9. Marie Warwick,singer (Dionne)
10.Samuel Wilder, singer (Billy)
11.Marie Winger, actress (Debra)
12.Howard Williams,singer (Andy)

Afflictions and Illnesses and their Patrons:

1. Cancer - St. Peregrine Laziosi
2. Epilepsy - St. Vitus
3. Hemorrhoids - St. Fiacre
4. Venereal Disease - St. Fiacre
5. Mental Illness - St. Dympha
6. Paralysis - St Giles
7. Rabies - St. Hubert
8. Skin Diseases- St. Anthony
9. Throat Infections - St. Blaise
10. Toothache - St. Apolonia

Famous People that Stutters:

1. James Earl Jones, actor
2. Bruce Willis, actor
3. Erasmus Darwin, 18th cent physician and grandfather of Charles Darwin
4. Charles I, King of Ebgland
5. Charles Darwin, Naturalist
6. Ben Johnson, runner
7. Winston Churchill, statesman
8. King Gerge VI, King of England
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