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Friday, April 30, 2004
by: Dr. Miriam Stoppard


There's probably no single mechanism to aging. In fact, one scientist listed nearly 300 different theories. It follows that there can be no single gene responsible for aging. In fact we have no death genes. Aging is NOT inevitable. We are not programmed to die. We can lengthen or shorten our lives by how we live..

That's because longevity lies more in your hands thn it does your genes. You're in teh driver's seat when it comes to setting the limit on your own mortality.


But if lifestayle is so important, what's the best lifestyle? We can learn from looking at the Okinawan people, who live on a chain of islands stretching from Japan to Taiwan. The 1.3 millions inhabitants have the longest life expectancy on the planet, with four times as many centenarians as western countries and their lifestyles holds many clue to long life. People in Okinawa still show signs of age of course, but they're better at curtailing the classic life-threatening symptoms of old age. So, for instance, heart problems and strokes are virtually unknown and hormone linked cancers are much rather rarer that in the west.

The reason we know that genes arent' so crucial is that Okinawans who migrate to the West and take up the western lifestyle lose their knack for living a long time.


** Okinawan don't drink alcohol of smoke.

** Okinawan eat little meat. three quarters of their food comes from plants, with a lot of fruits, vegetables and fiber. we're encouraged to eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day -- with rice and bean sprouts they eatr wee over ten.

** They eat little fat and refined sugars.

** HAThey practice a cultural habit called HARA HACHI BU- they stop eating at the very first hint of fullness. this means they eat 20 percent less food than we do or 400-500 fewer calories per day.

** Most Okinawans are not sedentary. they dance, walk, do gardening or engage in gentle martial arts.

** Okinawans don't turn to alcohol or antidepressants. to combat stress and anxiety they meditate and lean on the strong family and community support they've evoled.

** It's difficult to prove, but studies suggest that optmists tend to outlive pessimists and religious types outlive the atheists. the spiritual life pomotes long life, but then so does a willful, cantankerous frame of mind.

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Thursday, April 29, 2004
LOGGING IN TOUCH by: Carlos Miguel Perez
(abstracted from Pilipinas 2.0 magazine)

The blog is among the most important ways of online communication today. The most common form is a journal of thoughts and opinions on personal life, called "personal blogs." Others cite and link to other sites, offering their opinion. Essayists find the blog format convenient for self-publishing their work.

Some blog writers - bloggers- write for themselves. Many of them prefer to remain anonymous, and invent psuedonyms as their online indentity. Some want visitors to leave comments and insights, while others prefer one-way publishing without interaction. Many write for communities, either real life family or friends, or for people met online

The earliest Philippine blogs date back to around 2000, the time when blogging emerged as the mainstream in US internet culture. While the more sophisticated bloggers use custom blogging setups and their own software that allows them to get up and running in a few minutes. The few steps it takes often leads to a long lasting habit.

People used to keeping handwritten journals move easily to blogs. Many pour out their thoguhts in a stream of consciousness, unmindful of who is reading or what other would think. Even more people read silently, a passive audience of those who share their thoughts to the world. When the readers wish to make contact, they start by leaving comments. They often move on to starting their own blogs, letting them continue the discussion in their own space. Blogging is contagious.

Those more inclined with art designs and tinkering with web toys make their blogs an exercise in home page improvement. Many consider the personal blogs to be the functional heir of the personal web pages that swept the web in the mid 90's craze. With their titles, themes and taglines, blog act as an online extension of ones public persona. People without regular websites post their blog address as their home page. Unlike the mid 90's homepage which was a demonstration of function over form. Building blogs emphasizes clean writing over flashy graphics.

This online personal may take up issues. Many pinoy bloggers write less about themselves and more about the issues that affect them. They are a mirror of society, technology and whatever takes up their thinking time. Blogs allow them to send their message to an audience of interested people. Online forums used to be the main venue for this, but the blogging medium gives more power to the opinion maker.

Blogs are a soapbox where their owners have the right to speak, forums on the other hand try to make their members equal.
Some bloggers write about issues, others have issues. Controversies are not unknown in the blogging world. The anonymity of blogging frees one to have less restraint in showing their opinions. Real world events can catalyze the community into taking one stand or another. A recent incident are recorded on a blog while the reactions to this real life event echoed across different people's pages.

Further Reading (still from the article of Mr. Carlos Miguel Paraz:)
for history of blogs, see http://www.rebeccablood.net/essay/weblog_history.html
for strong opinon againts blogs, see

(there are still some more, but i only copied what i think is very good and very well to the point and i like the article of Mr.Carlos Miguel Paraz, so i decided to put it on my blog )
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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
abstracted from Pilipinas2.0 Magazine)


They are mistaken in what they are doing to me. Baka sila ang hindi sisikatan ng araw.....Ang lawin na ito ay lilipad mula Mariveles hanggang Malacanang.....Hindi na shooting ito, totoo na ito.(Fernando Poe Jr. in a campaign speech in Mariveles, Bataan)

Elements of atoms put together will come out into an atomic bomb.
(Joey Marquez stressing his present chemisty with Kris Aquino)

The forthcoming elections will put into the test the resiliency of the country's economic fundamentals. It is not far fetched to speculate that the Philippine Peso will further roll up from Pesos 60 to Pesos 65 against the US dollar a few months after the elctoral exercise.
(Emmanuel Lopez, UST Social Research Center on the economic implications of the 2004 election)

Fernando Poe, Jr. may self-destruct if he remains silent about his program of government.
(Presidential candidate Raul Roco on Fernando Poe Jr's silence on his platform of government)

We will defy the surveys. We will not only win the election but win it big. That's not a threat, it's a promise.
(Sen. Panfilo Lacson on his chance of winning the presidentail elections)

The Solid North put somebody from the North in Malacanang. Before it was Ferdinand, now it is Fernando. Our opponent then was Macapagal (Diosdado), now it is another Macapagal (Gloria)
(Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile speaking reminding people in Baguio how the Solid North pushed Marcos to the presidency in the 1960's)

I am looking for one who can remove my job jitters. I am afraid I won't be employed after my graduation a year from now. Otherwise, I'll leave the country and work abroad, like everybody else.
( Karlo Rafada, a computer student at Polytechnic University of the Philipines)

Historically, women have more control of their fortitude and their character than men. Women were more trustworthy except the one who calls herself President.
(Presidentail candidate Raul Roco stressing his point why at least half of his cabinet if elected will be women)


Raul Roco
age:63 birthplace: Naga City
Political Party: Aksyon Demokratico

Educational Background:
* Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts in English , San Beda College
* Abbott Awardee for Overall Excellence, BA Law, San Beda College
* UNiv Fellow - Masters of Comparative Law, Univ of Penn
* Wharton school for Multinational Studies
* Conferred with seven Honorary Doctoral Degress from vaious Universities

Bro. Eddie Villanueva

58 years old
Bangon Pilipinas

Educational Background
* Managers course UP Institute for Small Scale Industries
* College of Law (under Bar) UP Diliman
* AB commerce, PCC

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Age 57 Birthplace: Lubao, Pampanga
Political Party : Lakas NUCD

Educational Background
* Valedictorian, High School, Assumption College
* Deans List for 2 years of College at Georgetown Univeristy
* Magna Cum Laude AB Economics, Assumption College
* MA in Economics, Ateneo de Manila
* Ph D in Economics UP

Panfilo Morena A. Lacson
age: 56 BirthPlace: Imus/Cavite
Political Party: LDP Aquino wing

Educational Background
* BS Engineering Lyceum of the Philippines
* BS PMA (Phil. Military Academy)
* MA in Govt Management (Pamantasan ng Lungsond ng Maynila)

Fernando Poe, Jr.
age: 64 BirthPlace: Pangasinan
Politcal Party: LDP Angara wing Coalition KNP

Educational Background
* High School UNFINISHED
the following leads the list of presidentail candidates that were disqualified by the Commission on Elections(COMELEC) for lacking in financial means and credibility to run a nationwide campaign. Under Sec 69 of the Omnibus Election Code, COMELEC may outright or upon verified petition of an interestedparty, refuse to give, due course to or cancel a certificate of candidacy if it is shwon that the certificate has been filed to put the elction process in mockery or disripute or cause confusion among the voters by the similarity of names of the registered candidates and thus prevent a faithful determination of the true will of the electorate.

1. PAULINO CORPUS - believes he should be president. the 44 year old pedicab driver said,"I no longer trust the present leadership because it is no longer capable. the fact that i don't have money means that i am more serious in running. i will focus my effot in running this country."

2. RIGOBERTA MADERA, JR.-56 listed "Messiah" as his occupation. he signed with his "real name" Nanjnaan Nallalasnkeyigodn Narmannahaisn, or NNN for short. he claims to be a 6 star general "ace diamond commander in chief" presumably, if elected he would assume this persona to serve out his presidential term.

3.SALVE RUIZ-BUSH 47, claimed that George W. Bush persuaded her to run for president of the Philippines. she also claimed the GW Bush is his fiance.

4. GERMAN VALLADAREZ 61, boasted an ingenious plan for abolishing poverty. he would replace the phil. peso with the US dollar. and just to be sure that everyonw was affluent, he would give one million pesos each(to be converted into dollars) to the unemployed as gratuity and one million pesos to the employed as a bonus every eyar, plus free electricvity and water.he also found a way to reincorporate the communist and the islamic rebels. he would allow each insurgency cotrol of the military and the police one day every week.

5. LUISITO BACANIwanted to abolish congress

6. PHILIP MORRIS SAMSONclaimes to be a prophet with a masters degree from the "School Career College of Mystery".

7. FERDINAND EMMANUEL MARCOS, JR.proclaimed himself ruler of the "H" World Piunfeo"

8. ANDRES UGBOC humbly gave his occupation as "natural born construction employee"

9. ALFREDO ANANAYO 56, occupation listed as a security guard, gave his nickname as "the son of God" and promised to turn the Phils. into the 2nd Jerusalem usign the contents of the bible as his platform of govt.


What is Philippine Election?
It begins when the country's brightest and most highly qualified inhabitants, the young, the dynamic professionals, who have the potential to become good leaders, come together and examine the country's problems.

What happen next?
they decided to emigrate.

And after that?
another group of bright people get together.

What do they do?
They also emigrate.

How important are elected officials to the Phils.?
nobody's been able to figure out an answer to that one.

What's at stake in the Phil. election?
prizes and surprises.millions in cash, dream houses, the vacation of your choice, fun for the entire family. and this is from the politicans point of view.

How many positions are waiting to be filled in the coming elections?
about 17,000 public offices and a still undetermined number of graves.

What kind of candidates have the most chances of winning?
artist who have the confidence of the people.

Explain what this years presidential is all about?
did you hear the one about the Murderer, the Thief, the Incompetent and the Idiot!

Why is the church so closely involved in elections?
they're also interested in studying the miracles. alsom preists are needed to administer the last sacrmanets to all the people who're killed.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
(from the book "Explainer" by Slate Magazine)


during the queen mum's funeral last april 2002, many of the royals donned full military uniforms. Prince Charles wore the dress uniform of a rear admiral, Prince Andrew, the uniform of a royal naval commander, and even Princess Anee, the torusers of a rear admiral.

frequently, the royals earn their uniforms the hard way. both Prince Charles and Andrew, for example had long careers in the military. Prince Andrew retired from active service in 2001 after serving as an officer in the royal navy for over 20 years, earning the title of commander in the process. Prince Charles served as an air vice marshall in the royal air force and rear admiral in the navivy, retiring in 1976 after 7 years of service. other times, the royals collects uniforms as HONORIFICS. Princess Anne did not serve in the military, but she can wear the trousers cuz she is the honorary rear admiral.

customs holds that those royals who don't hold a military ranks, wear standard mourning garb at state funerals.
Prince Edward who only served briefly in the military and holds no important honorary ranks, was wearing a long black morning coat to his grandmother's funeral.

Princess Anne has made a feminist gesture, when she became the first royal to wear the military uniform in public, since Queen Elizabeth I in 1588, when she was traying to rally the troops against the war with Spain and she was wearing a suit of armor.


during their killing spree in 2002, the DC snipers left a tarot card inscribed with "Dear Policeman, I am God", near the scene of one of the shooting.

Tarot cards likely originated in northern Italy, during the late 14th or 15th century. the oldest surviving set, known as the VISCONTI-SFORZA DECK., which was created by the Duke of MIlan's family around 1440. the cards were used to play a bridge like game known as Tarocchi, a popular at the time among nobles and other leisure lovers. the tarot cars fanciful images were inspired by the costumed figures who participated in carnival parades.

the game Tarrochi, eventually spread in other European countries, including france where it was renamed TAROT. the cards was not considered mytical until the late 18th century, when the occult came into vogue. a man named Antoine Court de Gebelinwrote a popular book linking the cards to ancient Egyptian lore, arguing that the Tarot symbols contains the wisdom fo a god called Thoth.

French writer Eliphas Levi popularized the notion that the Tarot symbols where somehow connected tot he Hebrewq Alphabet and thus the Jewish mystical traditions called Kabala.(which is now being practiced by MADONNA) tarot cards was brought to america by the Theosophical Society and the Rosecrucians. in 1900s.

BUKAS NAMAN... I AM SO SLEEPY. 3am na and still so cold and freezing inside my house. i have already turned off my heat cuz it is already spring time, but the temp dropped and so the whole house is so cold.
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Monday, April 26, 2004
(abstracted from an article by:Bruce Feiler)

while Iraq is having lots of turmoil and the ongoing unrest while the americans and the coalition forces are there, i came across an article telling stories about the many sites in Iraq that has been part of history and that of the Bible. this is the land where the apostles and the great monuments in hsitory are situated and located. the greatest rivers that is always mentioned in the bible is here---the TIGRIS and EUPHRATES rivers.

Iraq is home to the most important sites mentioned in the bible.

** the great Babylon is here, which is the home of the first complete lelag text which is still part of the study of law, aside from Lex Romana. the CODE OF HAMMURABI was in Babylon.several hours north, is the crown jewel of Iraq sites, which is Babylon. home the world's most complete legal text ad the Code of Hammurabi, and also to one of the wonders of the world, which is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.in 586 B.C.E. Nebuchadnezzar burned Jerusalem and exiled the Israelites to this city also.

** the great gate of Ishtar, in Baylon is still standing here. the ruins stands and spands itself in a 30 acres area.

** the great Tower of Babel was also here, in this very land.

** a few hours west from Qurnah is the city of Nasiriyah, a dusty roads with little water and streets dank with poverty. a narrow road leads to the ruins of the ancient city of UR, the birthplace of the recorded thoughts. the site announces the city of Ziggurat, a pyramid built to the sky, which was built by the Sumerians in 2013 B.C.E.out of clay and baked bricks. but UR is also the place where Abraham lived, as suggested by the book of the Genesis.

**the Tigris and Euphrates rives are two great double highways of antiquity. this begin in Turkey, pass through Syria, then sprint through Iraq . around 10,000 years ago, the earliest civilizations tames these rivers and invented agriculture.this origin stories suggest that the world was created as land arose from these waters. Genesis also suggest this idea with earth emerging from watery chaos. this was believed to be the Garden of Eden.

(during the regime of Saddam Hussein, he drained the marshes to penalize his Shia rivals and to prevent deserters from hiding here during his many wars. he destroyed 350,000 lives by drainign the marshes in this area)

Babylon was built by Saddam Husein like six flaggs great america team parks, over Hammurabi there are canals, picnic grounds ift shops and plastic trinkets. also above the ruins of Babylon, SaddamHussein built his marble palace. this is supposed to be the Cradle of Civilization, but the ruins is so devastating, that the archeologist and historians are asking help to protect and preserve the sites.

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Saturday, April 24, 2004
(by Wendy Bristow)

Vive la Difference!

no two human beings will be exactly alike. so, when two individuals get togehter and decide to entwine their lives, they are bound to come up against differences. such as: He's a party animal and invites friends over all the time, but she can tolerate only so much human contact before she needs to crawl into a corner with a book. or , she needs clean sheets every day but he could sleep in a pit. DIFFERNCES are just that---. it doesnt mean the other one is right and the other one is wrong. there is a magic key to living your DIFFERENCES----COMMUNICATE. if you talk about the things that both of you likes and dislikes, your wants and your needs, you can understand with them and work with them, not against them.

Think before you speak

something that helps enormously in any relationships is the art of reflecting: that is, reflecting on your behaviour and pondering your other halfs. REFLECTING means thinking about what you do and why you do it, and the first rule of REFLECTING is that you know how to take responsibility. BLAME keeps us stuck--- and robs us of possibility of change. once you're aware of what you're doing and how you're behaving, you can choose to make changes if you like. but if you're not aware, you'r on autopilot and nothing will ever alter.

Speak Up!

when you withold information, its because you're afraid, like as if she or he won't love me anymore, or if she or he knows i've made a mistake and am therefore not perfect. LOVE IS EDUCATING THE OTHER PERSON AS TO WHO YOU ARE. intimacy works both ways, and you're never going to be loved for your real imperfect self if you're holding soemthing back. if you think you are holding, try to releasing tiny, bit by bit. if you think your partner is holding back, don't nag. use lots of reassurances and lead by example.

Sack the Private Eye

don't expect your partner to play detective. the "if you loved me, you'd understand me without my having to tell you what's going on".it's a game anxious people play to test their partners. but partners get confused , angry or just plain bored with it.

Sweat the Big Stuff up Front

discuss about marriage, it you are not yet married, or children, if you still dont have children and also money matters. have a serious discussion about those topics.


know that you cannot change another person. you can, however change your own behaviour and when you do, the dynamics alter. DETACHING---- taking the focus off trying to change your partner and working your own options for living with the situation--- always improves things.

Take out the Bad Words

be careful not to use any superior sounding words or statements. eliminate the words "always" and "never" from your vocabulary, and throw out "should". its best to say:"i'd like to take this ---- or i'd like to do this". in psychology known as "transactional analysis" the word "you should have....." is known as "cirtical parent".

Don't Assume

one of the biggest mistakes we make in any communication, whether with our partner or our assitant who got the order of the sandwich wrong is to assume. it's better to ask lots of questions that to make lots of assumpations. remember that assumptions easily turn into accusations and certainly create mistunderstandings.


sarcasm, interrupting or belittling your aprtner especially in public or in private placxes, shouting and obviously any form of violence are most defintiely out if you want to live happily ever after.


does your partner criticize you in public? does he or she says things in private that you'd never put up with from someone else?if he/she says somethings that are unacceptable, make it clear you're not buying it or standing for it.Criticism works on a relationshop like a rust on a car. it erodes love and trust and all those good things until the whole things falls apart and you dont want it.

The Key to Happiness

the CRUX to dealing with conflict---- and future happiness---- is RESOLVE the anger. all the experts agree that couples get in trouble when they have the same old argument over and over and nothing ever changes. you need to negotiate and agree on a course of action that will ensure the problem won't arise again or that will make you deal with it differently. tha't how the problems gets resolve.
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Thursday, April 22, 2004
abstracted from the book of Dr. Richard Heyman, Ed. D.

Here are some tips in disciplining your 16 to 18 years old boys:

** you and your boy sit down and create the rules that he needs to follow. they should cover things like school, grades, homework, money given and money earned, jobs around the house, curfews, politeness in the family and to others, bedtime, getting up on time, food, loud music, behaviour that disturbs others, respect for property, tidiness around the house and his bedroom.

** make it clear that you won't bail your boy out of trouble right away. if he breaks the rules, he's going to suffer some of the consequences.

** you and your boy should both agree that you don't expect him to be perfect. on one's perfect. he's entitled tomake mistakes. the important thing is for him to learn from those mistakes.

** show your boy you applaud him when he shows good discipline. reward him verbally and perhaps with some tangible token of appreciation like giving him a small gift or something that he needs.

** work with your boy to make the punishment fit the crime. when he breaks a rule you have jointly created he should know more or less what the consequences are and they should follow immediately.

** finally, be a model of good self-discipline for your boy. show him that you too have rules you need to follow. be honest with im when you break them and show him you hae faced the consequences.


** the only safe sex is no sex at all.

** if this is unrealistic, then sex must be protected sex.

** AIDS is one of the most serious diseases that can result from unprotected sex.

** discuss other transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts, herpes and hepatitis B and C.

** masturbation is a safe substitute for intercourse.

** latex condoms are the best protection agains pregnancy and disease during sex but they are not 100 percent effective.


don't pretend your boy does not want sex. dont say things such as:- -

- - don't come to me if anything goes wrong.
- - you know i don't approve sex before marriage, so dont tell me things i don't want to hear.


* aid's is gods punishment.

* you're a sinner.

* no contraception, its your fault.

* abstinence is the only way.

* don't come crying to me.

* you get what you deserve.

* you're an evil boy.

* you'll regret this.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

this president is doing everything to get re-elected again. his recent primetime tv coverage made him look like a fool. he was not able to answer directly practicallly all the questions of the media people, goes out of the topic, he was stammering and having a hard time trying to ad lib his answers.... in short he made a fool of himself.

this president is ANTI LABOR. he said he wanted to give tax breaks to working people, but instead he just enriched the rich people like him. he gave plenty of excuses to go deeper into the war of iraq. our soldiers are dying everyday, and he still believes that there are weapons of mass destruction. there were lots of indications and info on the forth coming doom that will befall this country and yet he ignored it to the point of the inevitable september 11. trillions of dollars are now being spent on this war of this man.....my grandchildren and their children will be the ones to pay for this war. where will it lead the country?

he flies to different places of the country using AIR FORCE ONE, saying these are official visits and then he will start campaigning. he has an entourage of 21 who are called CLUB 21. they paved the way for this president for his fund raising. jobs that are supposed to be in the states are contineously being sent and going to other countries of the world. millions of people are unemployed and he kept on saying that the economy is growing, plenty of manufacturing jobs are created and been filled--- but he just changed the term. the jobs he was referring are the jobs at macdonald and other hamburger and fast food chain.

how will i trust this president when he does not know where to bring this country.

ANYBODY WHO READS MY BLOG...... WHY DONT YOU VISIT www.moveon.org and see what is this man doing to this nation.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
by Fr. James Reuter, SJ.

By her own admission, GMA rightfully assessed that "over the last decades, our republic has become one of the weakest, steadily left behind by its more progressive neighbors." forty yeas ago, we were only second to Japan in economic stature, and way ahead of Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and Thailand. Today, at our resent growth rate, it will take us 30 years to get where Thailand is today.

1). a population of 160 million;
2). of those, 70 to 90 million (equivalent to our current population) will live below the poverty line.;
3). our national debt is estimated to be at usd200B (compared to usd28B when Marcos fled and usd53B today);
4.) we will be competing, not against Thailand or even Vietnam, but against Bangladesh;
5). we will be the most corrupt nation in Asia, if not in the world (we're already ranked 11th most corrupt nation by Transparency International)

The signs are clear. our nation is headed towards an irreversible path to economic decline and moral decadence. It is not for lack of effort. We've seen many men and women of integrity in and out of our government, NGO's church groups, people's organization devote themselves to the task of nation building, often times against insurmountable odds. But not even two people's revolutions, bloodless as they maybe, have made a dent in reversing this trend. At best, we have moved one step forward, but three steps backward. We need a force far greater than our collective effots, as a people, we can hope to muster. It is time to move the battle to the spiritual realm. It's time to claim GOD'S promise of healing of the land for His people. It's time to gather GOD'S people on its knees to pray for the economic recovery and moral reformation of our nation.

Is prayer really the answer? Before you dismiss this as just another rambling of a religious fanatic, I'd like you to consider some lesson we can glean from history. England's ascendacy to world power was preceded by the Reformation, a spiritual revival fuelled by intense prayers. The early American settlers built the foundation that would make it the most powerful nation today - a strong faith in GOD and a disciplined prayer life. Throughout its history, and most especially at its major turning points, waves of revivail and prayer movements swept across the land. In recent times, we see Korea as a nation experiencing revival and in the process producing the largest Christian church in the world today, led by Rev. Paul Yoingi Cho. No wonder it has emerged as a strong nation when other economies around it are faltering. Even from a purely secular viewpoint, it makes a lot of sense. For here there is genuine humbling and seeking of GOD through prayer, moral reformation necessarily follows. And this, in turn, will ead to general prosperity.

Yes, we believe PRAYERS can make a difference. It's our only hope.

By GOD'S grace, we may yet see a better future for our children. GOD bless and GOD save our Country (from STUPID and CORRUPT POLITICIANS)

"if my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land."
(12 chronicles 7:14)
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Monday, April 19, 2004
(communicating with boys to help
them become the best men they can be)

by: Dr. Ricahrd Heyman,ed.D

Boys and Girls: Differences that make a Difference

** boys more than gilrs, say they are less committed to school.
** boys don't read as many books as girls.
** boys writing skills are far below those of girls.
** boys don't score as well as girls on test of ability and art and music.
** boys are more likely to be ssuspended from school.
** boys are more likely to be held back in school and to drop out permanently.
** boys are four more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHA (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
** boys are three times more likely than girls to be in special education program.
** boys are more likely to be involved in crime, to drink alcohol, and to take drugs.
** boys are more successful than girls at committing suicide, even though more girls make the attempt.

** boys tend to be more aggressive than girls.
** boys tlaks late compared to girls who talk in sentences earlier.
** boys respond faster to attention demands and girls have better verbal skills.
** boys have lesser language and fine motor skills and intuition than girls.
Brain Similarities and Differences ------------------------------ Effects ----------------------
1. emotional processing area are larger 1. boys tend to be more aggressive
in males. than girls.
2. nerve bundles in central nervous system 2. girls talk in sentences earlier than
develop earlier in females. boys.
3. brain sequences that control movement 3. boys respond faster to attention
engage faster in males demands.
4. speech processing areas are more active 4. girls have better verbal skills.
in females.
5. connections between brain parts stronger 5. girls have better language and
in females. fine motor skills, more intuititve.
6. estrogen, the female sex hormone that 6. girls tend to be less aggressive,
causes the female cycle and shapes female competitive, sekf assertive, self
brain present in much greater volume reliant, defense mechanisms,
in females, but also present in males. self deception and denial better
developed in females.
7. memory storage area much larger 7. girls have large memory storage
in females. capacity.
8. area controlling heartbeat, breathing 8. boys have a greater sex drive.
temperature andsexual differebences
significantly denser in males.
9. testosterone, the male sex hormone 9. boys are more agressive, self
greater presence in males than females assertive, self reliant and competitive.
10.brain area that connects thoughts and 10.girls tend to have better
language seems more active on females. communciation skills that boys.


1. LOVE your boy in every way and show it in what you say and do.

2. ACCEPT your boy for whom he is, not for whom you want him to be.

3. LISTEN to your boy whenever he tlaks, giving him your undivided attention.

4. TEACH your boy the things you know will help him become more lovingly and beloved man.

5. PRAISE your boy whenever he attempts something good, new, challenging and even if he doesn't succeed.

6. REWARD your boy for trying to do the right thing.

7. ENCOURAGE your boy to become self reliant.

8. FOLLOW wherever your boy leads you so you can be better for him.

9. LEAD your boy by setting a good example for him in every aspect of life.

10. UNDERSTAND what your boy says and does on his own terms.

11. KNOW your boy as the individual he is.

12. HUG your boy at least once every day.
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SPRINGTIME OF MY LIFE------------------------------

the weather was very nice when i left for work sunday afternoon. but when i arrived at work, there were flights that was cancelled cuz of the strong wind in chicago. the smaller airplance is having a hard time landing and taking off.
spring is here and lots of happenings again.

springtime of my life.....

so i have plug into the fon to listen to all the whinning pax of my airline, and boy they are really whining like little kids who lost their lollipops. a lot of the complainers are asking for their golf bags. the season for skis and snowboard are gone, this is the time of delayed golf bags. everybody is dying to have their golf bags for their morning tee time.

springtime of my life.....

i passed again along the way to work, to the forest preserve near the airport cuz i wanted to see again the newly born does strolling around the great des plaines river and there's lots of them grazing along the edges of the bank of the river to eat the moss, not to drink the water. they will quickly grow and become matured come winter time. they will be monitored carefully by the forest warden and will maintain their population and if they exceed the population, they will be killed and be hunted again.

springtime of my life.....

i have to pass at the Chicago Botanical Garden, which is not located in chicago.... it is located in the north suburbs of chicago where i live. it is not owned by the city of chicago, but it was named after the city. there is a garden show going own right now, and lots of garden planners and horticulturist are displaying all their talents and garden arrangements and fixtures. very beautiful to see.

springtime of my life.....

my front lawn are are covered with yellow colors of daffodils and dandelions, which i hate very much. dandelions are the enemy of all the garden lovers. i have pulled lots of them this morning and when i have rested in alittle while i will start weeding them out and start spraying my lawn. the flower boxes has to be festilized before the mums comes out and the lilies of the valley. i have to spray the three apple trees i have at the backyard cuz i wanted to have apples this year, even if there will be lots of left over cuz none of my boys wants to eat it.

springtime of my life.....

i have to place all sweaters and woolen apparrels and clothing inside the rubbermaid container/tub so that it cud be kept down at the basement for next winter months. all winter shoes has to be kept at the basement too and the summerwears has to be brought up. all the shorts pants and shirts has to be placed again in out chest of drawers and all the wool socks has to be changed with cotton socks. another cycle of clothings for the season.

springtime of my life.....

my two boys are now planning all their travel for spring and summer. these two kids of mine thinks i own the airline, well in a way i do....this is an employee own company. they want to go to this and that place. i am going to new york this friday to attend a debute of my wife's relative. contineous travel time again for the family.

springtime of my life.....-

i promise to cut down of starch for my food. during winter time i prefer to eat lots of starch like rice to warm thebody but now it has to be mostly fruits and salad and little bit of meat or else i will be in big trouble , especially red meat. i dont want my polyps to come bak and mess up my intestinal tract.



right now the wind is really blowing and i cud hear it pounding the window my my computer room.
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Sunday, April 18, 2004
(abstracted from the good book of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai)

The WORLD is full of suffering. Birth is suffering, Old Age is suffering, Sickness and Deaths are sufferings. to meet a man whom one hates is suffering, to be separated from abeloved one is suffering, to be vainly struglling to satisfy one's needs is suffering. in fact, life that is not free from desire and passion is always involved with distress.


Tje cause of human suffering is undoubtedly found in the thirsts of the physical body and in the illusions of worldly passion. if these thirsts and illusions are trace to theri sources, they are found to be rooted in the intense desires of physical instincts. thus, desire, having a strong will-to-live as its basis, seeks that whcih it feels desirable even if it is sometimes death.


if desires, which lies at the root of all human passion can be removed, then passion will die out and all human sufferings can be ended.



There are three kinds of people in the world.

the first are those who are like letters carved in the rock; they easily give way to anger and retain their angry thoughts for a long time.

the second are those who are like letters written in the sand; they give way to anger also, but their angry thoughts quickly pass away.

the third is those who are like letters written in running water; they donot retain their passing thoughts; they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass by unnotice; their minds are always pure and undisturbed.

ANGER will never disappear so long as there are thoughts of resentment in the mind.anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten.

to be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.

a disturbed mind is forever active, jumping thither and thither, and is hard to control; but a tranquil mind is peaceful; therefore, it is wise to keep the mind under control.

the one who protects his mind from greed, anger and foolishness, is the one who enjoys real and lasting peace.

an insincere and evil friend is more to be feared that a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
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Saturday, April 17, 2004
(abstracted from the book of Leo Rosten's
Giant Book of Laugher)

ALCAZAR : what the spaniards took for an upset stomach.

ADULTERY: a good many adults.

BURGLARY: a home for burglars.

BUTTRESS: a woman's butler.

EMULSION: a mixture of oil and emotion.

EPISTLE: the wife of the apostle.

ESOPHAGUS: the author of the book Aesops Fables.

FLATTERY: a collection of flats.

FEMALES: they get nervouse and jumpy during their minstrel periods.

GERMINATE: to become a German Citizen.

GIRAFFES: they are rich source of necks.

HUSBANDRY: a large numbers of husbands.

HINDUS: religious ones that wear a turbine.

INFANTRY: an arrangement of infants.

INFIDELS: they are not christians because they believe in infidelity.

ITALICS: the language spoken by ancient Italians.

MONASTERY: a multitude of monsters.

METALLURGIST: someone who is allergic to iron.

NURSERY: a school for nurses.

PAST TENSE: when you used to be nervous.

PANTRY: a collection of pants.

QUININE: a valuable medicine that comes from barking trees.

VANITY: a collection of vans.

VERSION: the mother of Jesus.

WATERLOO: how polite Englishmen refer to the toilet.


One Englishman : a bore;
Two Englishmen : a club;
Three Englishmen: an empire.

One Frenchman : a lover;
Two Frenchmen : an affair;
Three Frenchmen : a menage.

One German : a burgher;
Two Germans: a beer parlor
Three Germans : an army.

One Italian : a tenor;
Two Italians : a duet;
Three Italians : an opera.

One Japanese: a gardener;
Two Japanese: a cult;
Three Japanese : electronics.

( my original version)

One Kapangpangan : dugong aw-aw;
Two Kapangpangan : eh ka murit murit;
Three Kapangpangan : bayagan daka- mete ka.

One Ilocano : tabako;
Two Ilocano : ada ti inapoy;
Three Ilocano : marcos clan.

One Batangueno : Ala
Two Batangueno : Ala eh;
Three Batangueno : Wala eh.

One Pinoy : ulila;
Two Pinoy : barkada;
Three Pinoy : intriga.

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Friday, April 16, 2004
(abstracted from the compilations of Leo Rostens)

Religion is a thing of our own contrivance. what kind of truth is it that is true on one side of the mountain and false on the other? (Monataigne)

Religion is the heart in a heartless world. (Karl Marx)

When a man is freed of Religion, he has a better chance to live a normal and wholesome life (Sigmund Freud)

The first priest was the first knave who met the first fool. (Voltaire)

Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich .(Napoleon Bonaparte)

If men are so wicked with Religion, what would they be without it.( Benjamin Franklin)

Religion is a monumental chapter in the history of human egotism. (William James)

Religion is a mass obsessional neurosis---patently infantile...incongruent with reality.(Sigmund Freud)

There is something feeble and a little contemptible about a man who cannot face the perils of life without the help of comfortable myths in religion.(Bertrand Russell)

Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Religion is the Opium of the People.( Karl Marx)

I want nothing to do with any religion concerned with keeping the masses satisfied to live in hnger, filth and ignorance. (Jawaharlal Nehru)

We have just enough Religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love one another.(Jonathan Swift)

Religion is a noble diseas. (Heraclitus)

Religion is the vaccine of the imagination. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

There are no Sects in Geometry. (Voltaire)

All Religion are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few. (Stendhal)

The test of a good religion is whether you can joke about it. (G.K. CHESTERTON)
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Thursday, April 15, 2004
(abstracted from a medical journal)

4'11" ....... 114 or under ......... 124 - 147 ..... 148 or higher
5'0" .......118 or under ..........128 -152 ...... 153 or higher
5'1" .......122 or under ......... 132-157 ...... 158 or higher
5'2" .......126 or under ......... 136-163 ...... 164 or higher
5'3" .......130 or under ......... 141-168 ...... 169 or higher
5'4" .......134 or under ......... 145-173 ...... 174 or higher
5'5" .......138 or under ......... 150-179 ...... 180 or higher
5'6" .......142 or under ......... 155-185 ...... 186 or higher
5'7" .......146 or under ..........159-190 ...... 191 or higher
5'8" .......151 or under ..........164-196 ....... 197 or higher
5'9" .......155 or under ..........169-202 ....... 203 or higher
5'10" ........160 or under ..........174-208 ....... 209 or higher
5'11" ........165 or under ..........179-214 ....... 215 or higher
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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

i was so engrossed with my country of origin, because of the upcoming election, that i asked some info about Pinas from the UNITED NATIONS. this is what they gave me and i was so impressed:

in the year 2000, phils. has a population of 76,498,735; density of s255.0 per q.km. the UN gives a projected population for 2010 of 89million. in 2000 also, it was established by the phil.govt on overseas migration and work---that 5.5 million filipinos were living and working abroad, including 2million in the united states. as of 2000 also, there are around 850,000 pinoy working in Saudi Arabia and 620,000 in Malaysia.

in 1998, there were 1,595,257 births, 344,363 deaths. the birth rate per 1,000 population is 21.4 and a death rate of 4.8. the expection of life at birth as of 2000, was 66.3 years for males and 71.6 for females. annual population growth rate as of 2000 is 2.3 percent with an infant mortality of 31 per 1,000 live births, fertility rate is 3.5 births per woman.

the phils. is a member of UN, WTO, ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK,ASEAN, APEC, the COLOMBO PLAN and IOM.

according to the WORLD BANK ATLAS, carbon dioxide emissions in 1999 were the equivalent of 1.0 tonnes per capita. the discovery in 1997 of a gas field off the island of Palawn is expected to yield up to 73.6bn. cu.meters of natural gas. it is estimated that the reserves of approximately 960bn.cu meters are waiting to be discovered. natual gas reserves as of 1997 is 109bn. cu meters.

Labour in 2000 is totalling to a workforce of 30,911,000, of whom 27,453,000 were employed. 17,271,000 in non agricultural work. in the year 2000 also there are at least 3.5 million persons unemployed and of the same year there are 669,188 persons are working overseas.

in 1999, there were 8,647 pre-school institutions, having 3,183 private schools. in 1999 there were 9,644 school teachers and 39,011 elementary schools or which 3,394 are private with 328,517 teachers, 7,021 secondary schools wherein 1,330 priavte schools, with 108,981 teachers and 1,383 tertiary schools, of which is 1,118 private. also in the same year thee were nearly 525,000 pupils in pre-school and 12,474,000 pupils in elementary schools and 5,066,000 in secondary schools and in 2000 there are 2,347,204 students in tertiary education.

the adults literary rate in 1999 was 95.1 percent of which 95.3 percent for male and 94.9 percent among females.

in 1999 there were 1,713 hospitals of which 1,097 are privately owned hospitals, with 81,200 beds whcih is about 1.1 bed per 1,000 inhabitants. in the same year there were 1,370 dentists, 4,096 nurses and 13,275 midwives compared to 76,913 doctors in 1993.

there are nearly 1,046 cinemas in the phils with a seating capacity of 611,214, with a total of 465 full length movies were made.

in 1999 there were nearly 50,217,802 roman catholics with 3,287,355 protestants and 2,769,643 muslims and 1,590,208 aglipayans with 1,414,393 iglesia ni cristo and 323,789 born again christians and 736,239 members of other religions and 398,000 mormons registered.

in 2000 there were 3,061,400 main telephone lines or 40.0 per 1,000 inhabitants.in the same year there are 19.3 PC user for every 1000 inhabitants.in march 2001, there are 4.1 million mobile phone subscribers and approximately 2million internet users. and there are 1,948 post offices.

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this is the time of the year of this month, all americans are in a hurry to finish their income tax returns and mail it to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE(INS) before 12midnite on the 15th of april. my wife and i have already filed our income tax returns thru an accountant.

we have to pay....and pay we have already done via credit card payment so it will be faster and easier. this year and same as last year, my wife and i will have to pay uncle sam. we dont have a minor or underage children anymore and our joint income is upto so many digits and INS was not able to deduct enough on our monthly witholding taxes. so we have to pay. no deductions and no children to carry with our tax returns. both my sons have grown and have their own work.i cannot fail on the deadline-- i dont want to pay the 10pct late payment of income taxes that will be levied by INS.

i will never let the INS calls and audit me and my wife. it is like an INQUISITION--minus the burning on the stake.it does not pay to work two jobs and do overtime. every year. i told my wife not to work overtime anymore. i just want to live a simple life with simple expenses and simple earnings.

how i wish i can practice the tax payment in pinas here in the states. but i cannot---- or else i will be in big trouble. so UNCLE SAM, we did our fair share as a good citizen.so now UNCLE SAM you can rest assure that all your overseas involvement even in countries that we are not supposed to be involved into---- you now have the money to spend --------and part of it is my money.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
(abstracts from the works of Leo Rosten's)

Cynic's Dictionary:

1. Adolescent: a teenager who acts like a baby when you don't treat him like an adult.

2. Artificial Insemination: copulation without representation.

3. Bachelor:one who treats all women as sequels.

4. Courtesy:acceptable hypocrisy.

5. Eccentric: a man too rich to be called crazy.

6. Egotist:one who is more interested in himself, than in you.

7. Forger:the man who gives a check a bad name.

8. Friendship:an emotion so sweet, steady, loyal and enduring that it last an entire lifetime----unless asked to lend some money.

9. Gossip:the only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

10. Guilt:one of america's abundant resources.

11. Home:a place where you can scratch anywhere it itch.

12. Hypochondriac:one who enjoys poor health, then complains of feeling better.

13. Hypocrisy:a hypocrite is someone who ---- but who isnt'?

14. Insomia:the inability to sleep, when its time to get up.

15. Kleptomaniac:someone who can't help helping himself.

16. Marriage:marriage makes two one; but you never can tell which one is the one, or mutual partnership, if one remains mute and dumb.

17. Masochist:someone who is only happy when he is miserable.

18. Mummies:egyptian who are pressed up for time.

19. Sadist:someone who positively refuses to beat up a masochist, or some who send get well card to a hypochondriacs.

20. slander:to lie, or to tell the truth about someone.

21. Thief:a man who finds things before you loose them.

22. Yawn:a silent shout.


Cremation: " all men are cremated equal".

Sign in a funeral parlor: " Eventually Yours".

Over entrance to a Morgue : "remains to be seen".

Sign on a funeral Home: " Must you be going?, money refunded if you are not satisfied."




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Monday, April 12, 2004
(stories of saints of the same title
by:Charles Merrill Smith)

now that the Holy Days are finsihed, we are all back to normal. some of us unknowingly will commit the same sins again and some will commit the same sins all over again, knowingly. during the time of Lent i came accross a book about saints and i find it so funny and amusing, so i docuemented it in my blog.

Blessed Oliver Plunket

Oliver Plunkett was the catholic primate of Ireland in the middle of the 17th cent when Portestants were going strong . they accused him of taxing his clergy to raise an army to fight England. he was taken to London, and was hung. his last words:" it is good for me at this time to give an example to the Irish people, since i have already given them so much good advise".

there is no denying the power of personal example, but you seldom get hung just for giving good advice.

Blessed John Jones

John Jones was a Welshman who went to college in Rome and became a priest while there. when he came back to Wales, the people accused him of "being ordained abroad" and hung him.

a european education is a terrific status symbol, but the neighbors may think you are a snob.

St Catherine of Sweden

St. Catherine is a saint because she lived with her husband Count Eggard, "in continence and piety", for a while, then went home to live with her mother, St. Bridget.

many wives go home to their mother, but not all of them are saints.

St. Humbert

Humbert, who lived in teh 7th cent, became a priest at an early age, but he had to give it up when his parents died because he inherited such a large fortune that it was a full time job to look after it. however, he gave a bundle of his inheritance to the Monastery of Maroiles on the Hespres, and for this generosity he was made a saint.

if you dont have time for good works, making money is the next best thing and bestowing large cash gift could get an honorary degree back in the 7th cent and it still can.

Blessed Louise of Savoy

Blessed Louise was the daughter of Blessed Amadeus, as well as the grandaugther of Charles VII and a niece of Louis XL. she lived a happy life with her busband, Hugh of Chalons.

one can get to be a saint by suffering, self denial, rigid virtue and other streanous practices, but good connections will do just as well.

Sts. Cyriacus, Largus, Smaragdus and Sirinnius

these four noble romans were very generous in helping poor christians forced to help build the palace and the bath for emperor Diolcetian. the authorities said that this was illegal, put tme in prison and later executed them.

Charity is among the greatest of Christian virtues, but you should make sure it is tax deductible.

St. Meinhard of Swabia

st. Meinhard lived for a while on one of the peaks of Mt. Etzel, but later he went off to live in the depths of the forest of Sihl, where some bandits, who thought he had a hidden treasure , killed him.

if you act secretive, don't be surprised if people think you have a secret.

St. Dismas

Dismas was a thief, but because he happened to be hung alongside Christ and because he reprimanded the other thief ahngng with him for showing a bad disposition, he has gone down in christian history as the "good Thief" and had been a saint.

if you are a crook, sometimes it pays off to get caught, but not often.

St. Simon Stylites the Younger

St. Simon sat for 65 years on pointed rocks and worked a lot of miracles.

the example of this exceptionally holy man teaches us that sitting on pointed rocks for 65 years will surely get you a certain amount of attention, but it is a good idea to have something else for you too.

St. John before the Latin Gate

ST John of the Latin Gate was arrested by Domitian. he was brought to Rome and near the gate leading to the Latium, was tossed into a tub of boiling water. he emerged from this boiling batch without so much as a singed hair.

anyone can get into hot water. the big thing is getting out unscalded
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easter sunday came, people went to church and then went to visit relatives and friends and others went to have brunch with their families. i was at home in bed sleeping because i have to work during the Sabbath. then i still have to work on easter sunday evening because the grinding business in America does not stop even during religious holidays. no rest for the weary.

the sun was shining during easter sunday, but it was still cold. after work, at 3am already monday, i picked up my car at the parking lot---- my window is still solid ice. i still have to scrap it and warm the car for at least 5mins to remove the frost around it. while pinas is sweating with the heat and humidity, i am scraping the ice in the window of my car.

ham is on sale at all the groceries cuz people will be serving this for their easter brunch and dinner. all things that will be needed for the easter feast are on sale. i wish pinas could be like this when holidays come so that all the people who needs to buy the necessary things for the holidays could be able to buy and afford to buy it.

on the way to work, i stopped by the forest preserve near my office at the entrance of the airports noth runway . at the small rivulet i saw at least several newly born doe and they are playing with their mother. spring has really come cuz the deers have already given birth for the coming summer. the geese are frolicking also the area and some are on the stand still as usual with one leg only. birds are again up in the trees that are showing their green foliage and the magnolia tree are all abloom. i saw one buck running across the rivulet and the birds are playing in the water and the heron is on the other side of the bend. spring is here and the rites of spring has started. i wish pinas could be like this, wherein there is a sanctuary for the animals that could also be seen by us and admire their behaviour and their habitat. i was looking for the swan that always sits in the embankment of the rivulet at the forest preserve but i have not seen it yet. come next month there will be lots of people in their canoes and kayak that will pass along the rivulet towards the big des plaines river all the way to lake michigan. i kept on daydreaming if pasig river could be like this and the great laguna de bay could be cleared and be cleaned and be brought back to its pristine beauty---- my country will be a better place to live in again.

i will be going to the hardware after this, cuz i am off today and tomorrow. i have to work on the garden. my flower bed has to be prepared and i have to buy the mulches and the garden soil to enrich the plant box before the mums comes out from its winter hybernation. the apple treeS has to be pruned and fertilized, i have to remove some of the weeds on the front house planter box and cut and trim the spruce infront. i love working on the front lawn and the backyard. it gives me a peace of mind.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

i have so many things to do---spring is here. i have contacted a tree cutting service to be able prune my big maple tree infront of the house. the branches are already extending again and touching the gutters of the house. it has to be cut before the leaves comes out from the branches so that it will be less work for the cutter.

my daffodils and tulips have already came out and in full bloom. the colors of purple,red , yellow and crimson are all around the areas now. new blade of grass came out at the front lawn and the magnolia tree is showing its buds on the branches. my apple trees at the back yard has already brought forth the small buds in its branches. i dont know if i will spray and fertilize the tree this year. i did not take care of the apple trees last season so it did not bear fruits. but if i sprayed and fertilize it--- there will be plenty of fruits but nobody wants to eat them except the squirrel. there will be lots of fallen and overipe apples again on the ground and its hard to keep on sweeping it. my wife told me to make it bear fruit this year---just for the fun of it. oh well.----we will see.

the spruce at the back yard has grown so tall and i have to prune it also. the alberta spruce at the front lawn has to be prune also because it is covering the entrance of the neighbors driveway and i dont want to be blamed if they meet an accident going out of their driveway.

the gutter has to be cleaned and dried leaves has to be removed from it so that it wll not get stucked in the down spot. the cracks on the paint at the basement windows outside has to be repainted and cracks has to be filled and sealed. so much work to do and i am all by myself.

last year i planted lots of japanese eggplants and tomatoes. i will not plant tomatoes this year at the backyard but only eggplant. the bitter melon (ampalaya) did not bear fruit last year but only leaves and it was not that good. so good bye to bitter melon. i might plant two anjou pear trees on the east side of the backyard to cover up the neighbors parking lot so that i wont see their faces.

there's lots of old clothes that has to be taken from storage and has to be donated to the salvation army. i promised myself i will not let the basement be stored with so many clothes again. too many shoes, too many clothes. the flower bed has to be fertilized before all the mums flowers comes out and make all those beautiful arrays of colors and flowers. i cannot wait to see all of my mums to come out and bring forth their colors.

i will be walking my dog again along lake michigan and we will have fun.

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Friday, April 09, 2004

i was at work during the holy days of Maundy Thursday and i will work again Good Friday. no rest for the weary. i dream of the phils. when the lenten season comes. i dont want to picture in my mind Baguio city. this will be a crowded place to go during this season of Lent. i wanted to go to Mindoro or Quezon province, somewhere up in the Banahaw mountain region or the Prelature of Infanta to commune with simple folks and the pageantry of christianity in its most sincere and very religious manner. but i am in the states--- everybody has to work.

and so work i did and yes i did listen to all the complainers on the fon.

one particular complainer this evenings work shift came from a pinoy from hawaii. very arrogant and very short on the fon. like as if i am his slave on the fon. he started this way on the fon:

(complainer) " hello---- is this ...... airline complaints dept?"

(myself) "yes sir-- this is it. how may i help you?"

(complainer)"listen--- this is very impt. you better listen carefully cuz i will not repeat myself."
------------------- you people have lost my box that i have checked in from Lahui to SFO,
-------------------- i need to know what did you do with my box?"

(myself) checks the computer, checks the history of this pax, checks all the process on how he checked his box.
------------------- "well Mr. ...... i am afraid our SFO ramp service disposed of your box, it is smelling and
------------------- and the box is already wet, and will contaminate the rest of the bags inside the container".

(complainer ) " are you stupid..... you will be paying for what is inside the box, and it will cost your airline
------------------- a lot and i will file a major complaint" (cursing and cursing and cursing)

after this complainer got tired of cursing, i told him:

(myself) " i am sorry Mr....... we have to dispose of your box, your Burong Isda inside the plastic jar where you
--------------------- preserved it was not closed tightly and properly. you have to understand that there is a disclaimer
--------------------- in the airline ticket that our airlines will not be held responsible for any food item and perishable
--------------------- item checked inside the bag or box".

(complainer) "what Burong Isda are you talking about... that is not Burong Isda .... and by the way...
--------------------- are you a pinoy, how come you know what Burong Isda is?"

(myself) " yes sir... i am a filipino".

(complainer) "hayop ka, bakit hindi mo sinabi kaagad?"
--------------------- "pinahirapan mo pa ako. marunong ka palang magtagalog. when do you pay me for the items
--------------------- inside the box?"

(myself) " i am very sorry Mr..... i cannot pay you and my airline will not pay you, because you did not declare that
---------------------- you are checking in perishable item inside your box, much more so Burong Isda".

(complainer) " i told you hindi Burong Isda that is inside the bottle. it is pickled sea turtle".

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Thursday, April 08, 2004
(abstracted from the book of Rosemary Ellen Guilley)

i was watching a documentary in cable about a man who grew up and was adapted by a group of cannibals in new guinea, on the same place where the son of John D. Rockefeller disappeared and was eaten by the cannibals. the commentary is showing the old footages of the times when this particular tribe in new guinea was still practicing the traditional cannibalism and eating their enemies as a form of reverance. so i went to my personal library and check about the topic on EVIL EYE.the commentator is showing how some of the cannibals have the evil eye look when they stared at another human being. i was thinking, this evil eye is just thinking which part of the human anatomy is best to eat and feast upon. the commentator said the cannibals have to consult their witch doctor who has the evil eye to advise them about their cannibalism rites.

"the EVIL EYE is an ancient and nearly universal belief that certain individuals posses the supernatural power to wreak disaster, calamity, illness and even death with a glance or lingering look. the evil eye, is also called. "fascination" or "overlooking" or MAL OCHIO and JETTATURA, is greatly feared in the many parts of the world.

the oldest records of the evil eye dates back to about 3000b.c. in the cuneiform text of the sumerians and assyrians.the greeks and the babylonians and the romans believe in it. the romans are very afraid of it--- it is even mentioned in the bible.superstitions about the evil eye is still prevalent in europe, especially in the mediterranean. in mexico and central america.

the evil eye could be a witch, sorcerrers, witch doctor and medicine man. most cases evil eye is unintentional, however; a person may be cursed with evil eye from birth and they dont know it.

Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII were both to possess the evil eye. consequently, believers must be on constant guard agaisnt the inadvertent malevolent glance. it may come from a stranger who admires ones children, along with women and animals, are particularly vulnerable to its effects.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
(meditative writings by: Gary Zukav)

i will be going back to work tomorrow , after being on sick time for five days. during those days of recovery-- i found a nice book to read that made me feel good. these are the best lines that i have read and liked so far:

"You create your reality with your Intentions."

"a Thought is Energy, or Light, that has been shaped by Consciousness."

"Choice is the Engine of our Evolution."

"the true human condition in its most perfect form has no Secrets. it does not Hide, but Exists in Clear LOVE."

"Eventually, you will come to understand that Love heals everything, andLove is all there is."

"where your Attention goes, you Go."

"what is Behind your Eyes holds more power than what is Infront of them."

"Feel your intentions in your heart. Feel not what your minds tells you, but what your Heart Tells You."

" the Decisions that you make and the Actions that you take upon the Earth are themeans by which you Evolve."

"when Fear ceases to scare you, it cannot STAY."

"Forgiveness means that you donot carry the Baggage of an Experience."

"Knowledge is Power, and for each level of Knowledge, you are held responsible for how you Use it."

"it is impossible to have Prayer without Power."

"it is not until you have the courage to engage in human relationship that you grow."

"you are always being given opportunites to LOVE abd BE LOVED, yet ask yourself how many times in your life you have SQAUNDERED these opportunities."

"until you become aware of the effects of your Anger, you continue to be an angry person."

"give yourself permission to chose the most positive behavior in each moment."

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the jewish SEDER passover has been concluded this evening, two days of fasting and performing all the rites dating back to the time of Moses and the Hassidic Jews practicing the more strict rules in their KABALA.

the christian world started the beginning of the Lenten week by celebrating the Palm Sunday, last sunday. this is the reminder that the time is near for Christ. since JC is a jew, one comes to think that there is a great resemblance on the rites and religious practices. JC just uplifted the rules and made it more modern. we have been following the new testament while the jewish faith is still adhering to the old testament. they (jews) are still awaiting for the MESSIAH, while the christians are awaiting for the Second Coming.

i miss the religious festivities back home in the Phils. these religious festivites, though it has the semblance of pagan rituals , these are still part of pinoys way of life which they come altogether and the center of it all will be the religion and the church. the whole country (phils.) will be in standstill---- most of the urbanites will be flocking to the provinces, Baguio city is the no one target of the urban folks.

all the Manangs of the churches will prepare their best clothes that they will be wearing to church, young men will then be prepairing themselves to meet lots of girls and vice versa. this time the atmosphere will be modern, cell fons will be on hand and when girl meets boy in the church or vice versa--they will be exchanging their cel fon nos and then the text messaging will start.


this is the time where penitents will come out into the open, professing their sins, then inflicting harm in their body to amend their sins, then after this cleansing----- THEN WHAT????

there will be VISITA IGLESIA, a pilgrimage and visitation from one church to the other--- this time the young ones will be visiting also the churches for new prospects, either good looking boys and /or good looking girls. the HOLY WEEK and the religious festivities in the Phils. brings about the best and the worst of everybody.

in america, only old people will be able to observe the religious festivities and will be the ones to be in church on MAUNDAY THURSDAY and GOOD FRIDAY. we all work in the states and if you dont come to work because of your religious beliefs--then you don't get paid for these days of absence from work. in some states--- there are no religious processions allowed. some counties does not allow it, because it could hamper the flow of traffic. regligious festivites and rites and practices are held within the compound of the churches. public schools are still open, except for the catholic schools and rabbinical schools during the passover.

while in the phils, people celebrating the Lent will sweat and perspire--- here in the states especially in my place, we are still clinging to our coats and jackets. we are still cold and the lingering cold weather is still on, until the end of april.

groceries are selling seafood and cheaper, especially eggs for the EASTER EGG HUNT for children and then come sunday they will be selling their hams and turkeys and all their meats in cheaper price because grocery owners knows people will celebrate the EASTER SUNDAY with a feast after abstaining from eating meat. in the states, all of these items becomes on sale, because people will buy them. while in the phils. seafood becomes expensive during the lenten season.

i miss the QUARESMA IN PINAS!!!
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(from the works of Eugene Gendlin, PhD/Univ of Chicago)

i had a dream last night--- well of course it is no longer night cuz i alwasy sleep at 4am and wake up at 2pm. at any rate, i had a dream and i got so scared. i dreamt that i died all by myself inside my bedroom. i was soaking with sweat when i woke up. when i retire and sleep at 4am, my wife wakes up at 430am and prepares herself to go to work. we dont sleep in the same bedroom cuz by the time i come home--she is the one sleeping and i dont want to wake her up. by the time she wakes up ---- i am the one sleeping and i dont want to be waken up. so both of us decided to sleep ins eparate bedroom. she sleeps at the masters bedroom--- i sleep at the guest room.

so practically, by the time i go to bed and sleep, i am really on my own and all by myself inside the house. my two boys have already moved out and rented their own apartments closer to their university , plus kids in america wants their freedom and independence after reaching the age of 18.

i went to the library and looked for some materials about dream. i need to know why dreams are such real at times and very scary. so i came across somebooks about dreams and came upon this book:

"let your body interpret your dreams"

1. animal .................. instinctual aspect of person; natural life-energy.

2. animals, higher ..... wise, healthy part of an organism, accepts its guidance

3. animals, other .........what is the usual character of that animal? eg. lions are
............................................................... and kingly.

4. beach ...................... edge of conscious and unconscious; where the earth goes under water, where things emerge from the ocean.

5. car ........................... takes you somewhere; person moving, changing, going
.............................................. ahead; perhaps sexuality (who is driving? in what ways
.............................................. are you in process these days?)

6. child ......................... vulnerable part, new self, growth process (if in your dream
.............................................. the child is 4 yrs old, ask yourself what began for you
............................................... four years ago, or what happened when you were four?)

7. child, retarded ........... undeveloped part of you; in what way hae you been too
................................................... afraid to live as you would have liked to live?

8. clothes ....................... outer aspects; front; a person's public identity.

9. clothes, specific .......... that part of the body (sense tension in it?) ties--throat,
.................................................... crying, bonds to certain people; what does one do
...................................................with that part of the body?

10. clothes, whether they fit or not way of presenting yourself to others; your roles,
................................................ body feel, body image; when you get fat or different,
................................................ your old clothes don't fit, owning your body.

11. contraption, intricate machine, device........person's functioning, perhaps body sexual.

12. corset .......................... holding things in; rigid; female.

13. darkness ....................... unconscious; unseeen; unaware.

14. doors, walls, windows ... something can or cannot come in, or out; defenses;
..................................................... you can look through the window, yet you aren't there.

15. eating ............................ taking in, making part of yourself.

17. female stereotype .......... receptive, emotional, moody, creative.

18. guard, gatekeeper .......... keeps you or something out (or in); you may
................................................. have to ask why or what.

19. hits from the back or while you're asleep ...........something catches you unawares.

20. ice .................................... no feelings, anesthetic, cold.

21. indians ............................. primitive, close to nature, probably sounds.

22. kitchen .............................. where you eat, gets nourished and taken cared of.

23. light .................................. lets you see what might have been in the dark;
.............................................. spiritual light.

24. male or female, unknown .... ancient stereotypic "male or "female" sides of you,
..................................................... everyone has and needs both; if the opposite sex
.............................................. figure is in bad shape, negative, or attacking,
................................... check your inward realtions to your own way of
.................................... being the opposite sex's dimensions.

25. ocean .................................... vastness; unconcious.

26. old man, unknown ............... wise guidance; an elder - listen to him;
............................................ how do you treat him in the dream?

27. old woman, unknown ............ female wisdom; how to be a woman;
........................................... what men don't grasp.

28. plane. flying. birds ................. not being on the ground, skipping over obstacles
........................................................ may mean being undgroudned; may have to be
................................................... dealth with; being in one's head; perhaps also
............................................. higher dimensions of a person.

29. plants, green ....................................... living life, life coming in the spot.

30. roaches ................................... the rejected instinctual body side of a person.

31. shoes ...................................... reality contact.

32. telephone, radio ...................... messages from unseen place.

33. tiger, shark .............................. aggressive instincts.

34. train .................................... process going on with you, in you, beyond
.................................................. your deliberate control.
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Monday, April 05, 2004

i live in a predominantly jewish community in the north side of chicago suburbs. this is the first evening of the PASSOVER for the jewish faith. the family will be gathering either at their synagogues or to their respective houses to sit down and eat their first passover meal. the Holy Day starts at 6pm Sunday 04April. they will be eating unliven bread and herbs and fruits, in a very austere manner.

the HASSIDIC JEW in some areas are very strict in observing this tradition.
nobody is allowed to do work. if they are caught in a hotel, they cannot press the elevator buttons themselves, somebody has to press it for them. they cannot even flush the toilet, this entails work also. they cannot drive, if they have to go to their synagogue--they have to walk from their house to the temple, vice versa. prior to the feast, the women of the house will clean the kitchen--there should not be a morsel of bread that will be left in the dining area and the kitchen area. some of them will even cover the entire cooking range with aluminum foil to assure them that after cleaning--no unleaven bread or any morsel was left in the cooking range. in the strict jewish homes, there is always two sink for the house. one sink is only to be used for utensils that have been used to eat meat the other sink is used for utensils that has been used for dairy.

this is the time of the feast---wherein the jewish faithful will not allow any bred dough to rise. they have to be unleaven. this is two days of observance. in other houses--they will eat matzo balls, made of fish. no meat for this particular holiday. this is one of the holiest religious observance of the jews. afte their PASSOVER, the christian starts their HOLY DAYS of MAUNDY THURSDAY and GOOD FRIDAY.

i was at the local supermarket yesterday in my neighborhood and it was busy and packed. all the members of the jewish community has to buy all their supplies. they cannot be moving after 6pm on sunday evening, 04March. there's lots of KOSHER FOOD at the supermarket. these are the types of food that was attended by the RABBI and have been prayed upon in their preparations.
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