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Monday, April 19, 2004
(communicating with boys to help
them become the best men they can be)

by: Dr. Ricahrd Heyman,ed.D

Boys and Girls: Differences that make a Difference

** boys more than gilrs, say they are less committed to school.
** boys don't read as many books as girls.
** boys writing skills are far below those of girls.
** boys don't score as well as girls on test of ability and art and music.
** boys are more likely to be ssuspended from school.
** boys are more likely to be held back in school and to drop out permanently.
** boys are four more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHA (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
** boys are three times more likely than girls to be in special education program.
** boys are more likely to be involved in crime, to drink alcohol, and to take drugs.
** boys are more successful than girls at committing suicide, even though more girls make the attempt.

** boys tend to be more aggressive than girls.
** boys tlaks late compared to girls who talk in sentences earlier.
** boys respond faster to attention demands and girls have better verbal skills.
** boys have lesser language and fine motor skills and intuition than girls.
Brain Similarities and Differences ------------------------------ Effects ----------------------
1. emotional processing area are larger 1. boys tend to be more aggressive
in males. than girls.
2. nerve bundles in central nervous system 2. girls talk in sentences earlier than
develop earlier in females. boys.
3. brain sequences that control movement 3. boys respond faster to attention
engage faster in males demands.
4. speech processing areas are more active 4. girls have better verbal skills.
in females.
5. connections between brain parts stronger 5. girls have better language and
in females. fine motor skills, more intuititve.
6. estrogen, the female sex hormone that 6. girls tend to be less aggressive,
causes the female cycle and shapes female competitive, sekf assertive, self
brain present in much greater volume reliant, defense mechanisms,
in females, but also present in males. self deception and denial better
developed in females.
7. memory storage area much larger 7. girls have large memory storage
in females. capacity.
8. area controlling heartbeat, breathing 8. boys have a greater sex drive.
temperature andsexual differebences
significantly denser in males.
9. testosterone, the male sex hormone 9. boys are more agressive, self
greater presence in males than females assertive, self reliant and competitive.
10.brain area that connects thoughts and 10.girls tend to have better
language seems more active on females. communciation skills that boys.


1. LOVE your boy in every way and show it in what you say and do.

2. ACCEPT your boy for whom he is, not for whom you want him to be.

3. LISTEN to your boy whenever he tlaks, giving him your undivided attention.

4. TEACH your boy the things you know will help him become more lovingly and beloved man.

5. PRAISE your boy whenever he attempts something good, new, challenging and even if he doesn't succeed.

6. REWARD your boy for trying to do the right thing.

7. ENCOURAGE your boy to become self reliant.

8. FOLLOW wherever your boy leads you so you can be better for him.

9. LEAD your boy by setting a good example for him in every aspect of life.

10. UNDERSTAND what your boy says and does on his own terms.

11. KNOW your boy as the individual he is.

12. HUG your boy at least once every day.
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