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Monday, April 12, 2004
(stories of saints of the same title
by:Charles Merrill Smith)

now that the Holy Days are finsihed, we are all back to normal. some of us unknowingly will commit the same sins again and some will commit the same sins all over again, knowingly. during the time of Lent i came accross a book about saints and i find it so funny and amusing, so i docuemented it in my blog.

Blessed Oliver Plunket

Oliver Plunkett was the catholic primate of Ireland in the middle of the 17th cent when Portestants were going strong . they accused him of taxing his clergy to raise an army to fight England. he was taken to London, and was hung. his last words:" it is good for me at this time to give an example to the Irish people, since i have already given them so much good advise".

there is no denying the power of personal example, but you seldom get hung just for giving good advice.

Blessed John Jones

John Jones was a Welshman who went to college in Rome and became a priest while there. when he came back to Wales, the people accused him of "being ordained abroad" and hung him.

a european education is a terrific status symbol, but the neighbors may think you are a snob.

St Catherine of Sweden

St. Catherine is a saint because she lived with her husband Count Eggard, "in continence and piety", for a while, then went home to live with her mother, St. Bridget.

many wives go home to their mother, but not all of them are saints.

St. Humbert

Humbert, who lived in teh 7th cent, became a priest at an early age, but he had to give it up when his parents died because he inherited such a large fortune that it was a full time job to look after it. however, he gave a bundle of his inheritance to the Monastery of Maroiles on the Hespres, and for this generosity he was made a saint.

if you dont have time for good works, making money is the next best thing and bestowing large cash gift could get an honorary degree back in the 7th cent and it still can.

Blessed Louise of Savoy

Blessed Louise was the daughter of Blessed Amadeus, as well as the grandaugther of Charles VII and a niece of Louis XL. she lived a happy life with her busband, Hugh of Chalons.

one can get to be a saint by suffering, self denial, rigid virtue and other streanous practices, but good connections will do just as well.

Sts. Cyriacus, Largus, Smaragdus and Sirinnius

these four noble romans were very generous in helping poor christians forced to help build the palace and the bath for emperor Diolcetian. the authorities said that this was illegal, put tme in prison and later executed them.

Charity is among the greatest of Christian virtues, but you should make sure it is tax deductible.

St. Meinhard of Swabia

st. Meinhard lived for a while on one of the peaks of Mt. Etzel, but later he went off to live in the depths of the forest of Sihl, where some bandits, who thought he had a hidden treasure , killed him.

if you act secretive, don't be surprised if people think you have a secret.

St. Dismas

Dismas was a thief, but because he happened to be hung alongside Christ and because he reprimanded the other thief ahngng with him for showing a bad disposition, he has gone down in christian history as the "good Thief" and had been a saint.

if you are a crook, sometimes it pays off to get caught, but not often.

St. Simon Stylites the Younger

St. Simon sat for 65 years on pointed rocks and worked a lot of miracles.

the example of this exceptionally holy man teaches us that sitting on pointed rocks for 65 years will surely get you a certain amount of attention, but it is a good idea to have something else for you too.

St. John before the Latin Gate

ST John of the Latin Gate was arrested by Domitian. he was brought to Rome and near the gate leading to the Latium, was tossed into a tub of boiling water. he emerged from this boiling batch without so much as a singed hair.

anyone can get into hot water. the big thing is getting out unscalded
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