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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
(meditative writings by: Gary Zukav)

i will be going back to work tomorrow , after being on sick time for five days. during those days of recovery-- i found a nice book to read that made me feel good. these are the best lines that i have read and liked so far:

"You create your reality with your Intentions."

"a Thought is Energy, or Light, that has been shaped by Consciousness."

"Choice is the Engine of our Evolution."

"the true human condition in its most perfect form has no Secrets. it does not Hide, but Exists in Clear LOVE."

"Eventually, you will come to understand that Love heals everything, andLove is all there is."

"where your Attention goes, you Go."

"what is Behind your Eyes holds more power than what is Infront of them."

"Feel your intentions in your heart. Feel not what your minds tells you, but what your Heart Tells You."

" the Decisions that you make and the Actions that you take upon the Earth are themeans by which you Evolve."

"when Fear ceases to scare you, it cannot STAY."

"Forgiveness means that you donot carry the Baggage of an Experience."

"Knowledge is Power, and for each level of Knowledge, you are held responsible for how you Use it."

"it is impossible to have Prayer without Power."

"it is not until you have the courage to engage in human relationship that you grow."

"you are always being given opportunites to LOVE abd BE LOVED, yet ask yourself how many times in your life you have SQAUNDERED these opportunities."

"until you become aware of the effects of your Anger, you continue to be an angry person."

"give yourself permission to chose the most positive behavior in each moment."

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