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Monday, April 05, 2004

i live in a predominantly jewish community in the north side of chicago suburbs. this is the first evening of the PASSOVER for the jewish faith. the family will be gathering either at their synagogues or to their respective houses to sit down and eat their first passover meal. the Holy Day starts at 6pm Sunday 04April. they will be eating unliven bread and herbs and fruits, in a very austere manner.

the HASSIDIC JEW in some areas are very strict in observing this tradition.
nobody is allowed to do work. if they are caught in a hotel, they cannot press the elevator buttons themselves, somebody has to press it for them. they cannot even flush the toilet, this entails work also. they cannot drive, if they have to go to their synagogue--they have to walk from their house to the temple, vice versa. prior to the feast, the women of the house will clean the kitchen--there should not be a morsel of bread that will be left in the dining area and the kitchen area. some of them will even cover the entire cooking range with aluminum foil to assure them that after cleaning--no unleaven bread or any morsel was left in the cooking range. in the strict jewish homes, there is always two sink for the house. one sink is only to be used for utensils that have been used to eat meat the other sink is used for utensils that has been used for dairy.

this is the time of the feast---wherein the jewish faithful will not allow any bred dough to rise. they have to be unleaven. this is two days of observance. in other houses--they will eat matzo balls, made of fish. no meat for this particular holiday. this is one of the holiest religious observance of the jews. afte their PASSOVER, the christian starts their HOLY DAYS of MAUNDY THURSDAY and GOOD FRIDAY.

i was at the local supermarket yesterday in my neighborhood and it was busy and packed. all the members of the jewish community has to buy all their supplies. they cannot be moving after 6pm on sunday evening, 04March. there's lots of KOSHER FOOD at the supermarket. these are the types of food that was attended by the RABBI and have been prayed upon in their preparations.
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