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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

from now on i will only stay blogging and mind my own business. i promised myself that i will not give any more comments on any issues that i read in other peoples blog--- so that there won't be any replies or counter comments In my comments. my wife told me it is better that way cuz my blogspot is my blogspot even if nobody reads it.this is my outlet. somebody came into my web n sent me a nice comment---if you know what i mean. i am very sorry this person did not like what he reads in one of my comments---- but please don't be a person "na walang bayag" try to come into the open n tell what it is you did not like.

i never intend or pretend or think i am more intelligent than you. i never even hinted that i am intelligent than you. so if you think you have all the answers in the world-- its fine with me. next time you send me an email----"pakita mong may bayag ka", or else how will i know if you are "tuli" or "supot". so if you are really "macho" dont send me notes hiding in the "Abyss". even if you show me who you are---do you think i will waste my time seaching and looking for you.

my eldest son came into the picture again, telling me to stop this blog. again he reminded me not to be involved in any pinoy activities. he said it is not healthy. my other son said the same thing to me.

okey---to the phantom n ghost who sent the email..... your the best--- the most intelligent blog reader----your the top of them all---- i salute you.

and by the way----- YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE.
posted by infraternam meam @ 3:07 AM  
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