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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
abstract from the book of LILIAN TOO

after i have attended a chinese wedding--- i got struck by the Feng Shui that these chinese are all talking about. so when i got home-- i got me a whole book on the compendium of Feng Shui.

** Feng Shui is not a spiritual practice which creates miracles. it does not bring overnight successes. it does not change any circumstances of an individual's life.

** Feng Shui works according to the quality of the energies that surrounds any domestic or work space. those who would promise insans wealth, winning the lottery and creating immediate gratification, donot truly understand Feng Shui.

** Feng Shui cannot create a good fortune on its own, but it can create favorable energy around your home or office so that when bad luck strikes-- it tempers the ill-fortune and reduces the loss, making things easier to bear.

** Feng Shui enhances the good fortune of a person when one is going through a good fortune according to ne's fate or destiny.


1. Heaven's Luck, is with whcih one is born. this is called Tien Chai, this is not within anyone control. no one is dominion over the circumstances of his/her borth, nor the food and bad periods of one's life.this is why prayer is so powerful, and why religion plays such a vital part in life. Divine help from heaven is not within mankind's control and it is not to be confused with Feng Shui.

2. Earth Luck, or Ti Chai, is within our control. Earth Luck is the luck that comes from the environment and this gets strengthened when the Feng Shui of one's surropundings is auspicious.
viewed within the context of Feng Shui, for if earth luck is withoin one's control -- and if we can actively create good Feng Shui in our homes and offices, then doing something to improve our personal enviroment must significantly illuminate our life's luck.

3. Mankind Luck or Ren Chai. this is within our control. this is maximum potential that accompanied by exually strong and excellent Feng Shui, which brings advancement and the promsie of higher incomes, if one will not work positively or complementing ine's propitious fortune with good old fashioned hard work, with apositive attitude and a determined outlook--then all your good Feng Shui gets squandered.

i am sleepy. it is now 4:05 am 17 Mar. i need to go to bed. i will continue tomorrow

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