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Monday, March 15, 2004

i am a Union Steward in one of america's leading airline. we have been part of a big airline union and i was appointd to serve as a Union steward in my department. at first-- i was hesitant because i did not know what to expect and i don't know what to do when confronted by problems. i was asked by the Union Representative in our district to accept the offer and be a Union Steward because the Union Representative said this is the rigt thing to do ---she ---knowing , that i work as a part time para-legal in a law firm.

there were so many cases that i have to represent. each case varies and unique in its own way. my boss and the management staff of of the bldg where i work ---- i know is a little bit hesitant to smile or to even greet me. i dont greet them nor do i look at them when we see each other in the hallway and cafeteria of the office. i always think and always take into practice that they don't pay for my salary and i am a Union Steward to protect the workers have a fair share and equal justice when they are in trouble.

last friday-- one of the agent was being placed into a level that is one step of getting fired. the team supervisors was saying the said agent has not achieve the expected productivity quota that is expected by the company. a hearing was set and i have been assigned to attend and argue for this agent. i was accompaying the Union Representative in the hearing. the case is so simple---but the attitude and the way the teams supervisors acted and the way they talked to the agent made me very upset and very angry.inside the deliberation room--- i gave one of the teams supervisor my rebuttal in paper. i was told that it has to be given to the hearing officer and the way this team supervisor talked to me on how to go about it---made me boil inside and the Andres Bonifacio blood and the Dekada 70 intuition in me came up.

i gave a piece of my mind to this team supervisor and challenge her to take the case to the labor relations and told her that i will still win the case on the grounds of Ethnic Innuendos that was used. we won the case---but my reputation as a Big Mouth Union Steward was now being spread around by this stupid team supervisor. i confronted this woman and told her that i have depositions from two agents about the things that she has been saying about me behind my back and told her---- I will sue her for Character Assasination. the African american community in my dept told me that they will all back me up and even sign any petitions that i will be asking for their signature.

then the Union Representative for the district told me---these are the perils that i have to face everytime i win a case and everytime i sit in conference with the management of this company fighting for the rights of the employees and union members.

i like the Perils and i like to face the challenges. they always joke me that i am a Brwon Johnny Cochran.
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