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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
(relayed to me by a friend)

i was recently given another comprehensive blood chemistry by my doctor last two weeks ago and he increased all dosage of my medications that i have to take for the rest of my earhtly life. i have medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol and others. my doctor was telling me that i have history of heart problem in my family and i have to take all the necessary precautions. my father just had a quadruple bypass four years ago at the heart center in Pinas and my youngest brother died of congenital heart problem. not to mention the rest of my tribe who died of hear t problem.

sometimes symptoms of heart stroke are difficult to identify. unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. the stroke victims may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. now doctors say any bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions to the person with a problem or having a stroke stroke:

*** ask the individual to SMILE
*** ask him/her to raise both arms.
*** ask the person to speak a simple sentence.

if she/he is having trouble with these tasks, then you have to call for an ambulance or rush the person to the hospital immediately.

Here are some more instructions to follow when stroke happens:

if you are home alone and had a stroke, call 911 first. if you are alone in your car and have chest pain, numbness in the arm or jaw and suspect you may be having a heart attack, and do not the tel to call for help, drive yoruself to the nearest hospital.

Cough and contineously. take deep breath and cough hard repeatedly until help is available. this action of coughing hard repeatedly, keeps the heart pumping and could save your life.
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