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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

the jewish SEDER passover has been concluded this evening, two days of fasting and performing all the rites dating back to the time of Moses and the Hassidic Jews practicing the more strict rules in their KABALA.

the christian world started the beginning of the Lenten week by celebrating the Palm Sunday, last sunday. this is the reminder that the time is near for Christ. since JC is a jew, one comes to think that there is a great resemblance on the rites and religious practices. JC just uplifted the rules and made it more modern. we have been following the new testament while the jewish faith is still adhering to the old testament. they (jews) are still awaiting for the MESSIAH, while the christians are awaiting for the Second Coming.

i miss the religious festivities back home in the Phils. these religious festivites, though it has the semblance of pagan rituals , these are still part of pinoys way of life which they come altogether and the center of it all will be the religion and the church. the whole country (phils.) will be in standstill---- most of the urbanites will be flocking to the provinces, Baguio city is the no one target of the urban folks.

all the Manangs of the churches will prepare their best clothes that they will be wearing to church, young men will then be prepairing themselves to meet lots of girls and vice versa. this time the atmosphere will be modern, cell fons will be on hand and when girl meets boy in the church or vice versa--they will be exchanging their cel fon nos and then the text messaging will start.


this is the time where penitents will come out into the open, professing their sins, then inflicting harm in their body to amend their sins, then after this cleansing----- THEN WHAT????

there will be VISITA IGLESIA, a pilgrimage and visitation from one church to the other--- this time the young ones will be visiting also the churches for new prospects, either good looking boys and /or good looking girls. the HOLY WEEK and the religious festivities in the Phils. brings about the best and the worst of everybody.

in america, only old people will be able to observe the religious festivities and will be the ones to be in church on MAUNDAY THURSDAY and GOOD FRIDAY. we all work in the states and if you dont come to work because of your religious beliefs--then you don't get paid for these days of absence from work. in some states--- there are no religious processions allowed. some counties does not allow it, because it could hamper the flow of traffic. regligious festivites and rites and practices are held within the compound of the churches. public schools are still open, except for the catholic schools and rabbinical schools during the passover.

while in the phils, people celebrating the Lent will sweat and perspire--- here in the states especially in my place, we are still clinging to our coats and jackets. we are still cold and the lingering cold weather is still on, until the end of april.

groceries are selling seafood and cheaper, especially eggs for the EASTER EGG HUNT for children and then come sunday they will be selling their hams and turkeys and all their meats in cheaper price because grocery owners knows people will celebrate the EASTER SUNDAY with a feast after abstaining from eating meat. in the states, all of these items becomes on sale, because people will buy them. while in the phils. seafood becomes expensive during the lenten season.

i miss the QUARESMA IN PINAS!!!
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