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Monday, April 12, 2004

easter sunday came, people went to church and then went to visit relatives and friends and others went to have brunch with their families. i was at home in bed sleeping because i have to work during the Sabbath. then i still have to work on easter sunday evening because the grinding business in America does not stop even during religious holidays. no rest for the weary.

the sun was shining during easter sunday, but it was still cold. after work, at 3am already monday, i picked up my car at the parking lot---- my window is still solid ice. i still have to scrap it and warm the car for at least 5mins to remove the frost around it. while pinas is sweating with the heat and humidity, i am scraping the ice in the window of my car.

ham is on sale at all the groceries cuz people will be serving this for their easter brunch and dinner. all things that will be needed for the easter feast are on sale. i wish pinas could be like this when holidays come so that all the people who needs to buy the necessary things for the holidays could be able to buy and afford to buy it.

on the way to work, i stopped by the forest preserve near my office at the entrance of the airports noth runway . at the small rivulet i saw at least several newly born doe and they are playing with their mother. spring has really come cuz the deers have already given birth for the coming summer. the geese are frolicking also the area and some are on the stand still as usual with one leg only. birds are again up in the trees that are showing their green foliage and the magnolia tree are all abloom. i saw one buck running across the rivulet and the birds are playing in the water and the heron is on the other side of the bend. spring is here and the rites of spring has started. i wish pinas could be like this, wherein there is a sanctuary for the animals that could also be seen by us and admire their behaviour and their habitat. i was looking for the swan that always sits in the embankment of the rivulet at the forest preserve but i have not seen it yet. come next month there will be lots of people in their canoes and kayak that will pass along the rivulet towards the big des plaines river all the way to lake michigan. i kept on daydreaming if pasig river could be like this and the great laguna de bay could be cleared and be cleaned and be brought back to its pristine beauty---- my country will be a better place to live in again.

i will be going to the hardware after this, cuz i am off today and tomorrow. i have to work on the garden. my flower bed has to be prepared and i have to buy the mulches and the garden soil to enrich the plant box before the mums comes out from its winter hybernation. the apple treeS has to be pruned and fertilized, i have to remove some of the weeds on the front house planter box and cut and trim the spruce infront. i love working on the front lawn and the backyard. it gives me a peace of mind.

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