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Sunday, April 11, 2004

i have so many things to do---spring is here. i have contacted a tree cutting service to be able prune my big maple tree infront of the house. the branches are already extending again and touching the gutters of the house. it has to be cut before the leaves comes out from the branches so that it will be less work for the cutter.

my daffodils and tulips have already came out and in full bloom. the colors of purple,red , yellow and crimson are all around the areas now. new blade of grass came out at the front lawn and the magnolia tree is showing its buds on the branches. my apple trees at the back yard has already brought forth the small buds in its branches. i dont know if i will spray and fertilize the tree this year. i did not take care of the apple trees last season so it did not bear fruits. but if i sprayed and fertilize it--- there will be plenty of fruits but nobody wants to eat them except the squirrel. there will be lots of fallen and overipe apples again on the ground and its hard to keep on sweeping it. my wife told me to make it bear fruit this year---just for the fun of it. oh well.----we will see.

the spruce at the back yard has grown so tall and i have to prune it also. the alberta spruce at the front lawn has to be prune also because it is covering the entrance of the neighbors driveway and i dont want to be blamed if they meet an accident going out of their driveway.

the gutter has to be cleaned and dried leaves has to be removed from it so that it wll not get stucked in the down spot. the cracks on the paint at the basement windows outside has to be repainted and cracks has to be filled and sealed. so much work to do and i am all by myself.

last year i planted lots of japanese eggplants and tomatoes. i will not plant tomatoes this year at the backyard but only eggplant. the bitter melon (ampalaya) did not bear fruit last year but only leaves and it was not that good. so good bye to bitter melon. i might plant two anjou pear trees on the east side of the backyard to cover up the neighbors parking lot so that i wont see their faces.

there's lots of old clothes that has to be taken from storage and has to be donated to the salvation army. i promised myself i will not let the basement be stored with so many clothes again. too many shoes, too many clothes. the flower bed has to be fertilized before all the mums flowers comes out and make all those beautiful arrays of colors and flowers. i cannot wait to see all of my mums to come out and bring forth their colors.

i will be walking my dog again along lake michigan and we will have fun.

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