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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

this is the time of the year of this month, all americans are in a hurry to finish their income tax returns and mail it to the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE(INS) before 12midnite on the 15th of april. my wife and i have already filed our income tax returns thru an accountant.

we have to pay....and pay we have already done via credit card payment so it will be faster and easier. this year and same as last year, my wife and i will have to pay uncle sam. we dont have a minor or underage children anymore and our joint income is upto so many digits and INS was not able to deduct enough on our monthly witholding taxes. so we have to pay. no deductions and no children to carry with our tax returns. both my sons have grown and have their own work.i cannot fail on the deadline-- i dont want to pay the 10pct late payment of income taxes that will be levied by INS.

i will never let the INS calls and audit me and my wife. it is like an INQUISITION--minus the burning on the stake.it does not pay to work two jobs and do overtime. every year. i told my wife not to work overtime anymore. i just want to live a simple life with simple expenses and simple earnings.

how i wish i can practice the tax payment in pinas here in the states. but i cannot---- or else i will be in big trouble. so UNCLE SAM, we did our fair share as a good citizen.so now UNCLE SAM you can rest assure that all your overseas involvement even in countries that we are not supposed to be involved into---- you now have the money to spend --------and part of it is my money.
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