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Saturday, April 17, 2004
(abstracted from the book of Leo Rosten's
Giant Book of Laugher)

ALCAZAR : what the spaniards took for an upset stomach.

ADULTERY: a good many adults.

BURGLARY: a home for burglars.

BUTTRESS: a woman's butler.

EMULSION: a mixture of oil and emotion.

EPISTLE: the wife of the apostle.

ESOPHAGUS: the author of the book Aesops Fables.

FLATTERY: a collection of flats.

FEMALES: they get nervouse and jumpy during their minstrel periods.

GERMINATE: to become a German Citizen.

GIRAFFES: they are rich source of necks.

HUSBANDRY: a large numbers of husbands.

HINDUS: religious ones that wear a turbine.

INFANTRY: an arrangement of infants.

INFIDELS: they are not christians because they believe in infidelity.

ITALICS: the language spoken by ancient Italians.

MONASTERY: a multitude of monsters.

METALLURGIST: someone who is allergic to iron.

NURSERY: a school for nurses.

PAST TENSE: when you used to be nervous.

PANTRY: a collection of pants.

QUININE: a valuable medicine that comes from barking trees.

VANITY: a collection of vans.

VERSION: the mother of Jesus.

WATERLOO: how polite Englishmen refer to the toilet.


One Englishman : a bore;
Two Englishmen : a club;
Three Englishmen: an empire.

One Frenchman : a lover;
Two Frenchmen : an affair;
Three Frenchmen : a menage.

One German : a burgher;
Two Germans: a beer parlor
Three Germans : an army.

One Italian : a tenor;
Two Italians : a duet;
Three Italians : an opera.

One Japanese: a gardener;
Two Japanese: a cult;
Three Japanese : electronics.

( my original version)

One Kapangpangan : dugong aw-aw;
Two Kapangpangan : eh ka murit murit;
Three Kapangpangan : bayagan daka- mete ka.

One Ilocano : tabako;
Two Ilocano : ada ti inapoy;
Three Ilocano : marcos clan.

One Batangueno : Ala
Two Batangueno : Ala eh;
Three Batangueno : Wala eh.

One Pinoy : ulila;
Two Pinoy : barkada;
Three Pinoy : intriga.

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