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Monday, April 19, 2004
SPRINGTIME OF MY LIFE------------------------------

the weather was very nice when i left for work sunday afternoon. but when i arrived at work, there were flights that was cancelled cuz of the strong wind in chicago. the smaller airplance is having a hard time landing and taking off.
spring is here and lots of happenings again.

springtime of my life.....

so i have plug into the fon to listen to all the whinning pax of my airline, and boy they are really whining like little kids who lost their lollipops. a lot of the complainers are asking for their golf bags. the season for skis and snowboard are gone, this is the time of delayed golf bags. everybody is dying to have their golf bags for their morning tee time.

springtime of my life.....

i passed again along the way to work, to the forest preserve near the airport cuz i wanted to see again the newly born does strolling around the great des plaines river and there's lots of them grazing along the edges of the bank of the river to eat the moss, not to drink the water. they will quickly grow and become matured come winter time. they will be monitored carefully by the forest warden and will maintain their population and if they exceed the population, they will be killed and be hunted again.

springtime of my life.....

i have to pass at the Chicago Botanical Garden, which is not located in chicago.... it is located in the north suburbs of chicago where i live. it is not owned by the city of chicago, but it was named after the city. there is a garden show going own right now, and lots of garden planners and horticulturist are displaying all their talents and garden arrangements and fixtures. very beautiful to see.

springtime of my life.....

my front lawn are are covered with yellow colors of daffodils and dandelions, which i hate very much. dandelions are the enemy of all the garden lovers. i have pulled lots of them this morning and when i have rested in alittle while i will start weeding them out and start spraying my lawn. the flower boxes has to be festilized before the mums comes out and the lilies of the valley. i have to spray the three apple trees i have at the backyard cuz i wanted to have apples this year, even if there will be lots of left over cuz none of my boys wants to eat it.

springtime of my life.....

i have to place all sweaters and woolen apparrels and clothing inside the rubbermaid container/tub so that it cud be kept down at the basement for next winter months. all winter shoes has to be kept at the basement too and the summerwears has to be brought up. all the shorts pants and shirts has to be placed again in out chest of drawers and all the wool socks has to be changed with cotton socks. another cycle of clothings for the season.

springtime of my life.....

my two boys are now planning all their travel for spring and summer. these two kids of mine thinks i own the airline, well in a way i do....this is an employee own company. they want to go to this and that place. i am going to new york this friday to attend a debute of my wife's relative. contineous travel time again for the family.

springtime of my life.....-

i promise to cut down of starch for my food. during winter time i prefer to eat lots of starch like rice to warm thebody but now it has to be mostly fruits and salad and little bit of meat or else i will be in big trouble , especially red meat. i dont want my polyps to come bak and mess up my intestinal tract.



right now the wind is really blowing and i cud hear it pounding the window my my computer room.
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