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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
by Fr. James Reuter, SJ.

By her own admission, GMA rightfully assessed that "over the last decades, our republic has become one of the weakest, steadily left behind by its more progressive neighbors." forty yeas ago, we were only second to Japan in economic stature, and way ahead of Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and Thailand. Today, at our resent growth rate, it will take us 30 years to get where Thailand is today.

1). a population of 160 million;
2). of those, 70 to 90 million (equivalent to our current population) will live below the poverty line.;
3). our national debt is estimated to be at usd200B (compared to usd28B when Marcos fled and usd53B today);
4.) we will be competing, not against Thailand or even Vietnam, but against Bangladesh;
5). we will be the most corrupt nation in Asia, if not in the world (we're already ranked 11th most corrupt nation by Transparency International)

The signs are clear. our nation is headed towards an irreversible path to economic decline and moral decadence. It is not for lack of effort. We've seen many men and women of integrity in and out of our government, NGO's church groups, people's organization devote themselves to the task of nation building, often times against insurmountable odds. But not even two people's revolutions, bloodless as they maybe, have made a dent in reversing this trend. At best, we have moved one step forward, but three steps backward. We need a force far greater than our collective effots, as a people, we can hope to muster. It is time to move the battle to the spiritual realm. It's time to claim GOD'S promise of healing of the land for His people. It's time to gather GOD'S people on its knees to pray for the economic recovery and moral reformation of our nation.

Is prayer really the answer? Before you dismiss this as just another rambling of a religious fanatic, I'd like you to consider some lesson we can glean from history. England's ascendacy to world power was preceded by the Reformation, a spiritual revival fuelled by intense prayers. The early American settlers built the foundation that would make it the most powerful nation today - a strong faith in GOD and a disciplined prayer life. Throughout its history, and most especially at its major turning points, waves of revivail and prayer movements swept across the land. In recent times, we see Korea as a nation experiencing revival and in the process producing the largest Christian church in the world today, led by Rev. Paul Yoingi Cho. No wonder it has emerged as a strong nation when other economies around it are faltering. Even from a purely secular viewpoint, it makes a lot of sense. For here there is genuine humbling and seeking of GOD through prayer, moral reformation necessarily follows. And this, in turn, will ead to general prosperity.

Yes, we believe PRAYERS can make a difference. It's our only hope.

By GOD'S grace, we may yet see a better future for our children. GOD bless and GOD save our Country (from STUPID and CORRUPT POLITICIANS)

"if my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land."
(12 chronicles 7:14)
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