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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

this president is doing everything to get re-elected again. his recent primetime tv coverage made him look like a fool. he was not able to answer directly practicallly all the questions of the media people, goes out of the topic, he was stammering and having a hard time trying to ad lib his answers.... in short he made a fool of himself.

this president is ANTI LABOR. he said he wanted to give tax breaks to working people, but instead he just enriched the rich people like him. he gave plenty of excuses to go deeper into the war of iraq. our soldiers are dying everyday, and he still believes that there are weapons of mass destruction. there were lots of indications and info on the forth coming doom that will befall this country and yet he ignored it to the point of the inevitable september 11. trillions of dollars are now being spent on this war of this man.....my grandchildren and their children will be the ones to pay for this war. where will it lead the country?

he flies to different places of the country using AIR FORCE ONE, saying these are official visits and then he will start campaigning. he has an entourage of 21 who are called CLUB 21. they paved the way for this president for his fund raising. jobs that are supposed to be in the states are contineously being sent and going to other countries of the world. millions of people are unemployed and he kept on saying that the economy is growing, plenty of manufacturing jobs are created and been filled--- but he just changed the term. the jobs he was referring are the jobs at macdonald and other hamburger and fast food chain.

how will i trust this president when he does not know where to bring this country.

ANYBODY WHO READS MY BLOG...... WHY DONT YOU VISIT www.moveon.org and see what is this man doing to this nation.
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