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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
abstracted from Pilipinas2.0 Magazine)


They are mistaken in what they are doing to me. Baka sila ang hindi sisikatan ng araw.....Ang lawin na ito ay lilipad mula Mariveles hanggang Malacanang.....Hindi na shooting ito, totoo na ito.(Fernando Poe Jr. in a campaign speech in Mariveles, Bataan)

Elements of atoms put together will come out into an atomic bomb.
(Joey Marquez stressing his present chemisty with Kris Aquino)

The forthcoming elections will put into the test the resiliency of the country's economic fundamentals. It is not far fetched to speculate that the Philippine Peso will further roll up from Pesos 60 to Pesos 65 against the US dollar a few months after the elctoral exercise.
(Emmanuel Lopez, UST Social Research Center on the economic implications of the 2004 election)

Fernando Poe, Jr. may self-destruct if he remains silent about his program of government.
(Presidential candidate Raul Roco on Fernando Poe Jr's silence on his platform of government)

We will defy the surveys. We will not only win the election but win it big. That's not a threat, it's a promise.
(Sen. Panfilo Lacson on his chance of winning the presidentail elections)

The Solid North put somebody from the North in Malacanang. Before it was Ferdinand, now it is Fernando. Our opponent then was Macapagal (Diosdado), now it is another Macapagal (Gloria)
(Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile speaking reminding people in Baguio how the Solid North pushed Marcos to the presidency in the 1960's)

I am looking for one who can remove my job jitters. I am afraid I won't be employed after my graduation a year from now. Otherwise, I'll leave the country and work abroad, like everybody else.
( Karlo Rafada, a computer student at Polytechnic University of the Philipines)

Historically, women have more control of their fortitude and their character than men. Women were more trustworthy except the one who calls herself President.
(Presidentail candidate Raul Roco stressing his point why at least half of his cabinet if elected will be women)


Raul Roco
age:63 birthplace: Naga City
Political Party: Aksyon Demokratico

Educational Background:
* Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts in English , San Beda College
* Abbott Awardee for Overall Excellence, BA Law, San Beda College
* UNiv Fellow - Masters of Comparative Law, Univ of Penn
* Wharton school for Multinational Studies
* Conferred with seven Honorary Doctoral Degress from vaious Universities

Bro. Eddie Villanueva

58 years old
Bangon Pilipinas

Educational Background
* Managers course UP Institute for Small Scale Industries
* College of Law (under Bar) UP Diliman
* AB commerce, PCC

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Age 57 Birthplace: Lubao, Pampanga
Political Party : Lakas NUCD

Educational Background
* Valedictorian, High School, Assumption College
* Deans List for 2 years of College at Georgetown Univeristy
* Magna Cum Laude AB Economics, Assumption College
* MA in Economics, Ateneo de Manila
* Ph D in Economics UP

Panfilo Morena A. Lacson
age: 56 BirthPlace: Imus/Cavite
Political Party: LDP Aquino wing

Educational Background
* BS Engineering Lyceum of the Philippines
* BS PMA (Phil. Military Academy)
* MA in Govt Management (Pamantasan ng Lungsond ng Maynila)

Fernando Poe, Jr.
age: 64 BirthPlace: Pangasinan
Politcal Party: LDP Angara wing Coalition KNP

Educational Background
* High School UNFINISHED
the following leads the list of presidentail candidates that were disqualified by the Commission on Elections(COMELEC) for lacking in financial means and credibility to run a nationwide campaign. Under Sec 69 of the Omnibus Election Code, COMELEC may outright or upon verified petition of an interestedparty, refuse to give, due course to or cancel a certificate of candidacy if it is shwon that the certificate has been filed to put the elction process in mockery or disripute or cause confusion among the voters by the similarity of names of the registered candidates and thus prevent a faithful determination of the true will of the electorate.

1. PAULINO CORPUS - believes he should be president. the 44 year old pedicab driver said,"I no longer trust the present leadership because it is no longer capable. the fact that i don't have money means that i am more serious in running. i will focus my effot in running this country."

2. RIGOBERTA MADERA, JR.-56 listed "Messiah" as his occupation. he signed with his "real name" Nanjnaan Nallalasnkeyigodn Narmannahaisn, or NNN for short. he claims to be a 6 star general "ace diamond commander in chief" presumably, if elected he would assume this persona to serve out his presidential term.

3.SALVE RUIZ-BUSH 47, claimed that George W. Bush persuaded her to run for president of the Philippines. she also claimed the GW Bush is his fiance.

4. GERMAN VALLADAREZ 61, boasted an ingenious plan for abolishing poverty. he would replace the phil. peso with the US dollar. and just to be sure that everyonw was affluent, he would give one million pesos each(to be converted into dollars) to the unemployed as gratuity and one million pesos to the employed as a bonus every eyar, plus free electricvity and water.he also found a way to reincorporate the communist and the islamic rebels. he would allow each insurgency cotrol of the military and the police one day every week.

5. LUISITO BACANIwanted to abolish congress

6. PHILIP MORRIS SAMSONclaimes to be a prophet with a masters degree from the "School Career College of Mystery".

7. FERDINAND EMMANUEL MARCOS, JR.proclaimed himself ruler of the "H" World Piunfeo"

8. ANDRES UGBOC humbly gave his occupation as "natural born construction employee"

9. ALFREDO ANANAYO 56, occupation listed as a security guard, gave his nickname as "the son of God" and promised to turn the Phils. into the 2nd Jerusalem usign the contents of the bible as his platform of govt.


What is Philippine Election?
It begins when the country's brightest and most highly qualified inhabitants, the young, the dynamic professionals, who have the potential to become good leaders, come together and examine the country's problems.

What happen next?
they decided to emigrate.

And after that?
another group of bright people get together.

What do they do?
They also emigrate.

How important are elected officials to the Phils.?
nobody's been able to figure out an answer to that one.

What's at stake in the Phil. election?
prizes and surprises.millions in cash, dream houses, the vacation of your choice, fun for the entire family. and this is from the politicans point of view.

How many positions are waiting to be filled in the coming elections?
about 17,000 public offices and a still undetermined number of graves.

What kind of candidates have the most chances of winning?
artist who have the confidence of the people.

Explain what this years presidential is all about?
did you hear the one about the Murderer, the Thief, the Incompetent and the Idiot!

Why is the church so closely involved in elections?
they're also interested in studying the miracles. alsom preists are needed to administer the last sacrmanets to all the people who're killed.
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