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Friday, November 19, 2004
WORLD TOILET SUMMIT....Summit no joke for toilet makers
BEIJING-- Laugh all you want,
say public hygiene experts
at the World Toilet Summit, but the importance
of "loos" (toilet) you can use is no joke.

The three day event, which began Wednesdy in Beijing,
is an international commode conference. Some 150 scholars,
toilet designers and environmentalist from 19 countries
gathered to exchange ideas on topics such as the latest
toilet technologies, lavatory management tips and the
realtionship between toilets and tourism development.


"People are saying ," We want good toilets!" because
toilets are a basic human right and that basic human right
has been neglected
." said Jack Sim, founder of the
World Toilet Organization, a co-sponsor of the summit.

China, known for fetid public toilets that often are little
more than open trenches, is eager to show off its advances
while preparing for the 2009 Beijing Olympics.

The convention is in its fourth year, with Singapore, Seoul
and Taipei as previous hosts. Participants this year came
from countries as far as Finland, Japan and the United States.

(Associated Press/ Audra Ang)
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