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Thursday, November 18, 2004

There are many paths to take in the radiology field,
and all could lead to an exciting and successful career.

With an aging and growing population, radiologists,
radilologic technologies and technicians are in demand.
Employment of readiologic technologists and technicians
is expected to grow faster than the average all occupations
through 20012, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's
Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hospitals will remain the principal
employer, but a growing number of new jobs will be found in
physician offices and diagnostic imaging centers.

Formal training programs in radiography range in length from
one to four years and lead to a certificate, associate or
bachelors degree. Two years degree program are the most prevalent.

Like all other physicians, radiologists must have graduated
from an accredied medical school, passed a licensing examinations
and completed at least four years in a residency program.

Median annual earnings of radiologic technologists and technicians
were $38,970 in 2002,the BLS said. The middle 50 percent earned
between $32,370 and $46,510; the lowest 10 percent earned less
than $27,190 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $55,430.

(by Sam Hostettler/SUNTIMES)


To some of my readers from Pinas, if you want to know how to apply, give ur comments on this blog and ur email address, I will email you the complete listings where you can apply and send your resume even from Pinas. This profession is in demand, and the reason I blog this is to be able help some of the Kababayans who are licensed Radiology Tech and wants to be employed in the States directly by hospitals here.
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