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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"When you start a day like this in Jackson Hole, it's going to be a good day"DICK CHENEY, VP, after voting near his home in Wyoming.

" I think I go into a monastery".
GEORGE SOROS, philanthropist and Kerry supporter, asked before the election what he would do if Bush won.

"Appoint Senator Kerry ambassador to France".
DON IMUS, radio talkmeister on what advise he would give Pres. Bush for his second term.

"Reality is here, and I think we've got to give the President and his team a lot of credit...They've won it".
JAMES CARVILLE, Democratic strategist on election night.

"It's a staggering blow".
GEORGE MCGOVERN, former South Dakota Senator and Democratic presidential candidate, on the defeat of fellow South Dakotan and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle.

"This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex".
DAN RATHER, CBS anchor, as the tight Florida returns began rolling in on election night.

"What we have shown is that all of us can disagree without being disagreeable".
BARACK OBAMA, who handily won his Illinois Senate race.

" I promise you, it's me."
GEORGE W. BUSH, making a phone call to a voter in Columbus Ohio, on his way back to Washington on Election Day.

"We promised....that every vote would count and that every vote would be counted."
JOHN EDWARDS, Democratic vice-presidential candidate, at 2:30 am, Wednesday morning, on why the Kerry campaign was holding back its concession.



34 Number of States visited by George Bush during the presidential campaign.

41 Number of states visited by John Kerry.

36 Number of visits made by Senator Kerry to Ohio, the most by any candidate to one state.

630,000 Total number of TV campaign commercials aired this election season.

5,480 Number of campaign ads aired in Florida's Miami-Fort Lauderdale TV market in October.

$1.45 billion Total spent at all levels on campaign advertising this year.

$140 million Amount raised by liberal 527 groups during the campaign.

$75 million amount raised by conservative 527 groups.

2,256 Number of lawyers the Democrats sent to Ohio to monitor voting.

8 Number of U.N. electoral assistance workers in Iraq so far.
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