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Sunday, November 21, 2004
(abstracted from INTOUCHMAG)

In a rescue better than any Lassie Movie, a specially
trained rottweiler came to the aid of her unconcious
owner by using the phone to summon for help.

Leana Beasley, 45, of Washington, is a wheelchair bound
and suffers from seizures. With help from the Assistance
Dog Club of Puget Sound, the woman had trained her 4 year
old dog, FAITH, to warn her if she senses a change in Leana's
body chemistry--- a signal that a seizure could be coming on.

"She would'nt let me out of her sight," recalls Leana of the
night FAITH began acting strangely, refusing to let her sleep.
FAITH's instincts were right, and Leana soon had a seizure and
was incapacitated. So FAITH relied on her training to knock
the phone off the hook and press the auto dial of 9-1-1
with her nose.

Benton County dispatcher Jenny Buchanan answered the phone.
"The dog was so insistent, barking directly into the phone.
I knew she was trying to tell me something."

FAITH waited at the window until EMT's arrived, and Leana is now
recovering in the company of a TRUE BEST FRIEND, FAITH.
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